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  1. MVP has to be the most loyal TNA guy to ever wrestle there. I'm starting to think he owns part of the company. Regarding DA simply syndicating ROH, even if so, ROH just reached a bunch of new markets. Welcome to the Wednesday Night Wars gentlemen.
  2. I think it was trying to give a nod to the Bay Area's historic Japanese community. You'd think someone on commentary would make a point to point it out.
  3. I thought most of the show dragged, the main event however was some star-making shit. Roman died for our sins, and Seth will be on the Today Show tomorrow. Dug it.
  4. I am pretty fucking stoked for a COACH reboot! With how the NFL has changed in the past few years, I'm optimistic they can do something good with it.
  5. In the immortal words of John Madden: "Now that just doesn't make a lick of sense!"
  6. Niners signing Torrey Smith, Crabtree likely done is San Francisco.
  7. Rumors are that Julius Thomas and the Jags are close to a deal. If so, the Raiders are probably the most incompetent team in the league.
  8. He also had naked guys do stinkfaces on women. He's a an asshole.
  9. Looks like Polamalu is exiting Pittsburgh, whether he likes it or not.
  10. Yeah, you can't have guy's take bumps wearing helmets and then turn around and preach about the old-school way of doing things. There's a difference between being a hard-ass and just being an awful, abusive coach. DeMott seems like the latter.
  11. Trips has had his finger on the IWC's pulse for awhile now, there's no way they sign Joe and don't put him on TV unless he's way too out of shape. He has a lot of wear and tear, but if he decides to retire at 40, he'll have a good 5 years on the roster.
  12. E.J.

    Raw 3-2-15

    I'm glad we got to see Axel's career higlight.
  13. Probably Gotham most recently. I have a feeling Empire will be next, but it keeps drawing me back somehow. I don't know it it was here or somewhere else where someone said it was "Black Dynasty", but it is reaching levels of "So bad it's good" unlike The Slap which is "So bad it's awful".
  14. He looks like Nelson Van Alden from Boardwalk Empire at age 60.
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