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  1. You must have rocks in your head, baby. Fridge's Starting Lineup figure was never produced but Mongo was, baby! And lemme tell ya something sports fans, that squirmy worm Dennis Rodman got a bunch of figures too, baby. Piper and Rock also have GI Joes. Batista has MCU figures. Sheamus in TMNT. Bret Hart in The Simpsons. Mr. T had a large talking solo release as well as Rocky and A-Team figures all out at pretty much the same time in the 80s but just recently got a WWE figure. Hogan and Michael Buffer have Rocky figures too. I wouldn't necessarily call Rocky a major toyline but
  2. https://twitter.com/MajorWFPod/status/1354474653188816897 https://twitter.com/TheZombieSailor/status/1356290521002614787 https://twitter.com/MajorWFPod/status/1353884636187942919 They got the original Hasbro designer to do the turnarounds so they look a lot nicer than the Nick Aldis figure.
  3. Wrestling fans are going to remember 2020 for empty arena shows due to the pandemic. That's fine but don't ever forget that 2020 was the year every company had groups of dark-clad cannon fodder mystery men running around. AEW with The Dark Order. IMPACT had EC3's followers. MLW with masked Contra soldiers. WWE with Tozawa's ninjas, Retribution, and the pre-Legado Del Fantasma in the most dangerous place in professional wrestling: the Orlando parking lot.
  4. Jake Crist is officially gone. He hasn't been around for months though. Ethan Page is most likely gone as well. Not Josh Alexander though. A Josh Alexander singles run could be pretty good. I've found IMPACT to be hard to watch since like BFG last year. You had Joey Ryan's dick stuff, then the pandemic, then other guys' dick stuff, losing Tessa Blanchard without getting her to drop the World Title, building Slammiversary around debuting fired WWE guys, and now they're all about AEW. And the corn to serious ratio has just been way out of whack for a while now. I like the pan
  5. TV ratings don't matter until sweeps. I doubt FOX or USA are that disappointed in the ratings considering WWE gives them consistent weekly live programming whereas if they were dependent on scripted taped programming, they'd be screwed due to the pandemic. It works for me on a Windows 10 device without disabling. Try disabling cosmetic filtering on AdBlock. In-office staff is limited with a lot of people working from home. I don't think they can digitize the video library from home.
  6. Jim Ross has made millions and helped others make millions so for anyone to disregard him and make fun of him when he's trying to help them is incredibly arrogant. It's not like he's cursing at them and telling them to kill themselves like Cornette does. Guys like Ross, Tom Prichard, and Les Thatcher are legitimately trying to help guys be better at their chosen profession. It doesn't matter if you disagree with his assessment, they should just be thankful for him giving them some of his knowledge and increasingly limited time. Also, that's a bold move by The Young Bucks' errand boy.
  7. https://www.thewatchcartoononline.tv/anime/muscleman-english-subbed Fan-subs of the first 86 episodes. I always wondered how Mattel would've edited it to get it to make sense to an American audience cause the main toy-line villain doesn't show up for quite a while. Also, cause it's weird as shit and maybe not all that appropriate for children in the 80s. The sequel series Ultimate Muscle was officially dubbed into English. The voice work and dialogue is awful though.
  8. Jake Roberts is right there if you really want a mouthpiece for Abadon. I don't know if she's tall enough to help him put his jacket on though. Big Swole's problem is all the posturing. I think it throws both her and her opponent's timing off. You don't have to pose and dance after every strike. Baker's so much better post-injury cause she seems to be keeping the match in a box so she looks more effective than when she would slowly run the ropes with no urgency.
  9. Callihan doing Callis' dirty work wouldn't make any kind of sense though. I really don't think this IMPACT crossover is going to be all that extensive. It seems like its more about getting Callis over as a heel more than IMPACT as invaders. It's probably just an Omega appearance for use of IMPACT's Sting footage.
  10. You can get the direct MP3 off their RSS feeds. The Conrad podcasts and Jericho are on MegaPhone. Mooney's on Spreaker. So Google 'MegaPhone Arn RSS' and it should come up.
  11. I don't remember Jake Roberts being part of this crew.
  12. Cody Rhodes hasn't changed at all since day 1 of AEW. He used his wife and a low blow to beat his own brother who was already bleeding half to death. The lack of a live crowd treating him like a god has just exposed his heelish manner. People always complain about Brandi Rhodes' character when Allie's right there not making any kind of sense since her entire heel turn was said to be based on being sick of Cody being the face of the place and now she's in their entourage and Cody hasn't even acknowledged her presence. Is Scorpio Sky kicking doors down and telling people to reach for
  13. Also, the 90s happened. In the 80s they were running like 2-4 separate crews on any given week. The World Champ would lead the A-crew, the IC the B, the Tag Champs the C, and then some high school could buy a fundraiser and get a Killer Bees/Bolsheviks main. The 90s come around and syndication dies, PPV is the big revenue source and business is down so they've got just one crew usually running in the Northeast with the occasional Euro tour and they're letting guys do indies cause they don't have enough work for them.
  14. Cardona showed absolutely nothing. Same ol' WWE B-show filler Zack Ryder. Beaver Boys looked real good though. I think that's the first time I've seen them since they became DO-boys. With the mask, Silver looks like Reynolds' mini. He also looks like one of those Remco-style figures Cardona sells. Maybe he needs some long tights. Could live without the lame political segments. The MJF stuff feels like a warmed over EC3 gimmick from a few years ago. Also, why is Lee Johnson seemingly reluctantly working for MJF? Was Guevara covered in blood when he came out before the debate?
  15. Pretty sure all of Retribution are women. This is like Vince just saw Spring Breakers cause Prichard mentioned Double J was in a movie. "This is great, pal. Put some girls in masks and let them wreck shit." "People will think it's a political thing like Antifa." "Auntie who?"
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