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  1. He's salty bout not getting any WWE support for his cruise gimmick. Cruise doesn't happen until October 2018.
  2. Your 2017 INTERNET MATCHES Thread

    Golden Corral gift certificate payoff though. Maybe. I hope indie guys in every state start declaring themselves their state's Doink. Then once a year they all wrestle at the Great American Doink Bash.
  3. Best thing about Jericho to NJPW is he won't be taking up space in the Royal Rumble "directing traffic" for an hour. Or refusing to go home and costing other matches time at WrestleMania.
  4. Then it'd be the heel defending against 3 babyfaces though. Then again the X-Division match is the heel defending against 5 babyfaces. At least the Tag Title Match is the 2 babyfaces defending against all of Latin America. And not that title contenders really make any sense anymore but I'm not sure Rosemary's done anything but lose since befriending Allie. It's too late now but they should've pre-taped some wacky shit with Rosemary and Taya Valkyrie at Rosemary's barn or somewhere so Taya could be left laying in a heap in the woods to explain why she won't be around for the rest of the year. Hope Grado's next storyline is trying to defraud Canadian immigration.
  5. Red Shoes looks really weird with black shoes.
  6. I think it's a face mask. Like they wear in Japan when there's contagious people around. For when he has to go to Raw.
  7. Reigns is going to come back and wonder why his gear is all stretched out. They already advertised tag title matches so why even do the Triple H thing that doesn't make any logic? Wyatt and The Bar haven't ever been allied in any way either. Really they could've just done Triple H/Wyatt and changed the tag titles. Then at Survivor Series you'd get Usos vs. Bar and the full Shield in the elimination match.
  8. NXT Takeover: WARGAMES~~~!!!

    I wonder what Triple H thought he was buying when NXT ended up with all these shark cages.
  9. You haven't heard about the heartless and pantsless evil that has spread from sea to shining sea that is Taryn Terrell? No need to check the Richter scale. That's no Canadian Eartquake that has the Mounties shook. It's the idea of infamous American criminal Taryn Terrell crossing into the Great White North! But yeah, she got arrested for the McIntyre thing. Removing her from the BFG match really screws up the dynamic with a defending heel champion fending off two face challengers.
  10. Ryder's not tagging them with pro-IMPACT commentary or anything. It's just some dude and his girlfriend. Jacobs went outside the venue he was supposed to be working in, took a selfie with The Bullet Club, and then posted it with something like #BCInvasion. People getting released on a Sunday is really weird. They must've tracked the Raw plague back to those three.
  11. You bunch of magpies didn't even notice that the IMPACT Pizza got revealed as two pizzas with too much spice. And a drink. Available at that place for the week of BFG and the TV tapings which will also host the official post-Impact after-party throughout the week. BFG is sold out. I guess they're working with Hannibal cause he's got a 50% off coupon for the TV tapings. 'GNWIMPACT' through TDPlace.ca. Speculation is Taryn Terrell's past felonious thuggery is keeping her out of Canada. Or Anthem's current frugality not paying to figure out how to get her into Canada. The IMPACT belt cover-up jobs are so indie-looking. Hey, remember when Garza, Jr. and Laredo Kid were a tag team? Then Laredo Kid just disappeared. Then Garza somehow got into the World Title picture. Or when Sydal was in the World Title picture? Or when Dezmond Xavier won the Super X-Cup and then disappeared? Yeah, well Garza, Sydal, and Xavier are all in the X-Division Championship match at BFG which also includes Petey Williams and Sonjay Dutt who keep getting title matches for some reason.
  12. Survivor Series XXX

    Universal Champ Brock Lesnar vs. World Champ AJ Styles would be pretty dope. In lieu of that I'll also accept Lesnar vs. Mahal vs. NXT Champ Drew McIntyre. Two giant men attempting to murder the Singhs is better than one. Even better get the Universal Title on Heath Slater. The Shield reunites. 3MB explodes! Screw this brand loyalty crap. Save that crap for Bragging Rights and the coveted Bragging Rights trophy. Tis the season for family and friends getting together to form teams of 5 striving to survive against their respective rivals in elimination matches while screaming "SURVIVE!" over and over again like coked-up maniacs.
  13. WWE: We're reuniting The Shield! ME: Okay. They're gonna wrestle everyone! Great. At the same time! Whut da hale? And we're bringing back War Games! Cool. For The Shield? For NXT! Oh...kay. With two rings! That's good.
  14. Tables, Ladders, and Chairs IX

    There's really no good reason for Drew McIntyre to be in NXT instead of one of the primary brands. He shouldn't be The Shield's fourth though. Just wrap a tac vest around Son Of Mitch's pot. Ideally, get Bork to show up for Survivor Series and move The Usos over to Raw. Lesnar/Joe/Strowman/Bar vs. Shield/Usos. I think they may have done too much on Raw since we're already talking about Survivor Series. Going to be hard to top putting Strowman through a desk and making Booker fall off the stage.
  15. If only ol' Aaron Neville had used Go To Meeting. Like when ol' Cold Stone walked out of the Omni cause he wasn't gonna do no GOD DAMN JOB to Brock Lesnar. Instead of taking his ball and going home he could've used Go To Meeting's video conferencing technology and looked Vince McMahon right in his beady little eyes and explained in a very calm professional manner why he wasn't gonna do no GOD DAMN JOB to Brock Lesnar. Neville could've used Go To Meeting to look Vince right in his damn beady little eyes and told it like it is that he knows sometimes everybody plays the fool but betcha by golly wow, I don't know much but I know I ain't doing NO GOD DAMN JOB to Enzo Amore". Go To Meeting. It's how business gets done. Awww hell yeah!