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  1. SD could win the female Rumble and then Stephanie McMahon can browbeat the Raw women to set up an Elimination Chamber match for the Raw Women's title shot at WM.
  2. Philly at the end of 2015. They've probably booed him out of the building since then though. 2015 was not a good booked Rumble. Really, far more bad Royal Rumbles than good at this point. I didn't remember Reigns already beating Balor. He still has to beat Demon Balor though. I think those are the rules that have been established by the Wyatt feud.
  3. 2005 and 2015 had the right results but the execution was lacking. A 3-way has got to be the direction for SD with Styles defending against Orton and Nakamura. You have to keep Balor on Raw so Reigns has someone to defend against post-WM. Lesnar beat Styles. Balor beat Styles. Balor beat Reigns. Reigns beats Lesnar. Now Reigns has to beat Balor. Also, Balor never got or really pursued a rematch for the title he never lost. I'd say Reigns to win the Rumble. He needs to mollywhomp on some dudes for a good 20 minutes before winning though. The mistake they made in 2015 other than bringing Bryan back was he was so inactive unlike 2014 where the people were with him cause he was shitcanning dudes left and right. Hell, have him retain the IC title Monday and in the Elimination Chamber and do title vs. title at WM. The white belt is worth more than the red belt at this point.
  4. Shaw should've jumped in there and beat on Storm too. Then he could've narrated his own journey.
  5. Aries winning the title for the first time would've been fine if it hadn't derailed the Roode/Storm feud. Also, Aries did one of those non-turns where he was only a babyface cause he whined about not being in the main event. Option C further devalued the X-Division Title by making it a lotto ticket. Storm should've been the one to end Roode's record setting title reign in the main event of BFG. Instead Aries won it at Destination X, tortured a biker under orders from Hulk Hogan, and then lost to Hardy at BFG cause the real story they wanted to tell wasn't of Aries' ascension up the ranks but of Hardy's redemption from getting shoot pinned by Sting. Aces & Eights were a biker gang that looked like all but maybe 3 of, not even including the leader, had ever ridden a motorcycle before. The mystery of who the masked men are still being a mystery to most of the audience even after they're unmasked. Bully Ray as fantasy camp Hollywood Hogan. Heel commentator Taz. AJ Styles at his in-ring peak being wasted as their crow Sting and he wasn't even the one who got rid of the group. No Lockdown, traditionally the company's best-performing PPV cause creative says they don't like the format. Like the six-sided ring, they probably just don't have a cage anymore. Never mind that they really shouldn't empower the marks but they're asking for opinions after already putting a quarter's worth of content in the can. He's got to be like NXT Champion or ROH Top Prospect age by now. Unfortunately, they did not sign Haku.
  6. They shortened the NWA Twitter they inherited from Tharpe to just @NWA. I'd assume that they re-registered the old handle and locked it to keep anyone else from snatching it up. I think it's his wife Abriella. She used to be a cavewoman though. Maybe she's a shape shifter. The Owlmen are letting Billy use the Impact Zone cause they think playing nice with everybody will get the nerds to love them. Other than the bell has to ring and the matches won't be any good, I've figured out what I don't like about these Tim Storm videos. He's always in a suit. He doesn't strike me as a suit guy. He doesn't look comfortable at all.
  7. The six-sided ring is really all they have to keep people from thinking they're not watching some bootleg SmackDown. Also, the hexagon is basically the company logo. Callis saying they changed it cause the wrestlers prefer a four-sided ring better. I'd posit that it's cause Anthem let the guy (Kensuke Sasaki lookalike) go that manages the ring crew and makes the rings and he probably just kept the ring. AroLucha and GFW were probably using Impact's six-sided ring for their recent Nashville shows. New championship belts in April. Twitch channel might also stream the complete indie shows where they send Borash to tape matches for Impact content.
  8. WWE Mixed Match Challenge

    Big E and Carmella obviously weren't going to be supporting any kind of feed the hungry charity.
  9. WWE ROYAL RUMBLE 2018 (Jan 28, 2018)

    They can just mail Undertaker his coat and hat back. No need to train to comeback to get them.

    I thought 5 was the most coherent plot-wise and easiest to watch until way too easily turned evil-Optimus gets back to Earth and then things get too Michael Bay-ey. The most confusing thing to me was the existence of baby Dinobots. Also, why anyone would follow Optimus Prime who from the second film on has been the absolute worst. He's violently angry and incredibly stupid. Like he can turn into anything but he just drifts back to Cybertron in robot mode.
  11. Impact Wrestling Spoilers for 11/16/17

    He's just the general manager of the gym. There's no way he's trained the way he takes bumps. I like that he's getting more and more taped up every time he gets beat up. I hope he ends up looking like a mini-Yettay by the end of these tapings.
  12. TNA had a women's match when they went to Abu Dhabi in 2010. The first Knockouts Champion was crowned in a gauntlet battle royal in 2007. There was an all Knockouts Lethal Lockdown match last year. The women regularly main event Impact. An all Knockouts PPV event pretty much every year. A female owner for over a decade. I don't know what's worse, WWE's self-congratulatory history-making feminism or that TNA actually beat them to the punch at pretty much every aspect of it and have never been smart enough to know how to exploit that to their benefit.
  13. WWE Mixed Match Challenge

    If we're pretending that every team isn't just representing Be A Star or Reverend D-Von's Building Fund or whatever other bullshit charity WWE operates then 11 charities are getting jobbed out at the end of this worked tournament.