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  1. I remember people saying this and thinking they were insane cause to normal people Sami Zayn and Bayley are just weird dorks.
  2. I'm pretty sure I've heard Jim Ross go on one of his old man steam of consciousness rants about Jungle Boy's name before. He was all, "Jack Perry. Jungle Jack. Jungle Boy? He's a grown-ass man, bah-gawd. His daddy's the late Luke Perry. He's the man of the house now. Time to be a man. Jungle Boy. Mah boy. Look at your precious curls. Time to grow up and grow some curls on his jungle balls. Jungle Boy. I'm just a Jungle Boy. Jungle Boyyy. Hrm, sassafras."
  3. Stunt in a dinosaur costume sounds like the Dino-Mite mascot that Cody wants. You give him a big fanny pack full of t-shirts to toss at the marks on the way to the ring.
  4. Why doesn't Rollins just go to the Bray community and burn his house down? Worked for Orton. Sort of.
  5. https://news.toyark.com/2019/10/03/nycc-2019-storm-mortal-kombat-gears-of-war-injustice-street-fighter-golden-axe-and-more-364880
  6. https://twitter.com/GIVEBENTHEBOOK/status/1181618139655737344
  7. Festus sitting in the locker room looking depressed staring at his first figure. Arn walks in and looks at it. "Yeah, they did me dirty like that too, son."
  8. Santana and Ortiz are misdirection. The Warlord and Dos Caras have to be Jericho's partners. WAR, baby!
  9. He's not kay fabing like he used to. It was good. Some stuff I'd never heard before. Not really looking forward to hearing him do Blue Chew spots though. This one was funny cause he did a voice and wasn't really plugging it but it's going to be weird hearing that disingenuous shit coming from him like the other shameless shill hosts.
  10. "Where's the beef?" was pretty legit. I still have no idea who Herb was. The same WrestleMania with two burger chain characters. Vince was like 40 back then and still had his finger on the pulse of pop culture. I can't imagine if he was 40 today and having to watch Tik Tok videos and scan Instahoe pages looking for what passes for a celebrity in 2019. "Bootycutie69 is here and she's living her best life at WrestleMania!"
  11. I don't think so. Sullivan's company handled post-production and video package-type stuff. I think the live stuff is whatever locals they can get to string some tin cans and wire together and duct tape it to an iMac. They should've seen this coming though. Especially, when Keith Mitchell jumped to AEW the day of one of their PPVs. IMPACT's live presentation has pretty much looked like shit since Anthem's taken over. They shoot it and light it like ROH. The hard-cam pointed at an empty stage, the handhelds shooting into the lights. It's awful. Plus, pretty much every live show has audio issues to start. They should've had all these issues worked out by now. COWARDS! Foolish cowards at that. If you aren't going to go to war with anyone then Thursday's the night so they can advertise their Plus shows on Fridays, the Twitch shows on Saturdays, and the PPVs on Sundays. Not to mention better ad sales for weekend-type events like movies, concerts, and dick pills.
  12. The cowards should move back to Wednesday night.
  13. It's funny how they want records like real sports but they crown the champions in the most nonsensical way possible. Lousy gimmick battle royals filled with people who have no business being in title matches to crown half of the singles matches and a tournament where a team wrestles a bunch of matches to get a bye and another team is going to get in via popularity contest for the tag titles. I still don't understand why they're in such a rush to crown champions when they've got a year's worth of TV to fill. Bunch of belt marks.
  14. Big Dog vs. Big Red for the Big Dog Championship is one of the only fresh matches and they're going into it with some heat behind it. Flair/Bayley and Styles/Alexander should be good too with the crowd reactions cause they're in Charlotte.
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