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  1. So basically the opposite of architecture. Ric Flair. Saw a picture of the info placard somewhere. WWE Legends/MUSCLE, so that's why no current guys. Winter 2017 release. Includes Flair, Mean Gene, Warrior, Jake Roberts, Duggan, DiBiase, Andre, Piper, Macho, JYD, Sheiky Baby, and Sgt. Slaughter who I haven't seen pictured. Probably like Super 7's other MUSCLE releases with 3-packs in MUSCLE pink and garbage can 12-packs in mixed colors and maybe an exclusive color in something like WWE's crate gimmick.
  2. WWE MUSCLE Things. The stumpy feet make it look like they used Wrestling Buddies dolls for reference. Also, no current guys.
  3. That's not a real thing. He was like Jack Tunney. Or more like Paris Hilton getting paid to appear at nightclub openings.
  4. I didn't listen to the latest teleconference cause I didn't hear anything about Scott Steiner calling in and calling Jeremy Borash and Joseph Park fatasses but JB reportedly announced that John Hennigan, Taya Valkyrie, and OI4K (Crist Bros.) are scheduled for the August house shows. Also, Gail Kim transitioning over to Madison Rayne's role as the Knockouts' agent/talent scout.
  5. Reforming The Shield to fight The Miztourage. That's like Cena needing The Rock to fight Miz and Truth. "We're outnumbered by The Miztourage! We need The Big Dog. I'm calling Roman." "What, don't call Roman, what are you doing?" "Hey! It's me! Seth...Rollins...from work. Yeah, so listen, me and Ambrose are in this thing with The Miztourage and we're outnumbered and...uh huh...Braun Strowman! Samoa Joe! Brock Lesnar! Uh yeah, so I think we got a bad connection, you know reception in these arenas, gonna have to call you back. Bye." "What'd he say? Does he want our help with Strowman, Joe, and Lesnar?" "What? No! No, no, he said we got this, um, believe that. Yeah, that's what he said." Angles vs. Swaggers in The AJ Styles Father/Son Wiener Challenge Invitational Finals at SummerFest.
  6. So that's why they call it Full Sail. The wind. Also,
  7. What's check out time for WWE for their arena rentals? Like there's got to be extra costs if they're still in there past midnight with all the union workers involved in these big arenas. If they're cutting costs then I could see that as a bigger reason to cancel Talking Smack than Vince McMahon doesn't like guys sass mouthing off the cuff.
  8. "Sources" Might as well add a byline by Matt and Reby Hardy on it the way it's framed. I don't understand the fetishism of painting the Hardys as victims. What have they lost? What are their damages? They still have their best known ring names and they've certainly made more money with WWE this year than they did all last with TNA. They don't have Borash to shoot for them and WWE would never do such corny-looking effects so the gimmick wouldn't resemble the original so they should just come up with something different and save themselves the drama. And they should really eliminate the 'Delete' stuff anyway cause people are just doing Nazi salutes anymore. People act like the owl men owe the Hardys something. They bought TNA. The gimmick is part of TNA's IP. This is like if you bought a used car and one of the engineers demands you give it to them because they designed it.
  9. I consulted the Wikipedia. Between the entries for New Breed, Champion, Royal, and Lazortron; I believe Lazortron to be a robot of Earth origin from the year 2002 sent back in time to stop the New Breed who traveled back in time to stop Jimmy Valiant who they claimed would corrupt President Rhodes which would have lead to a dictatorship. The New Breed's time travel antics really screwed up the timeline.
  10. Lazertron's not dressed like he's from space. He's a robot from the future. That's just what they wore back in 2002.
  11. Maybe three. Ha, you thought you had a joke. The real joke is that I went to their garbage-ass website to check that they still had house shows coming up and the live events section is blank. I can't even access the site on my phone without being bombarded by security certificate warnings. Their Instagram feed is also a bunch of old-ass GFW pictures with guys that aren't around anymore to promote the ONO PPVs of the GFW Amped tapings that nobody is going to buy. Cause like ol' Double J says, "If you confuse 'em, you lose 'em" or some shit.
  12. I hope they all get issued Tap Out-branded old-timey one pieces like was worn in Mae Young's day. It'll look legit like UFC. Or like Triple H is running a customs company. Surely, the solution to this certain commentary train wreck is adding another runaway train to the tracks.
  13. To summarize... Brock Lesnar - Lost to Goldberg in 30 seconds. Got tossed from Rumble by Goldberg. Demands WrestleMania match with Goldberg. Goldberg accepts even though he's 2-0 already. Goldberg wins Red Belt by beating fat Kevin Owens fatass so Lesnar backdoors into title match which he wins and then never defends championship. Fans cheer cause Bork legit even though Bork never show up and when he does all he do is suplexes and he also shoot hates you all. Samoa Joe - Beat Reigns via Strowman distraction. Got title match by winning a 5-way. Beat Reigns again via Strowman distraction. Lost title match in 6 minutes. Demands rematch cause...yelling. This is good enough justification for a title match for fans cause they remember Joe from ROH from over a decade ago and refuse to realize he doesn't have anything past 6 minutes cause it'll remind them they're old now. And fat. Bunch of old fatasses! Roman Reigns - 1st man to pin Strowman. Retired Undertaker. His yard now. Got constantly attacked by Strowman from behind in own yard including getting flipped in an ambulance. Retaliated by taking Strowman out with a chair. Declared intent to wrestle for Red Belt at SummerFest. Strowman returns by almost falling out of an ambulance and continued his attacks on Reigns and then issued challenge for Ambulance Match for which the intent is that the loser is the man who is beaten so brutally that their lifeless body is then placed in an ambulance by their opponent and the door is shut for the victory. Reigns loses because Strowman sidestepped him and he accidentally jumped into the ambulance which Strowman quickly shut the door on for the win. Reigns finally snaps and engages in Attitude Era behavior. Fans that pine for the Attitude Era and constantly demand that Reigns turn heel bemoan Reigns' actions cause what kind of face behaves like that. What?
  14. The ninja star is his initials.
  15. The irony of Alberto calling out guys for having no balls the week of Great Balls. He also cursed up a storm post-Slammiversary so 'Berto stays wildin.