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  1. Someone worked themselves into a shoot thinking they were going to get to pose at the end of WrestleMania.
  2. Remember when Billy Corgan bought the NWA and you fucking marks thought he was going to save pro wrestling? He also had negotiations with TBS. When it was "reported" that the "wrestlers" were unhappy with new NJPW management, it was because The Elite were told to stop selling their personal bootleg-ass Bullet Club shirts. And the main reason to temper expectations for AEW is because the venue for Double Or Nothing can't even hold double.
  3. Mildly disgusted? Tama Tonga was pointing and laughing at them on his way to the back. Were they there the whole show? That one dude's 7-feet tall. You can't disguise that. Bully being the only one to hit the ring made it look like a work more than anything. He came out so fast out of the stage like he was just waiting at the go position for his cue. At least send out the rest of the Who's That of professional wrestling from the ROH side of the Honor Rumble too. And then he exited back through the stage so everyone could see him instead of off to the side like everyone else.
  4. Independent contractor.
  5. https://dai.ly/x2t8uz I watched this again and there's nowhere near as much Dusty/Sting interaction as I remembered and while Hall sells a little over exaggerated like an asshole early on, he doesn't appear messed up. I must've conflated this with some other Hall match.
  6. Tessa Blanchard vs. Eli Drake never made any sense. They're both heels and I can't recall them ever even having interacted with each other. The drama could've been easily avoided if IMPACT had just asked him if he wanted to do the match before publicly announcing it though. I mean he could've also conveyed his displeasure to the office privately instead of publicly.
  7. Scuttlebutt on the hotline is Ambrose was wandering the streets of Hoboken on a recruiting mission. Word is he's already signed up: Big Whoop Carl - He's big. He goes "Whoop". His name's Carl. Runny Beats - You know those warnings on prescription medication ads about one of the possible side effects being diarrhea? Turns out they're true cause yoyoyo away he goes just like Grammy award winning recording artist Lenny Kravitz, this former DJ is always on the run. Mama mia! And the biggest signing, Tin Can Pan. Former dot com millionaire turned tin can enthusiast has made it his life mission to collect every tin can in the world with the plan to build the Tin Canitorium the future home of All Hobo Wrestling.
  8. The only match that matters is tonight.
  9. From last month, Meltzer's lousy writing making it sound like the Saudi shows wouldn't be shown on the Network. He was saying that since they cannibalized their PPV buys with the Network that instead of WrestleMania, the Saudi shows make the most money per show now not that they wouldn't be shown on the Network. And on if Sting and Dusty Rhodes ever wrestled, no. But at Uncensored 1998, it's Hall vs. Sting but Hall's either on some shit or just being a lazy asshole cause Dusty's doing all the heeling and taking all the bumps. Match is less than ten minutes. And about Stars & Stripes wrestling the SST on a Nitro dark match. It was actually Todd Champion and Curtis Thompson, the WCW Patriots against Samu and "The Samoan Savage" Sam Fatu on 12/15/97. The Patriot and Fatu (Rikishi) would've been in the WWF at the time.
  10. Balor shouldn't do blackface cause he looks like a goddamn idiot...invoking demon "powers" against the guy he's beaten over and over again including in handicap matches and not against someone like the beast incarnate champion of the universe. They should jam this match and Big Dog/McIntyre together cause neither of those guys need to be losing at this point and they can save the IC title match for Raw. Also, take Angle/Corbin, Mysterio/Joe and Cena and Elias and mash that shit together cause Angle can barely move, Joe is almost as broke down, and Corbin and Elias can bump big enough to carry it. People were crying about Charlotte Flair getting a title shot against Asuka on SD when retired-ass Beth Phoenix and nothing-happenin' Nattie Neidhart, recently defeated Jax/Snuka, and haven't gotten a win together in like a decade Hawkins/Ryder are all getting title shots on the biggest show of the year.
  11. The idea that two days of WrestleMania would be better is hilarious. They'd do it in two different cities and each show would still be 8 hours long. Ain't nobody got time for two days and 16 hours of WrestleMania. They got like 300 people under contract. Some people just gonna have to stay their ass back in catering like they do every week. No Raw Tag Team Championship match. Give them 30 the next night on Raw. No US Championship Match. 0A. Cruiserweight Championship 0B. SD Women's Championship with Asuka/Rose/Deville 1. Open main show with the Andre The Giant Abandon Ship Battle Royal with Finn Balor demon entrance. Get the Strowman/SNL shit done here too. 2. Cancel the Fabulous Hoopla battle royal. Replace it with the Women's Tag Team Championship Stevie Ray YakDown Invitational Gauntlet Match. Champs start against 1 team with a new team entering every minute. No tags cause who needs those in a tag team match. Eliminations can occur via pinfall, submission, or one member of a team being thrown over the top rope to the floor. And no DQs so maybe go over to special guest commentator Stevie Ray and ax him for that slapjack and then get ready to turn up cause it's gonna be on like a steaming pot of neckbone, sucka! 3. SD Tag Team Championship with The Usos defending in the Booker T. Fave Five Aw Shucky Ducky Quack Quack Invitational Usos Penitentiary Steel Cage Match against The Hardys, The New Day, The Bar, The Club, Rusev/Nakamura, and Heavy Machinery. Booker T. can't count, bless his heart. The only way to win is when both members of a team escape the cage and touch the floor. Now can you dig that, sucka! 4. WWE WHC D-Brine v. Kofi Kingston 5. Shane McMahon vs. Miz in the Best In The World Bunkhouse Match with Vince McMahon chained to George Mizanin at ringside like they're on work release on Col. Parker's plantation. And speak of the devil, after Shane and Miz are both down from clocking each other with cowbells, a UTV comes zooming to ringside and Col. Parker gets out from behind the wheel followed by THE MONSTER MENG who gives a double Tongan Death Grip to Vince and George while BUNKHOUSE BUCK loads the BITW trophy into the UTV and The Stud Stable drive off with Col. Parker officially declaring BUNKHOUSE BUCK as THE BEST IN THE WORLD cause possession is nine tenths of the law, baby! 6. Then you settle things down a little with Elias. Who gets interrupted by Cena. Who gets attacked by Lashley and McIntyre. And out comes Reigns and Angle and now you can holla cause it's a 6-man tag team match, player. 7. 35-minutes of Triple H jacking off guest starring Dave Bautista. 8. Styles v. Orton 9. Bork v. Rollins 10. Raw Women's 3-way. And that's still too damn many matches.
  12. http://gwhnewsandnotes.blogspot.com/2019/02/honest-john-cheatum-passes-away.html http://gwhnewsandnotes.blogspot.com/2019/02/obituary-and-services-for-honest-john.html Probably best known as Abdullah The Butcher's manager. Really surprised he was only 59. And a shoot repo man.
  13. Booking Memphis Wrestling with Jerry Jarrett Randy Hales has a podcast too. Haven't listened to it yet. Memphis Memories with Randy Hales
  14. They removed the GFW footage from GWN and their store cause Jarrett demanded they do so. He also wanted any money made off it which they responded appropriately with something like, "LOL, nobody bought these." The deleted masters are probably the versions with the original commentary cause Jarrett had the commentary redone before they were aired as One Night Only PPVs. Work presumably done at Anthem's expense. I can believe those would be deleted after the new commentary was done cause there's no reason to save it. The real reason is because the US already has Rick Steiner. He should've tried getting a written recommendation from Rick Steiner. IMPACT replay added to Twitch Mondays at 6 PM and to GWN on Tuesdays. Callihan and Fallah Bahh also re-signed. That five million Jericho pretends they offered him getting spread around.
  15. The rag sheets are old news, brothers. The real scoops are on the hotline, dude! The hot new scuttlebutt on the AEW Hotline is Cody's opponent will be someone from his past but the real question is whose side will he be on afterward? Will he finally embrace his cowboy heritage and become a rootin'-tootin' kowpunching outlaw or will he join up with notorious cowboy denier Chris Jericho who thinks cowboys were faked by Hollywood? Call the AEW Hotline now at 1-555-TNT-DAVE for all the scoops. Kids get your parents permission before calling. Only $9.99 the first minute, $19.99 a minute thereafter. 1-555-TNT-DAVE. Call TODAY!
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