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  1. Raw Is Ask Alex Riley - 9/18/2017

    Suffering succotash, son. Reigns has gone from monsters trying to kill him to Cena telling him he doesn't talk good. The Cena/Reigns build should've been as simple as the biggest stars in WWE finally colliding one on one. Instead they've gone all inside baseball and we're getting shit like an Alex Riley reference that not even the smarkiest fans understand. The best thing about this match not being saved for WrestleMania is that they didn't get to do like two months of these Russo-style "all the boys in the back..." promos with some Ryback and Tyler Reks references.
  2. Wrestling What Ifs

    To me, Pillman's tiny Cincinnati Bengal underdrawers didn't help him at all. They might've helped Jim Barnett do the Five-Knuckle Ickey Shuffle but as a kid, I just couldn't take him seriously. Also, him being announced as just "Flyin' Brian" kind of made him seem second tier in my eyes. I think if he had been announced by his full name and wore solid colored trunks I might've regarded him as being in that Sting/Steiners level of top WCW babyfaces. And teaming with Z-Man didn't help either cause Zenk also came off as being second tier at best. When Jim Ross was talking Z-Man up before his debut he made him seem like some kind of superhero and then generic-ass Tom Zenk walked out to the '89 Batman theme and I was so disappointed cause I had briefly seen him in the WWF and also saw Rick Martel say he ran away cause he was scared.
  3. Maybe it's a typo or maybe they're just teasing Roode feuding with Ambrose. Steamboat's new gimmick is guy that sews sails. Kairi Sane's got the wheel. They're clearly building to Captain Mike Rotunda getting a crew together to battle Sheik Tugboat's team at next year's Fall Brawl: War Games.
  4. GFW Impact Wrestling Spoilers for 9/14/17

    Cornette was not comedy relief. He was the heat. He was the fruity booty mama's boy manager that every man, woman, and child in the crowd knew they could beat up but he was also the mastermind behind the dastardly heels that kept cheating and beating their favorites so anytime he got his comeuppance, they go banana and if he didn't they also go banana and actually riot and then sell-out the next event to see him finally suffer some consequences and repercussions. So I understand his serious business vibe cause there was real money and real danger involved in what he did unlike today where it's all about becoming an internet meme so you can sell t-shirts.
  5. Dutch is the only authority figure they should keep around and use sparingly. Of the handful they've had this year, he's the only one that can fake having any credibility cause he's old and grizzled and even though he's broke down physically, if shit really hits the fan he can ride out on his scooter and unleash Shoo Baby. The Jarrett side tried explaining the GFW branding as GFW being the NWA and Impact being Championship Wrestling From Florida. Which doesn't make any sense cause it was announced as a merger and all the Impact stuff got replaced with GFW stuff. Hideous neon green GFW stuff. Also, none of these companies they're working with are going to recognize the GFW championships as being the top championships in the world. Eli Drake's going to Noah to be in something like the 3rd match on the card instead of defending against the GHC Champion. Speaking of championships, Josh Mathews constant refusal to say 'belt' when referring to the championship belts makes me angrier than anything he did as a heel. Goddammit, pal, Vince McMahon can't yell at you anymore. It's a belt. Trevor Lee stole the belt from Sonjay Dutt not the title or the championship. Championships are achievements not physical objects. "Champion" is the title. The championship belt is merely the physical representation of the championship. A trophy if you will. Mongo McMichael doesn't walk into the bar and flash his Super Bowl ring and say, "Look at my title, baby!"
  6. It's cute that some of you think Corgan isn't just as much of a carny in his own right. https://twitter.com/NWAWrestling That was Tharpe's version at least. I don't agree with wanting underperforming brands to just die and have the corpse shipped off to Vince McMahon like a lot of you but some of these NWA promotions have always just come off like they're living off of the past and it's not even their own. Look at the branding on that Twitter and it's the NWA logo that's been around since the seventies and there's members using the Crockett-style graphics for their TV. It just comes off like guys playing Ric Flair and trying to pretend like they're at the same level as the JCP stuff they watched when they were kids. I heard Bill Behrens tell a story about Billy Black beating him up in the ring at the start of a show cause he didn't want to drop his title that night and Mike Rapada finds out what's going on and just goes to the ring and runs Black and his no doubt unsavory associates out of the building. Apparently, The Colorado Kid was a shoot badass. Also, heard that Scott Hall ran him out of WCW by teasing him incessantly about Bert Prentice so he was not a badass without feelings.
  7. Seems like a lot of work to get Jarrett out of their fantasy league. Look at the hashtags on that SI article. How much of Matt's money is Reby paying that guy? What wrestling company other than WWE is making most of their money off their TV deal? Lucha Underground has reportedly spent more just to produce 3 seasons of TV than TNA has spent in 15 years. Sinclair doesn't fund ROH for shit and nobody watches their TV but they seem to do alright at the gate. IMPACT has to tour if they're going to generate any kind of income since PPV is basically dead. The two house shows were profitable cause they were sold shows but they didn't draw well because they're ice cold as a brand and have never drawn particularly well in New York anyway. Stick to Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Philadelphia, Michigan, Dallas, San Antonio, Phoenix. Canada's underserved by WWE. If they can swing the proper sponsorship then UK, Australia, and Indian tours would probably do well. I questioned the logic of Anthem keeping Big around after the purchase since I don't know how anyone at TNA could work with him after he tried to broker a deal with WWE to sell the company with only himself getting a job there. Also, pretty terrible at every position he was placed in; creative, talent relations. I do miss the weekly Bram signings though. Also, bringing Jarrett on-board full-time to basically run everything was questionable. A consultant role, sure but bringing back the staff that has failed before, probably the "winningest" team but mostly because of Panda and Spike funding everything. Moving post-production to Toronto would make sense if they've got the people to do it. Probably should retain the Nashville warehouse for merchandise fulfillment and equipment storage though. I've watched everything through Slammiversary. Slammiversary was really good. The road getting there was rough. The Indian shows were mostly good. Tighter and more focused. I don't know how anybody can live through heel Michael Cole and think turning the play by play guy heel would be a good idea. Mathews is actually kind of funny but he puts his foot on the gas at the wrong times to the detriment of the people in the ring. The worst thing is he was actually pretty good last year. Might have really been the best PxP guy on a big league level cause Kevin Kelly is awful, Matt Striker is fucking awful, and Mauro Ranallo is annoyingly fucking awful and Cole is completely fake. Young Boy Tom might have been his stiffest competition and he's mostly vanilla and inoffensive as long as he's not sliding into your DMs. Borash is supposed to be the good guy but he's just as douchey as Josh. And he's better suited for color. Too many authority figures. Why are there so many? What do they all do? Why is Bruce Prichard on my TV? Why does Karen Jarrett always sound like she's going to break down in tears? Why does she talk so close and put her hands on the wrestlers invading their personal space? I still say they should've put Vanguard One in charge. Too many wrestlers. They legit brought in like 70 new people from March to July. I know fuck all about most of them cause Josh and JB were arguing with each other instead of informing me about who these people were. I can only tell the World Tag Team Champions apart cause they put their names on their britches. I still don't know anything about them as characters. A lot of guys have just been wasted most of the year as well. Show don't tell. Or show and don't tell. Or don't show or tell. I feel like I've missed an episode at times. Like that time they did that fake fan vote between EC3 and Storm. They've got a camera on Matt Morgan being upset about the results. I don't know why. The commentators don't mention it. I assume this storyline was explained on the internet. Like the GFW championships being "golden tickets" to Slammiversary was apparently explained on their website but never on TV. They had LAX talking about going to other promotions and taking their titles and they kind of showed that once and Slammiversary was supposed to be about all these other promotions coming to get them but they didn't tell that story at all. Swoggle and Spud beat each other with hammers. A comedy feud about short guys pulling each others pants down was built the same as EC3/Storm. Speaking of Storm, him and Moose are the dumbest babyfaces. Storm's been around long enough that he should know how to give the heel the advantage other than just turning his back for no reason. And Moose is the guy they should be building around but he's always getting countered multiple times per match like a moron. I know Eli Drake is World Champion now and he should be at that level but I think he's won like two matches since last year and both were gimmick battle royals. Lashley's the best consistent talent in this company. Booking has failed him though with him just sliding by Barnett and then getting beat by Alberto in his debut. Alberto was actually a hell of a fiery white meat babyface. Too bad he couldn''t keep it together off camera with his profanity laden anti-WWE rants on the house mic and his personal life. The Wolves feud was good. Davey Richards was good, guys. Sienna not having to play second fiddle to Maria is good. I hope Hot Mess Laurel Van Ness never sobers up. Bringing in KM and Kongo Kong is way too much firepower to fight Braxton Sutter who's won like 4 matches since debuting. Scott Steiner. "Whoa, Jeremy, you've gained weight. You're a fatass too!" Hated The Great War last year. This was the perfect use of that "Broken Universe" style. The Impact Zone. That crowd is dead. Someone should throw their opponent into that blonde girl in the front row that's always turned away from the ring and texting all the time. India. Bollywood's lit y'all. Bring in Orlando area wannabe actors and dancers and toss 'em a dollar to dance and cheer the right people in the Impact Zone. GFW rebrand. Nobody asked for this.
  8. Minor League/Japanese Wackiness

    The Midland RockHounds. The A's AA affiliate.
  9. http://gwhnewsandnotes.blogspot.com/2017/08/nwa-georgia-announces-name-change.html Back when it was announced that Corgan bought it, the NWA Twitter account was Tweeting at Corgan to meet his champions and I thought that was adorable cause there was no way Corgan gave a fuck who the NWA Mid-American Mid-Southern Middleweight Middle-aged Television Tag Team Champions were.
  10. WWE pay people to train in order to work for WWE. Assigning people to a "Performance Center" blows a huge hole in WWE labeling their wrestlers as independent contractors as something like that would classify them as employees.
  11. They were already doing a GFW/AAA feud anyway. Sexy Star keeping the hold on after the bell at least gives them a kay fab reason to use something that people were talking about on the internets. Although bringing it up makes it look like a work and Rosemary just ends up looking like she got got with no chance for any payback since GFW really shouldn't bring in Sexy Star.
  12. I think the helmets and all that protective gear give football players a misguided sense of security so they believe they're invincible and you end up with these super strong, super fast, elite athletes charging at each other at full speed with mal-intent and just like that, instant drain bamage upon collision. Really, any physical activity is going to make your brain bounce around your skull with nothing but that thin layer of brain jelly protecting it so unless you're not doing any physical activity at all like the fatasses in Wall-E then the risk of brain damage is always going to be there. Not shoot headbutting things on purpose does a lot to prevent debilitating brain damage though.
  13. GFW Impact Wrestling Spoilers for 9/14/17

    Really, the company should've been the ones sponsoring him if his work visa expired. They should have Cornette explain that Prichard wanted to release him but he never bothered to tell Grado he was fired. I guess, the future spoilers kind of explain why Park was wasting Grado's time trying to get him to marry a Canadian to stay in America.
  14. Those belts aren't new. Those are just the same GFW belts they've been using with some blue paint over the neon green. The X-Division belt is the only one that's completely new and that definitely looks like an owl on it. The old TNA Knockouts Championship belt also had 'WOMENS' on it so I wouldn't read anything into that.
  15. I don't support Tony Schiavone marrying his daughter.