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  1. You can get the direct MP3 off their RSS feeds. The Conrad podcasts and Jericho are on MegaPhone. Mooney's on Spreaker. So Google 'MegaPhone Arn RSS' and it should come up.
  2. I don't remember Jake Roberts being part of this crew.
  3. Cody Rhodes hasn't changed at all since day 1 of AEW. He used his wife and a low blow to beat his own brother who was already bleeding half to death. The lack of a live crowd treating him like a god has just exposed his heelish manner. People always complain about Brandi Rhodes' character when Allie's right there not making any kind of sense since her entire heel turn was said to be based on being sick of Cody being the face of the place and now she's in their entourage and Cody hasn't even acknowledged her presence. Is Scorpio Sky kicking doors down and telling people to reach for
  4. Also, the 90s happened. In the 80s they were running like 2-4 separate crews on any given week. The World Champ would lead the A-crew, the IC the B, the Tag Champs the C, and then some high school could buy a fundraiser and get a Killer Bees/Bolsheviks main. The 90s come around and syndication dies, PPV is the big revenue source and business is down so they've got just one crew usually running in the Northeast with the occasional Euro tour and they're letting guys do indies cause they don't have enough work for them.
  5. Cardona showed absolutely nothing. Same ol' WWE B-show filler Zack Ryder. Beaver Boys looked real good though. I think that's the first time I've seen them since they became DO-boys. With the mask, Silver looks like Reynolds' mini. He also looks like one of those Remco-style figures Cardona sells. Maybe he needs some long tights. Could live without the lame political segments. The MJF stuff feels like a warmed over EC3 gimmick from a few years ago. Also, why is Lee Johnson seemingly reluctantly working for MJF? Was Guevara covered in blood when he came out before the debate?
  6. Pretty sure all of Retribution are women. This is like Vince just saw Spring Breakers cause Prichard mentioned Double J was in a movie. "This is great, pal. Put some girls in masks and let them wreck shit." "People will think it's a political thing like Antifa." "Auntie who?"
  7. That's not a vintage Cheetara. It's a new MOTU-style by Funko. Toy Biz made a lot of good WCW figures. They did not make a lot of good Bret Hart WCW figures. The ones with sunglasses look like Howard Stern. Bash At The Beach series probably the best one. He comes with a giant water cannon gimmick as you'd expect Bret Hart to have.
  8. I hope everybody trolls Okada and picks TNA stips. Okada: "Ladder match!" Wrestler #2: "I also want a ladder match but ladders are illegal and you have to climb the wires the belt is attached to in order to retrieve it." Wrestler #3: "I too want a ladder match but you have to hang the belt up in order to win and you first have to pin one of the other competitors in order to qualify to hang the belt and the man gets pinned will have to sit in a penalty box for like 90 seconds." Wrestler #4: "Man, fuck a ladder match. I want a battle royal but we all start on the floor and t
  9. Jake Roberts turning towards Acher during War Whore's intro made me laugh. Following Kingston didn't do him any favors. Cardona didn't look any bigger to me than he did in WWE. It was called the land of the giants for a reason. Evil Uno mask teeth were straightened out. That Dork Order dental plan at work. Moxley saying he doesn't start fights when his first night in, he started two. The Lethal Lottery might mean something if random-ass tag matches weren't already the norm with the women. Is it taking place on FTR tag team appreciation night?
  10. I think the problem with Bret Hart figures is they give him too much hair.
  11. Ross is officially AEW's 'Senior Advisor' or something of that nature. AEW's supposed to be the "real sports" wrestling promotion but you've got some of the EVPs that want to ignore the rules so they can get their shit in. If the refs don't want to be criticized on the air then they should quit looking like morons on the air. If the wrestlers don't like being criticized on the air then they should quit blowing the old man off and explain to him why they're doing the things he's criticizing. Ross' biggest problem is he's too cognizant of his critics and he's too in his own head on the air.
  12. Alisha Edwards popped up backstage pre-pandemic. She wanted on Grace's Lethal Lockdown team and Grace said of course cause Alisha was a freak and then Alisha sang. It was...something. I do not want the return of the Aces or Eights. I want Gallows and Anderson to brother it up with the Swingman, daddy! They can back the Pack, jack! I hope the mystery man is Road Warrior Animal. EC3 is probably most likely though. I don't think there's been any tease but Chris Hero could be good. I hope Eddie Edwards turns heel though. They screwed him over by making him do a best of 5 series w
  13. Aldis can probably figure out some video editing software. He probably can't do any worse than the Homer with the star wipe quality production they already had.
  14. He's in IWGP United States Championship Match IV: The Voyage Home.
  15. IWGP United States Championship Match: The Motion Picture presented by New Japan Pro Wrestling A screenplay by BEN! Open wide with an establishing shot of a desert. An Ennio Morricone-style soundtrack plays throughout. A black SUV drives into the scene. Two black-suited dark shades-wearing men of Asian descent exit. "Get out gaijin dog!" one orders as he opens the back door. In the back sits the IWGP US Champion Jon Moxley blindfolded. The other suited man removes the blindfold and barks, "Time to fight!" "Bout time," Moxley coldly mutters as he headbutts the suited man.
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