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  1. Now I want Ole Anderson wearing a big blinged out horseshoe around his neck as Disco Inferno's hype man. "Oil of Ole all day everyday!"
  2. BEN!


    It was definitely JJ Dillon.
  3. BEN!


    I like how the walk-out narrative makes it sound like Reigns was just sitting in the ring alone and that smark-ass favorite Samoa Joe wasn't also out there getting walked out on.
  4. BEN!


    I don't think he's got anything but a handshake deal since he hasn't done anything with them outside of Canada. I mean, this is a company that hasn't bothered to get anything signed formally with three of their last four World Champions.
  5. BEN!

    Money in the Bank IX - 6/17/2018

    WWE proudly presents The 2nd Annual Great Balls Of Fire!!
  6. BEN!


    When I discovered that it was a thing I could do, I used to watch WCW Saturday Night with the closed captioning on. The closed captioneer trying to keep up with Dusty Rhodes was almost as funny as his commentary. They'd do alright until Dusty would get to soliloquing if you will and then you'd get some missed words and then some "..." and then just "unintelligible". Deaf people really missed out.
  7. BEN!


    Even more fun if you imagine Teddy Hart and Mr. Money on the other side of the ring.
  8. BEN!

    Money in the Bank IX - 6/17/2018

    Surely Nakamura/Styles is going to be a ladder match cause there's already two on this PPV. And nothing says definitive winner like one guy climbing a ladder faster than the other. "Bork no go Money In Bank. Money already in bank. Fat man put there for Bork. Bork go woods now. Shoot animals." They got to get Reigns back in the MITB match. Then when he wins, he can cut a salty-ass promo about wanting to cash in that night but Lesnar's not there. Then at Raw, he can cut another promo about cashing in but of course Lesnar's not there. Then the next week, he can talk about Lesnar not being at any of the live events that weekend and not there tonight and he doesn't want to carry the briefcase around forever so it's time for Plan B. Then later that night while Rollins is defending the IC title against Mahal, an SUV drives into the arena and right up to the ring and Reigns pops out of the passenger side and Superman punches Singh and then slides into the ring and spears Mahal. Rollins wants to know what's going on and Reigns tells him it's time for Plan B. If Brock won't come to him, he'll go to Brock and since he's going to be chilling and getting his mind right for battle, he needs Rollins' help. Rollins thinks he wants him to drive but Reigns says he's already got a driver and Ambrose comes out of the driver's side and they tell Rollins they need him to make sure the ref doesn't run away when he wakes up and Ambrose gives the ref the Dirty Deeds and they throw him in the backseat. Rollins is complaining about needing to defend his title but Ambrose tells him not to worry about it cause paperwork. Then we get weeks of The Shield driving around looking for Brock and then Reigns and Lesnar finally fight in the wilderness of Canada for the Universal Championship. Maybe they'll ride snowmobiles and see a bear. It'll be cool.
  9. This is the place where wooden folding tables are metal objects for Full Metal May-Ham. I finished their January One Night Only subtitled Collision In Oklahoma. I only wanted to watch it cause I saw that it had matches from Canada on it and I wanted to see what the reasoning was for that. It's cause the Oklahoma stuff really wasn't broadcast quality. 5 camera shoot but none of them were any good. 3 guys on the floor and only one of them was steady but he was shooting up into the ring and into the lights. Hard cam looked a mile away and they had a corner security-like cam that was alright but kind of awkward so it didn't get much play. Just a ton of missed shots. There's even a backstage promo with one of the locals (not the Wild Samoan Sika to Eli Drake's disappointment) where he says to just read his shirt and the cameraman doesn't pan down at all so you can't see anything but the first word. I'm really surprised WWE hasn't snatched up the Von Erichs already. The big one's kind of wild but the smaller one looks solid. Alberto and Lashley both acting like complete babyfaces but still wrestling heel-ish was weird as well as including Alberto's entire "we kill ourselves for the real fans" post-match promo and handshake with Lashley considering at the time both were unabashed heels on Impact TV. Alberto kept his shirt on the whole match. Also, you can see Justin Roberts but they never aired the ring announcements. I'm pretty sure 3 of the 4 Canadian matches were used as filler on Impact already. If the production were better in Oklahoma this might of been alright but as is they got a lot of nerve trying to charge people money for this.
  10. BEN!

    WWE Superstar Shake-Up (RAW/SDL 4/16-4/17/18)

    I'm willing to accept and embrace a lot of nonsense when it comes to the pro wrestling but WWE's administrative oversights are a bridge too far. Why would anyone with a non-concussed brain grant John Cena free agency? And why does no one want the US Champion? Is it because of the paperwork involved with the title? The paperwork must be a lot more streamlined for the Raw Tag Titles cause The Hardys just walked in off the street last year and they just let a random kid from out of the crowd compete this year.
  11. BEN!

    WWE Superstar Shake-Up (RAW/SDL 4/16-4/17/18)

    I wish they'd establish some actual rules for this bullshit. Like why do no trades ever happen outside of a "Superstar Shakeup"? I can't remember anybody switching sides other than D-Brine signing Swagger cause his Raw contract expired. The day after the Draft. Swagger got drafted and signed a 1-day Raw contract? I mean, the GMs having brain damage can only explain so much. How are NXT guys included in this? Shouldn't some wrestlers get relegated from Raw/SD to NXT? Are there roster limits or salary caps cause everybody's already under WWE contract? It's not like Shane and Stephanie are footing the bills for their brands. It's like the only real sports knowledge they have is the XFL where one guy owned every team. Oh.
  12. BEN!

    The Greatest Royal Rumble - 4/27/18

    Paying the women for doing absolutely nothing would be the total antithesis of equality.
  13. BEN!


    http://super7hq.com/news/super7-x-legends-of-lucha-libre Available starting Wednesday. They got those out really fast. I don't know what the deal is with the WWE ones. They had packaged samples in their display case at Toy Fair in February but they don't mention anything about them in their own recap. 3.75" prototypes. You have to sub an Ewok in for Alushe.
  14. Ric Flair drip Go woo on a bitch.
  15. Sanity is just short for Sanitized Hobo Army.