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  1. Train robbers. Old wild west cowboys. "Bullseye" Bobby Eaton and "Dead Eye" Dennis Condrey with their parasol-carrying dandy manager Jim Cornette. This is what I've decided Vince would've made The Midnight Express.
  2. Kelly Klein has 57 ROH matches listed on CageMatch. Not for 2019. Total since 2015. 19 is her max for one year in both 2019 and 2018. 9 in 2017. 8 in 2016. 2 in 2015. $12-20K a year seems pretty good for 19 dates as the face of a division nobody cares about.
  3. The Expresses would've been fine in the WWF. They could work with anybody and they'd probably still get married to each other. Maybe Cornette would've had to wear a train conductor hat or something because I definitely think the Midnights were getting saddled with something train related. Jimmy Hart in JCP is where the money's at though. Dump Paul Jones and put Jimmy Hart in his role. I don't really think either the Harts or Bulldogs work as teams in JCP. I could see Neidhart getting over pretty well as a heel and getting turned face. The Bulldogs might've worked as heels but they'd probably be better off as singles with Davey Boy as a face and Dynamite as a vicious heel. Bland straight out of Calgary Bret Hart's not getting over in JCP.
  4. I'm about half way through this and they should've covered up the arena sign with an IPWF banner or some kind of sponsor sign. Suggesting that an Atari game has a commentary track is the most ridiculous thing so far. Also, it really needed some kind of establishing scene with the office guys freaking out over not being able to find the turkey suit and D'Amore jumps up and says he's got an idea and takes off running through the AXS halls until he barges into a production room and tosses a kid a VHS tape and tells him to play it and the kid just looks around at his controls all confused. Then the regular Impact open starts and then you hear a click and whir sound and some tracking lines appear and a 11/26/83 date on the bottom of the screen and then the IPWF show starts.
  5. This is the last thing I'm going to say about Mauro Ranallo. I know his story. It's why I have no empathy towards him. He self-medicates his serious mental issue because he distrusts "big pharma" and claims THC as being the only thing that works for him. Which clearly does not and is also incredibly dangerous to mix a hallucinogen with an extremely unbalanced brain chemistry. It's also really irresponsible for someone that fancies himself a mental health advocate. Say some kid suffers the same extreme mood swings as him and discovers the bipolar guy from WWE and looks into what he does and tries it and suffers a psychotic break. There are plenty of people that suffer mental issues and have no support system or resources to deal with them. He's a damn near 50-year old man that makes a lot of money and has essentially made his issue his gimmick. He needs professional help not validation from nerds on the internet. So you can all return to your high horses and continue spreading empathy by exclaiming fuck Graves, JBL, Vince, Rollins, Orton, Hogan, Saudi Arabia, Big Cass, and whoever else makes you feel as if you're standing atop the mythical moral high ground. Like RiRi, GRAMMY AWARD-WINNING RECORDING ARTIST, RIHANNA, SHINE BRIGHT LIKE A DIAMOND!
  6. It's good that they found a way to reuse some of that Daniel Bryan beard merch.
  7. Good luck. If they give you a shot, probably best not to do the old heel line where you say the white heel is a nice guy cause he's going to cheer up the black babyface by showing him Roots backwards. Just kidding. The NWA doesn't have any black wrestlers.
  8. If his wife wants some, she can buy a ticket.
  9. If Ranallo didn't run right away to vanity search himself looking to get his ass kissed, he wouldn't have ended up logging off with his chapped ass. In the words of Chuck D, welcome to the terrordrome. Also, it's always amusing that whenever it's perceived that Ranallo is up in his feelings that Meltzer starts stirring shit up and dog abandoning Frank Shamrock threatens to punch someone.
  10. You can't draw 100,000 at Bash Near A Beach, brother. Might want to watch Impact next week.
  11. One would presume but the last person is going to enter and instead of the end following shortly, the teams are going to line up and the match is going to basically start over and they're going to go about another 20 minutes until everybody gets into a scrum so someone can jump off the top of the cage onto them.
  12. There's no beach at The U. Bash Near The Pool. I finished Full Gear. That thread is locked. WILD CARD! Actually, I quit after the title match. I only partake of the sanctioned real sports feel events. I don't understand Page beating Pac to just trade wins a few days later. The kind of booking people cry about when WWE does it. They beat Pac for no reason and Page gains no momentum. Janela is so bad. Why are they putting him in a straight match on PPV? Look at Spears' chops and kicks and then look at Janela's shitty chops and thigh-slapping-ass kicks. He also could've broken Spears' neck on that barely any air flying head scissors. And a tag rope was in the neutral corner for no reason other then to be used here. They're just wasting Tully Blanchard. At Spears got rid of the contacts. He should just go with basic black gear. And maybe just carry the chair to the ring and sit on it during the ring intros instead of wasting time with the spotlight entrance. Lucha Bros. wearing second place medals looks real dumb. SCU looked a step behind and Private Party aren't ready for prime time. Knox won't count a tag with the foot but will count a tag to the back. Pretty sure Quen was the legal man at the end too. It's a good thing the Lucha Bros. are bad sports otherwise Daniels would've made that surprise return for nothing. Penta wasn't dressed like Daniels when he attacked him. Excalibur calling him Pentagon Tres like he couldn't be Pentagon, Sr. Remsburg screwed Amy. Emi. Gawdangit. Justin Roberts on some Michael Buffer-level bullshit with that Cody/Jericho intro. Too soon to turn MJF. They just burn through stuff. Also, should've at least thrown in the scarf. Then at least some justification for a turn because Cody got blood on it.
  13. Not Stars & Stripes. It was the former WCW Patriots and The Samoan Savage. The Patriot and Fatu were in the WWF at the time. https://www.cagematch.net/?id=1&nr=4163 The SST in WCW at that time could've been cool depending on what kind of shape they were in. Maybe put them with Jimmy Hart and turn The Faces Of Fear face.
  14. How dare these damn Canadian son of a bitches disregard the time-honored Thanksgiving tradition of having someone dress like a moron at the end of the show by having everyone dress like morons for the whole show.
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