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  1. Why throw out the bushel, for one bad apple. Gonzalez, do NOT tell us what "throwing out the bushel" is a slang term for. Welllllllll...
  2. I take it that you don't want me to do Tequila Sunrise, right?
  3. "Let me speak on this" is a slang term for cumming on someones privates, pressing your lips on them, and then acting out like you're talking to it while getting the ejaculate all over your mouth.
  4. "Your ass better call somebody" is a slang term for backing up into a boner.
  5. New Daniel Bryan push results in the same low ratings problem as the last one.
  6. The WWE put this up yesterday on their Youtube page for some reason...
  7. Well yeah, he's got to have hair until the climatic battle scene when Superman rips it out of his head...in front of a bunch of children on a playground. Then the internet responds with... "The real Superman would never rip someones hair out!"
  8. Black Scorpion, and M.A.N.T.I.S.
  9. I just read this on Bleeding Cool... You can't see this right, but my they are bleeding. My hands are bleeding because I'm clutching them so hard do to the sheer awesomeness of this news.
  10. Repeat this entire post but replace the word Aliens with Tombstone, and it would still be 100% true. I love me some Tombstone, but 80% of that movie is terrible acting.
  11. Yeah, what the fuck was up with that? Was he pissed off because he had to work with Willis that day?
  12. Really interested in the scenes between Bruce, and Lex now that we know that Bruce is Lex's elder statesman.
  13. More like continuing to LMAO @ Gal Gadot being Wonder Woman. She is way too fucking skinny to be an Amazon. And she has two breasts. That's not the problem, son. The problem is they aren't BIG enough!
  14. This made me burst out in laughter... Sorry in advanced if any of you took it, and grew breast.
  15. Everybody here complaining about the Punk nerd rage needs to click here, and read what your reaction was to the Rumble.
  16. The risk of sleeping with a co-worker.
  17. You should really choose your words more carefully. Goldust wasn't gay, he was "Bizarre". You got it wrong... I like to believe that Goldust was originally supposed to say that line, but he no showed. So they told Bulldog to say his lines, and he decided to deadpan it.
  18. I'll just ask this... Is that Chasyn Rance? If so, then he deserved it.
  19. So this happened last night...
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