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Naomi is partially why I’m back into wrestling. I had a break from wrestling for a bit while I was figuring my life out. Once I got things back on the right track and started seeing the wonderful woman I am now married to, she started binge watching Total Divas. I watched a few episodes and came away with her being my favorite. I’d look up results now and again, but all that Total Diva watching made me really want to dive into the product again and pick up where I left off. 

I’ve mentioned this on the site a few times last year, but her and Jimmy’s wedding made me cry. When Rikishi didn’t show up and Naomi was sad I got teary. Then Jey’s beautiful soliloquy about family and how much love he has for his brother and his new sister. I’m crying now. Whew. I love them.

But yeah, Naomi’s cool. 

3 hours ago, Eivion said:

Honestly, I was disappointed when they broke up Asuka & Naomi as a team so quickly. I thought they had decent potential. I wouldn't mind them trying it again.

As am I. They were a very endearing face team and wish they had a longer program against Mandy & Sonya. 


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There's two graphics we were expecting AEW to put up since last Wednesday's Dynamite ended, and this is one of them. Still waiting on Eddie Kingston is All Elite.

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So long as Kingston gets signed, I'm fine with it.

I think if people were concerned about how Kingston comes off to casuals, they should be more worried when Warhorse does his bullshit Warrior cosplay. I thought I was down on him but then I heard my friends, lol. 

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We're all overlooking the fact that Warhorse's entrance theme--which I'm certain AEW will pay to use--is Metallica's The Four Horsemen, so this is, umm, clearly another step on Cody's road to heeldom. 

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5 minutes ago, Casey said:

Unfortunately he chose to live in Nashville, so he’s winning a little less every day.

Maybe he just fucking loves bachelorette parties.

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So on the GCW Atlantic City show tonight, Joey Janela is wrestling Yoshihiko. Yoshihiko is the current DDT Ironman Heavymetalweight Champion. If Joey wins the title, do you see him bringing it to Dynamite for a bit, or no?

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4 minutes ago, D.Z said:

Dave Meltzer reported that Aleister Black is being written out of storylines. Vince isn't high on Aleister.

Maybe they will send him back to NXT.

Another example of the pitfalls of having a company running on the whims and fancies of an out of touch senior citizen. 

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My own: 


1. Eddie Kingston
2. Meiko Satomura
3. Genichiro Tenryu
4. Holy Demon Army
5. Four Horsemen
6. Watching WWF as a kid
7. WAR
8. Bobby Heenan
9. Lance Russell and Dave Brown
10. Vader
11. Hansen/Andre
12. New Japan
13. Mankind
14. Rick Rude
15. Bret Hart
16. Terry Funk
17. Power Bomb
18. Curt Hennig
19. Austin/Pillman
20. Sharpshooter
21. Okada
22. Negro Casas
23. Steamboat/Flair
24. Johnny Valentine/Toshiaki Kawada
25. Hijo del Vikingo
26. BattlARTS
27. Minoru Suzuki
28. Mick Foley
29. NWA World Title
30. Wrestling is fine. It'll survive, as long as we do. 


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