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  1. Thank You for that man, very kind of you to say. It’s really a top down thing, as Matt is one of the most genuinely good people you could ever want to know. And just a phenomenal instructor, his BJJ knowledge is just otherworldly.
  2. I can’t remember when I joined or how I got here, but I’ve always found it a pleasant oasis on the shitsea that is the internet. I have frequently used “number one and the best” in real life. Snowden blocked me on twitter after a back & forth where I was defending one of my teammates, I’m pretty sure it was Al Iaquinta.
  3. Pretty sure you’re talking about me pal and that’s not what I said. I was disappointed Excalibur hadn’t commented on the Ryan situation but I NEVER came remotely close to inferring anything like guilty by association. The only wrestling t-shirts I own are the original style Bullet Club shirt and then the Stephen Amell vigilante club shirt. Ha, I also own a bjj shirt that says Kimura Club as well.
  4. I thought the Trent Seven & Tyler Bate things were unfounded?
  5. And I totally get that it's possible they didn't know, but now they do, and I don't see any of them coming out against him.
  6. I stepped away from pro wrestling sometime around 2009 or so. A lot of it had to do with me starting to train Brazilian Jiu-JItsu in late 2008 and as I became completely obsessed with training and watching grappling competitions I found I couldn't enjoy pro wrestling anymore. I just couldn't separate it and seeing these guys put on triangles where there was enough room to drive a truck through or dudes supposedly in a choke for a full minute and not going to sleep was too much. I even went so far as to sell my entire DVD collection which included quite a few Japanese DVDs and Best ofs from WWE and many indie feds and also included every ROH show through 2008. A three years ago when we moved into our new house I stumbled across NJPW on AXS and I was hooked again, but I was only watching NJPW. Then when AEW saw the departure of Kenny Omega, I began watching them too and then a good friend convinced me to start watching NXT. I briefly began watching Impact when it replaced NJPW and some MLW too, they did not last long and I greatly missed NJPW being on my TV. Then fucking COVID hits and the next thing I know, I'm subscribing to the WWE Network and watching my way through every TakeOver as well as checking out a lot of the docs as well. As I delved back into wrestling one thing I particularly enjoyed was listening to some of the podcasts. Especially Jericho's if he has a good guest. So today I'm listening to him with Mike Chioda and there was just so many mentions of BACK IN THE DAY, RIBS, THE BOYS, DON'T BE A SNITCH! And it just made me fucking nauseous. Like this whole fucking don't snitch bullshit is what emboldens all these fucking assholes. And have I just missed it or have ZERO of the fucking PWG guys come out against Joey Ryan? I keep checking Excalibur's twitter and nothing?! Also, I think he's a total prick, but did a lot of the Austin Aries stuff turn out to be BS? And what did Bryce Remsburg do? Here's me hoping for fucks sake nothing comes out on Bryan Danielson/Daniel Bryan or fucking Fergal Devitt/Finn Balor.
  7. Yeah, didn't dig this issue at all & really not too excited about yet another dystopian future arc.
  8. Looks like it's just a sprain...thankfully...hopefully https://www.google.com/amp/www.nydailynews.com/amp/sports/football/giants/giants-wr-sterling-shepard-carted-practice-field-injury-article-1.3377851
  9. I solved this problem by deleting You Tube & You tube kids from my daughter's iPad, best decision ever.
  10. Thanks for all the kind words folks, very much appreciated. I was last employed as an office manager for an IT managed services provider and did some recruiting & HR work for them too. I'm currently looking to get something in HR, hopefully on Long Island to avoid the $300 monthly cost of commuting to NYC and the hour to and from as well.
  11. I got laid off on Tuesday, I'm getting 10 weeks severance so I'm not in a total panic mode, yet, but I am wishing we didn't just spend $15,000 on central AC & $5,000 on a new fence. Everyone keeps telling me we'll be fine & that 10 weeks is plenty of time to find a job, but I keep having these internal freak outs. Had a friend who's a recruiter polish up my resume & I have some really good references. Monday I start smashing up the job sites. Pleasr send some positive vibes my way mates!
  12. I was absolutely nauseated with this, I was really enjoying Deadpool, Titans, and the Lazarus Contract crossover, (Teen Titans has been meh to me since Rebirth, I find Damian unbearable in the series & cannot understand Starfire being on the team at all especially as she has been portrayed as a contemporary of Dick, Roy, and Jason) but this ending was completely dissatisfying. Why do this to Wally, especially after he was so recently brought back?!
  13. Demetrious is not having it.... http://www.mmafighting.com/2017/6/5/15739394/demetrious-johnson-fires-back-ufcs-mistreatment-and-bullying-has-finally-forced-me-to-speak-out
  14. I hear you dude, but you get what you pay for if you know what I'm saying. Hey, I'm also an anti corporate chain guy, no fast food, no McDonald's, Wendy's, Burger King, Five Guys etc. Once in a blue moon I make the White Castle exception, but hey, I'm kid from Queens.
  15. I actually have a huge list of doughnut places in my phone, by borough for NYC & Long Island as well and then a list of shops in other states as well. Anytime we go on vacation I have to attempt to hit a local doughnut shop if there is one. LOVE doughnuts.
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