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  1. Man it blows my mind sometimes that so many of us were at those same early ROH shows, could have sat right next to each other and not known it.
  2. Watched 205 Live for the first time to catch the Dusty Cup matches and was pleasantly surprised to see Nigel on commentary! I’m such a fan of his in and out of the ring. I would prefer him to Barrett on NXT.
  3. That first RexPlex show he murdered almost all of Special K, it was a joy to experience in person.
  4. What’s your blog address? My daughter’s name is Parker.
  5. I really, really tried to like Shotzi Blackheart, she’s not terrible in the ring, but everything else about her just screams poseur to me. The howl, the welcome to the ball pit (wtf does that mean?!) the tank and helmet. She’s every annoying person at every punk show or goth club I have ever been to who is too loud, gets too drunk, and tries way too fucking hard. LOOK AT ME!!!! LOOK AT ME!!!! I KNOOOOOW ALLL THE WOOOOORDS!!!! I MET THE BAND!!!! LOOOOOOOK!!!!
  6. Absolutely. I was a fan of his as a wrestler, but listening to him on both Talk is Jericho and then AEW Unrestricted, I really connected with him as a husband and a father. And his episode of WWE Formerly Known As too...goddamn I was crying tonight. I’m 44 and a father as well.
  7. I bought his Wrestletober sketch book, it’s incredible. He’s a big time NJPW & AEW fan. We had some great chats the last two NYCCs.
  8. https://twitter.com/huntingforjoy/status/1336506448092819456?s=21
  9. I get JR’s point about the waiting around to catch, but drawing the fans attention to that is counter productive especially when he does it on air repeatedly, he’s burying the talent and exposing the business. I agree with @John E. Dynamitethat if it’s a great dive don’t show them bunching up, show the flight and the impact. Problem solved. And JR also needs to shut the fuck up about leg slapping, it is what it is now, & honestly the only time I notice it is when he fucking brings it up!
  10. I’m a BJJ brown belt under Matt Serra, Shane’s BJJ is dogshit.
  11. Kevin Smith created an incredible villain named Onomatopoeia who he first used in Green Arrow and later on in Batman. No, I’m not joking, he was awesome.
  12. I think we are all preconditioned to expect wrestlers to look a certain way. And I do get it, listen, I'm 44 and I'm in what most would consider to be great shape for my age, HOWEVER, there I guys I train with that are my age or older that put me to absolute shame. And of course much younger dudes as well, and that's what I compare myself to. I know I shouldn't but I do, I was chubby growing up, so there's that. I have a full time job, a wife, and kids and I find time to work out every day. So yeah, sometimes I get aggravated when I see dudes on TV who are paid to fucking wrestle who don't loo
  13. The best part was the heel promo when he straight up SAID the TNT belt was the “ACE” belt and Darby wasn’t the Ace he (CODY) was. What a fucking lame ass joke! Ugh only one dude can call themselves the ace and not sound lame and Cody is not Tanahashi.
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