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  1. Thanks everyone, dropped into GameStop after work and picked up 2K19 for $25.
  2. Thanks man, I honestly need some kind of cheat sheet to have in front of me while I play until I get the hang of it.
  3. Hey all, just bought a PS4 Pro last month, downloaded Fire Pro deluxe last night thanks to a 70% off sale and that game is wicked hard to pick up and play. I haven’t gamed in 6 years, was a big fan of Smackdown on PS2 but not so much on PS3. I was going to get WWE 2K20 but heard it wasn’t as good as 2K19 and I should get that instead. Looking for thoughts on that as it seems like it would be much easier to grab a copy of 2K20. Thanks in advance!
  4. Ummm...so I got the deluxe edition like I said in my last post but I can’t really see that it is the deluxe edition when I go to play if that makes sense. Also, this game is not all that easy to pick up and play. Is there a guide or something that I can look at? Sorry to spam with all these questions! Thanks in advance!
  5. Just bought Fire Pro Wrestling World Deluxe Edition for $26.99, 70% off!!! Thanks to a sale in the PlayStation Store!
  6. I see that the move craft add on is free and the certain additions cost more than others like the NJPW 2018 roster addition is 7.99 but the NJPW Junior Heavy Weight scenario is more.
  7. If I buy the day one version and dig it a ton can I just download add ons and piece together the deluxe or do you have to get it in one shot? Sorry for all the questions appreciate the advice!
  8. Is there a physical version of that or only the $90!!! version I see in the PlayStation store? I see GameStop has the Day one edition brand new for $22. Is there really a huge difference? This almost $70 we’re talking about and I’ll play it here and there for fun.
  9. Just curious, why is 19 so much better than 20, did they change the engine?
  10. Is the Day One Edition the best version to get?
  11. I was a big fan of WCW vs the World on the PS One and then got really into all the SmackDown games for the PSone and PS2. I didn’t really like any of the PS3 versions. I did dig FirePro for PS2. I just bought a PS4 Pro after not gaming for about 6 years as a consolation for NYCC being canceled this year. I’ve heard WWE2K19 was good but 2K20 sucks, is this true? What wrestling game would you recommend for the PS4? Thanks in advance!
  12. GI Joe figure wrestling federation FTW. And if Tomax & Xamot weren’t your tag champs, your booking is for shit.
  13. I love Tegan & Sara and Metric. I saw Metric at Radio City and it was one of the best concerts I have ever been to. Lou Reed came on stage and sang two songs with them at the end, he passed away soon after. It was incredible.
  14. Thanks for the heads up @The Natural, appreciated.
  15. OK, I totally missed something, what did Excalibur do?
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