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  1. Being there in person was incredible, they tore the roof of the joint.
  2. Outdoors and you need proof of vaccination to enter.
  3. They went from the black & gold brand to rainbow sherbet
  4. I really enjoyed this film particularly Florence Pugh. My only gripe was that Natasha pretty much says repeatedly in End Game that the Avengers were her family. No mention of her Russian crew. Other than that, super fun and I can’t wait to see more of Yelena.
  5. Jinny is supposedly a fashionista but she wrestles in her Gran’s swim trunks? Morgan hits a sweet as hell 630 and it’s one of the best I’ve ever seen. Graceful but with a big impact, even better than Evans’ in my opinion.
  6. I also wish I had a better answer but as an 80s kid the Hulkster was the one who hooked me, until the Macho Man showed up, and then I was all in on Randy...DIG IT!
  7. Yet Kross still gets to have his boring interminable entrance. I fast forward through that thing every damn time.
  8. I get that, but she’s probably the only one left on the roster other than Zoey Stark and I would rather see her team with someone who’s upper echelon.
  9. I loved when Storm had that gimmick of winning and renaming all the titles and then bequeathing them to the very Canadian members of Team Canada. Side note, in the early internet’s days his website and blog were the best.
  10. I’ve said this more than once, she reminds me of every too loud, too self absorbed, too obvious poseur I ever met in NYC goth clubs in the 90s. Shotzi Try Hard is super cringeworthy for me.
  11. Listening to MVP on the After the Bell podcast and apparently he loves NY hardcore and name checked Agnostic Front and Bad Brains and said he’s going to do a hardcore album! This blew my mind.
  12. However that match with Meiko vs. Valkyrie was fucking SWANK.
  13. Is the calling people a “yogurt” thing a big insult in the UK? I mean, is he basically calling people hippies or hipsters or something?
  14. I’m not trying to offend anyone but, I cannot be the only one who thinks Dave might be Autistic right? His social interactions and lack of tact on some subjects are signs that he might fall somewhere on the spectrum.
  15. That would be pretty nonsensical as they just aired a vignette on Tuesday of he and Thatcher saying they were coming after MSK’s tag titles.
  16. Yes I am talking about the Disney musical (I have a 6 year old daughter who was a big fan of it and it’s sequels) not Milo and his crew!
  17. I’m Shotzi Try-Hard, I’m super punk rawk and METAL. Check out my shitty pop song! As I said in the images thread, it’s like a pornoriffic rip off of the Descendants.
  18. I made it about a minute into their awful music video, it’s like a pornoriffic rip off of the Descendants.
  19. How exactly does that work, isn’t it live tonight? What will peacock show during the ad breaks? I subscribed to the Premium Plus which honestly to me still has ads, shilling of wwe shop zone merch is still an ad to me. And yes I know the network did it too.
  20. Well, at least that’s one TV that I can watch it on. I wonder what the dispute between them and Amazon is.
  21. Yet another downside to the Peacock switchover, you cannot stream it through the Amazon Firestick and it’s also not available through the LG App Store. I haven’t tried the PlayStation store yet, but so far I can only watch it on my iPhone or iPad. Major downgrade from the Network.
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