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  1. Unlocked everything in Showcase Mode in WWE2K22, what a pain in the ass that was.
  2. Dude, I loved Epyx Championship Wrestling on my Apple IIC. I used to play it constantly.
  3. Am I missing something when doing my CAW in WWE 2K22, or can you only pick your special & finisher, that can’t be right because I’ve downloaded a ton of good ones with nice move sets. What am I missing?
  4. Pro Wrestling for the Sega Master system was god awful.
  5. That’s for damn sure. I think my main baby faces were Lt Falcon and Spearhead, Flint & Duke we’re up there too. Storm Shadow was always in the title hunt & Quick Kick and Tunnel Rat we’re my top babyface tag team chasing Tomax & Xamot. Big Boa was a monster heel for sure. I had Firefly mixing it up too. I loved my GI Joe wrestling federation so much.
  6. A large pie is 18” (8 slices) and if you’re not getting a whole pie we order in slices. I’ll have a slice of regular, a white slice, a slice of Sicilian, etc. Native New Yorker of Neapolitan decent here.
  7. I can’t be the only one who took advantage of the Pro Wrestling Tees Bullet Club sale? I bought 4 damn shirts today and that’s with already having the original shirt, KENTA’s Orlando Go2Sleep Club, Stephen Amell’s Vigilante Club, & the Jay White shirt that says KING with images inside the letters.
  8. I think the Blackpool Combat Club should come out together to The Boys Are Back In Town by Thin Lizzy.
  9. The Harley Quinn spinoff takes place directly after Curse and co-written by Sean and his wife Katana Collins, who is lovely by the way, ever so charming, and drawn by Mateo Scalera. I bought both covers as Sean did them and then Mateo did the variant covers. Really fun series. I have every issue of the Murphyverse signed by Sean and the Harley spinoff signed by Sean and Katana as well as the Von Freeze one shot signed by Sean and Klaus Jansen.
  10. They can say what they like, and I bet I love them all, but they’re not DM.
  11. The greatest synth pop band in the history of ever.
  12. Rampage needs to be 2 hours, they easily have enough talent to do so and I think their shows do well enough to warrant the network giving them that second hour.
  13. I love Spanky, when my wife and I got married we walked into the reception to DANGER! HIGH VOLTAGE.
  14. But no conjecture as to who those wrestlers might be?
  15. Watched TV e first 3 episodes of Peacemaker last night, this show is fucking bananas and I love it, best title sequence in ages, and Eagly is the shit.
  16. Over 7.6 million folks live on the Island, the generalizations on here are fucking gross. I’m straightedge, I’m an ally, & I don’t appreciate being lumped in with shitheads my friends and I shouted down all night. Punk coming out to MJFs music was a heel move & absolutely set the tone. I’m a huge Islanders fan & cheered for Punk anyway. A lot of folks were bummed because Texas is getting all the matches we we’re hoping for. We also didn’t get a CM Punk match either and the show at Arthur Ashe was just Godlike too. All the same Hayter is fucking amazing, loved her match so much. I’m looking forward to rewatching the show during my workout tomorrow morning as the audio on all the interviews was horrible and we couldn’t hear shit. Rampage was a fucking banger too!
  17. So I finally listened to both episodes of Art of Wrestling where Punk was the guest, how do two guys who were THAT tight, stop speaking to each other. I can’t fathom why Punk would supposedly offer to pay for something and then not do it. This all happened during the period where my fandom had lapsed so I’m clueless if there was more to it than that. Also, now that they’re all available again, any episodes of AOW. I should seek out?
  18. Most likely against Spanky AKA Brian Kendrick or Paul London.
  19. Being there in person was incredible, they tore the roof of the joint.
  20. They went from the black & gold brand to rainbow sherbet
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