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  1. AEW is actually coming to my neck of the woods in March, and I'm happy to say I bought tickets to my first rasslin show since Royal Rumble 2006. Bringing a friend who barely knows anything about wrestling but he loves Orange Cassidy. I can't wait!
  2. I should really go back and play Disco Elysium. I bought it a few months ago but only played an hour or two. I'm starting to get a new pile of shame with all the games I've purchased the last few months. Dark Souls 3, Blasphemous, Scott Pilgrim, Cyberpunk, Terminator Resistance and No Man's Sky. I keep on going back for more punishment in Returnal as well. Also in regards to Witcher 3 discussion I knew nothing of the other two games and I'd put it in my top 5 games ever, easily.
  3. Best match I've seen in person is probably the Brock/Kurt Angle ironman match or TLC from SummerSlam 2000. Worst match would be The Kat vs Terri Runnels in a "stinkface match" at that same SummerSlam. I'm sure I saw worse at some crappy indie in NC but that was embarrassing. Favorite match was probably Steve Austin vs. Big Show and Ric Flair in the old school blue cage at a random house show. The match was nothing special but the next night they wrestled the exact same match at Judgment Day sans cage and my mom and I had so much fun calling the spots.
  4. I didn't really know much about or care about Hook but I just watched his entrance/match on YouTube and daaaamn y'all aren't kidding, dude looked badass in the ring. Looking forward to more
  5. Happy to say I've been contributing to Len Kabasinski's Patreon for a while now and I'm happy this movie will finally be released. Leo Fong looks great for 97!
  6. So the only playable part of Godfall will be some multiplayer crap? What a ripoff.
  7. I love my PS5 and the exclusives but the XBox with Game Pass probably equals out with it. Being able to seamlessly play my PS4 games and use my External HD were the selling points for me. That and I've always preferred the Sony controllers. Completed Guardians of the Galaxy yesterday and had a ton of fun, I just wish there was more combat. I will likely play it again on New Game+ to see the different story choices and track down all the lore and special items I missed. I'd be tempted to make it my game of the year but that distinction has to go to Hades.
  8. I talk about wrestling much more openly now than I used to and most people at work will mention they used to like Rey Mysterio, John Cena or Sting. There are a couple of AEW fans at work, no one there watches WWE. One of my buddies still gets really quiet and talks to me in the corner about wrestling so I guess he finds it embarrassing. I dressed as Orange Cassidy last year for Halloween at work(and did as little work as possible) and everyone thought it was hilarious. I'm 35 years old and I'm not going to let anyone bring me down because watching something actually brings me a modicum of joy.
  9. Mortal Shell is great and was a great entry to starting Souls like games. I want to play Godfall but have never seen it on a cheap enough sale so hopefully that's accurate
  10. My Top Ten, in no particular order: Steve Austin Mick Foley Rob Van Dam Eddie Guerrero Christian Batista John Cena William Regal Jon Moxley Bryan Danielson
  11. If anyone was waiting for Guardians of the Galaxy to go on sale it is under $40 on the PlayStation network. I'm about 4 or 5 hours in and it is a blast so far. Great music, hilarious dialogue and fun combat. Also finally picked up No Man's Sky on sale but it will probably be a while before I jump into that one.
  12. The Eddie Guerrero spots were way overdone, especially since Jericho used them to win his match. I finally learned to appreciate Dax Harwood. I've always thought of FTR as lame but that dude is legit. Was this the Lucha Bros first defense of the AEW tag titles? I was surprised this was only Britt Bakers 5rh defense, she's had the belt for half a year
  13. All I'm asking for is the ref to do a Leslie Nielson style umpire ejection at least once during a show with so many shenanigans. It's an easy cheap pop and makes it seem like they have a semblance of authority.
  14. I fell asleep about two seconds after Hangman got the win and the title. My long day definitely caught up to me towards the end of the show but it was a good main event. Darby/MJF may be my favorite match of the show. I enjoyed everything but the street fight on this card. So bored with Jericho and the Inner Circle shenanigans. Want to see more of Sammy and the TNT title. It was another great show and a good follow-up to All Out, but some of my grievances were out in full display. The inept referees are the worst thing about the promotion for me. So much interference yet not one ejection the whole night. I've complained about JR before and he continues to be mostly terrible. He actively brings down Tony and Excalibur at this point. I love how fast the pace is overall for their big shows. I barely had time to pee between matches, but I prefer that to watching the same video packages nine times in one night. All in all I was thoroughly entertained and got my money's worth. My first AEW ppv was Revolution 2021 and I've purchased every show since then. It seems like a new beginning with Hangman as champ and I'm looking forward to what goes down with him and Bryan.
  15. Been awake since 230 AM for work. Tried to take a nap but I can't because I'm too pumped up. Haven't felt like that about wrestling since WrestleMania 19. Rewatched the Kingston/Punk promos and got extra psyched. Let's do this!
  16. I ended up using my last vacation day this year so I could take Sunday off and stay up late to watch this tomorrow night. I am absolutely pumped. Looking forward to Bryan/Miro, as I legitimately have no clue who is winning that. Really looking forward to Hangman/Omega as well. I'm a big Tay Conti fan but I'm not sure she has a chance against Britt yet. Hoping I'm proven wrong. Orange Cassidy is my dude but he was feuding with Matt Hardy at the buy-in to All Out. 2 months later and it's gone nowhere. Time for Best Friends and HFO to go onto a new feud.
  17. That's how I finally beat the Final Boss. I was just screwing around with new boons with a weapon I barely used before. 80 hours of Hades and every trophy and I still find tons of new stuff to do.
  18. After an 80+ hour diversion playing Hades I wrapped up the Ghost of Tsushima DLC and all the single player trophies. Highly recommend if you liked the base game. I tried out Legends mode again and I'm addicted. I haven't played an online game for more than an hour since Call of Duty Black Ops on the PS3 but I love this extra feature. Very few jerks I've come across too, which is always a bonus.
  19. Disregarding the logistics of it all I think an ideal situation would be for AEW to run two arenas a week. One does Dynamite and Dark and the other one has Rampage and Elevation to even things out. There doesn't need to be a roster split or anything but I think they could make something like this work. Maybe some pull double duty here and there but it would keep the crowds more engaged and reach out to more cities.
  20. With Full Gear on a Saturday night I'm in a quandary. Use my last paid say off of the year to take off the day after or save it for Thanksgiving to have a longer weekend. Leaning towards AEW, which is crazy considering I haven't changed my work schedule to watch wrestling in 18 years. That's how hyped this company has gotten me; we don't even have a card set up and it's 5 weeks away and I can't wait.
  21. Just caught up with this week's Elevation and I love The Acclaimed more and more every week. They're still green but pretty fun to watch in the ring. My favorite is their post-match shenanigans though, with this week making me laugh more than anything else. I wish I could find a gif of it but Bowens playing piano on Max Caster's keyboard tights was something to behold. I'm generally not big on squash matches but Elevation has a great pace to it and it's fun watching everyone develop. Dark doesn't have the same energy for me for some reason but I love Taz and Excalibur on commentary. Both shows are great for someone like me who doesn't have a consistent way to watch Dynamite/Rampage but still wants an AEW fix.
  22. I just got the Platinum trophy for it and am about 80 hours in. I am moving on to something else for now but I feel there is easily another 80 hours of play I could get out of it.
  23. Especially since the show is three hours long. No reason not to give him and others a bunch of 90 second promos.
  24. I was at that show and that looked even worse in person. The Rumble match should've been the main event but then they wouldn't be able to do their stupid stunt.
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