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6 minutes ago, Casey said:

Once in a lifetime, WWE plans a WrestleMania match 10 years in advance.

Aurora Rose vs. Murphy Claire will headline WM 49. Winner faces Vaughn Evelyn at WM 50.

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1 hour ago, Greggulator said:

I really did not care to see Goldberg/Brock at all. I didn't care about Goldberg back then. And Galactus Brock ran its course. But... I'm really glad I saw that? That was sorta incredible? Brock manhandled Cena a few years ago and then just got his lunch taken. It was definitely memorable.

And I might be alone but I loved the hell out of the Raw/Smackdown men's match. What an insane match.

Loved: AJ/Dean's beef hurting Team Blue. AJ willing to risk spinal health on that insane bump from Braun. Shane doing some insane dive through a table. Ellsworth eliminating Braun and then getting thrown through like a rag doll. THE LIST being used as a weapon. Shane's dumb ass possibly costing him a few years with his children, SHIELD REUNION, Randy hitting another all-time RKO on Seth and the end being a callback to the first Shield/Wyatts classic with Randy taking the bullet and Bray (!) winning the big one.

That was an awesome match.

Tag match was whatever but the Cesaro/Sheamus vs. Usos end stretch was really good.

Miz/Sami was fun.

I hate the cruisers. Just end the experiment. Kudos for trying but it's lame.

Women's match was dumb but I liked the end to set up Charlotte/Bayley.

I agree with this sentiment on the men's tag match and I disliked the Miz vs. Zayn and I liked the tag elimination match.

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16 minutes ago, RolandTHTG said:

Yep, fuck that kid.

No business being shirtless. Even Jared the Subway Guy would have agreed with that.

Jared would have told the kid to lay off the greasy fast food and try a 6 inch sweet onion chicken teriyaki and a bag of Baked Lays.

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47 minutes ago, Burgundy LaRue said:

That was pretty weird.  If nothing else, Rollins can usually be counted on to work at a good pace.  Everyone else seemed to be into it, but Rollins appeared off.

I blame his awful shirt. Luckily for him, the brief shield reunion and possibly Shane dying will be the only things people remember from that match.

The thing that people forget when they say "more traditional Survivor Series tags" is that those matches are almost never good. Yeah it's cool to see the teams on paper and you might get some neat interactions here and there, but the pacing is always really disjointed, rules are laughably inconsistent, lots of guys lay around forever, no one makes logical saves, and so on. The only good prolonged stretch tonight was Cesaro/Sheamus vs. The Usos. By itself, that would've been a mid-tier MOTYC.

Brock/Goldberg was shocking, I'll give them that. Not sure I want to see anything else from either of them, though, and certainly no more of Goldberg's confused shirtless kid.

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3 minutes ago, Nice Guy Eddie said:

I don't remember anyone making fun of Heath Slater's kids...and one of them didn't have tongue. We're not all monsters here.

Then you would have to deal with that crazy Roscoe and who knows what he would do.

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Just finished the show. The women's match started off fine, then went to shit booking wise.

Sami/Miz was good.

Tag teams SS match was fun. Usos vs. Sheamus/Cesaro stretch was great. I'm disappointed AA didn't get showcased more.

Kendrick/Kalisto was surprisingly good until the shit finish and booking.

The men's SS match was full of good shit, but too damn long with some questionable booking. Loved Braun's part in the match. Dean/AJ imploding and leading to a Shield reunion was awesome. That spear was just damn. Not sure how the fuck Roman was still able to finish the match seeing as how he spiked himself on his own damn head. Wyatts standing tall was great. I really hope there is no swerve and randy is just full on Wyatt from now on.

I don't know what the fuck the main event was.

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