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  1. I used to think Holm had a chance stylistically but I think she's going to crumble the first time Cyborg tags her.
  2. Haven't been watching much in the last few months and I'm delighted to catch up and see how over Rusev is.
  3. Haven't seen a ton of WWE TV lately but Nakamura vs Orton was terrific.
  4. Old Man Cena trying to rewrite his own history is certainly an amusing thing to watch.
  5. Jason Jordan has already hit the "let's surround him with popular people" phase of his push and we're only a few weeks in. That's incredible.
  6. He was pretty good on it. He just seems like a nice normal dude and that's the reason he probably never did a lot of interviews. Totally would have ruined the gimmick.
  7. I need to hear more about Fandango's love of Power Pro Wrestling.
  8. I don't know, it doesn't sound good. He lived as hard or harder than Dusty and Piper and he didn't take breaks like they did either.
  9. I hope RAW is hoss fighting continues until Mania. Cesaro got one hell of a match out of Dean. The tag match could be off the charts.
  10. Very in-ring heavy edition of Smackdown and it was almost all good action. If Shinsuke just squashes Jinder at SummerSlam, it may make the last few months worth it. Orton/Rusev is actually a fresh feud. Wish they had a better issue except, "hey we both don't have a feud now so let's wrestle." Chad Gable looked great. AJ and Owens are starting to have better matches but the Shane involvement feels very forced.
  11. They should focus more on the ego part and less on the jealousy, IMO. Also, Bayley's not over anymore so everyone is going to cheer when Sasha turns because heel turns of "misused" favorites are the new face turns.
  12. So clearly they're hinting at Sasha turning on Bayley because she's jealous (a classic WWE women's storyline!) which is exactly what they were doing before the shakeup. They basically just gave Alexa the same verbiage they were giving to Charlotte back then. I think that means Nia is going to go face out of all of this and they're going to do the dreaded Alexa vs Nia feud after SummerSlam.
  13. Really digging the old man stuff in the G1 more than anything else.
  14. I could see Emma being sent to Smackdown by Kurt as he becomes the overprotective father. They usually like to squash people before they switch brands. That's my hope, at least. Smackdown desperately needs another heel who can work if they're going to keep Charlotte babyface.
  15. From Main Event'ers to Main Eventers: The Bo Dallas & Curtis Axel Story
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