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  1. I always wondered why Vince took forever to air Demolition winning the tag titles back from the BrainBusters, and that story might kinda explain it. Demolition beat them October 2 and the title change didn't air until November 4 (Tully had already been fired by then.) Usually they air title changes immediately to keep continuity on house shows, but the Busters spent the whole month defending a title they had already lost. Curious if Vince was trying to keep them on and would have voided the title change if they stayed.
  2. Global Warfare had a Steiners vs. Money Inc match that was apparently so boring, one camera panned to the crowd and left it there. And so did the director. You have a crowd shot for at least 30 seconds and finally Bobby Heenan blatantly calls everybody else out on it. Which was not edited out and was then sold on video. And maybe I'm wrong, but the only time I ever heard the word "defunct" on any consistent basis was in an Apter mag. I say that as a compliment.
  3. That reminds me of that Coliseum Video 40 man Battle Royale that Jim Ross called with Kerry Von Erich in the match. Who was dead by then.
  4. Tully and Arn were leaving after Survivor Series anyway. Firing Tully was pretty much a spite move to keep Crockett from wanting him back. Which worked.
  5. Tully was fired after this match too. Even though other matches aired later, this was Tully's last WWF match and aside from one shots, the end of his mainstream career. The SNME where Heenan fires the Busters had been taped the day before. No way was Warrior giving him much of anything.
  6. Literally didn't know until I got home just now and was kinda excited to watch....and oh, it's over and now I gotta match this shit up...BTW, I spend $10 on the WWE Network and $10 on Wrestling Observer. Guess which one actually told me this show was happening. Apparently, just putting up the Youtube, Twitter, and Facebook images, that's enough.
  7. Rocky IV is the answer but 1-2-3 Kid vs. Razor Ramon almost fits it too. The crowd was absolutely snark, didn't give a shit about Waltman and was cheering Razor the whole way. He even gets a "Razor" chant during it. Then Kid got the upset and they all entirely flipped and lost their minds.
  8. Pretty sure the last two matches went short because the tag match went MUCH longer than it was supposed to and MSG had a curfew. A near 30 minute WWF match back then was almost unheard of. This was also the show where David Schultz slapped the shit out of John Stossel backstage.
  9. The Eugene gimmick lasted three and a half years. Keep in mind he debuted in April 2004, got shockingly over...and then HHH murdered him in August.
  10. Jesus Christ, I just mowed my lawn and didn't wear my Mower of Lawn shirt. Again. And in fact, have NEVER worn it... That's LITERALLY the only reason I even bought it.
  11. Ice T isn't wrong. That's one of the all-time dick heel spots. For the record, the kid did get the money afterwards.
  12. Mike Graham used to host the Florida shows during the 24/7 days. I don't remember the shows being bad quality at all. I'm assuming the WWE doesn't think anyone is interested in watching them. Or even thinks about it one way or another.
  13. Am I just old? Aside from the Tough Enough contestants and hair color, I see almost no difference between any of them.
  14. Not sure it has aged well but at the time this was a seriously underrated WM match. This was absolutely LOD's best WWF match period. Not a show-stealing match but they all completely made the most of it.
  15. I will say, that's a big mistake they made about WMIII. I didn't watch every WWF show and I missed that one and maybe the follow-up, and it literally took WWF magazine months later to explain to me why Beefcake and Adonis hated each other. And by the time I knew, Adonis was gone. But yeah, its obvious the crowd is just going along with whatever Beefcake is doing since he kinda got turned on earlier.
  16. Tony needs to stop talking. He's right, but Jesus that first tweet was bad, that followup tweet does not make him look confident at all. The cool kids like you. You aren't cool when you feel the need to tell people that.
  17. William Holden went from his 30s to his 60s in a year.
  18. I'll counter that when both actually got to the age they looked, they looked it. Take away 30 pounds or so and Arn doesn't look THAT different from his BrainBusters days. I'll take that over guys like Ralph Macchio and Macaulay Culkin who looked like little kids who would never grow old...and then one day....
  19. Actually, I think he did. Part of the reason he had to wear a mask as Golga was because he dropped so much weight they didn't think the Earthquake gimmick would be believable anymore. And yeah, he was still in his 20s when he feuded with Hogan. He looked about 45.
  20. Honestly, Road Dogg is exactly where he should be. I went through those RAWs and Road Dogg hardcore matches are WAY better than they had any right to be. I'd take Mankind off, I don't think he was champ more than three weeks and he never regained it. I'd put Dogg at 4 or 5 and move Bossman somewhere on there just for taking that sugar pitcher shot that still fucked his face up.
  21. There were 4 total in 1987, two were unaired house shows. There are about a dozen in 1988, I don't know if any of them aired. They almost all ended with Dillon submitting.
  22. Pure speculation but I'd guess it was to set up Hogan-Warrior II, but then they switched gears to Slaughter, and we got left with a Hogan and Warrior are BFFs finish.
  23. I DVR both shows but haven't watched Wednesday in months. But come on, in retrospect, head to head I'd watch Io-Sasha over Best Friends vs. anybody. I actually DID watch Io-Sasha after the fact.
  24. Up and comer... Powers had been with the WWF for six years at this point. And got a PUSH three years prior. He was the opposite of up and comer.
  25. I thought the same thing. Especially if the opponent lived after.
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