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  1. I'm more baffled that you think Jodie Foster is in Alien.
  2. Koko deserved the HOF on his Memphis years alone.
  3. Just as big a travesty was Jerry Lawler specifically asking that Lance Russell induct him into the WWE Hall of Fame, only for Vince to decide that fucking William Shatner was a better choice.
  4. Dave railroads Bryan so much during the topics that "Wait, we gotta talk about Conor!" has been a running joke for years.
  5. Tip #374: Don't drink beer. Tip #375: Armbar Tip #376: Do two extra reps once in a while Tip #377: Armbar Tip #378: Eggs. Lots of eggs.
  6. If you watch the first few months of heel Scott Steiner, he looks and sounds REALLY uncomfortable. There was some segment where Hogan took Scott to a movie set and Steiner just kinda sat there and mumbled stuff the whole time. The flip switched at some point because 98 Steiner and 99-2000 Steiner were almost night and day.
  7. Kind of a bummer no one is commenting on the Keith Lee/Dikojavic match from tonight. Fucking loved it. Two guys beating the shit out of each other in a non-WWE style. I literally felt like these two guys really did want to beat the other (which is kind of the point.) I thought the finish was perfect and actually played into the Keith Lee losing angle.
  8. Wait a minute, did you just EXPOSE one of PRO WRESTLING'S GREATEST SECRETS?
  9. Totally hope you are right. That would be a million times better than the alternative. Just used to WWE taking the worst possible options...
  10. Corbin-Ali? Corbin wins? I really wish they'd put the thing on Elias. I feel like he could do a lot more than the nothing Baron's going to do with it.
  11. Dude, any of you giving a shit about the King of the Ring has their money anyway. KOTR has been a joke since KING BOOKAH, and you can argue that was a joke there too... Last 3 KOTR...Regal (suspended for drugs)...Sheamus (started a losing streak and then blamed the KOTR for it)...Bad News Barrett (formed everybody's favorite...The LEAGUE OF NATIONS...then quit WWE).... You care about this tournament a hell of lot more than they do.
  12. Man, I'd put Zbyszko dead last. I know his stalling was legendary but that works when you are in the arena live and have nowhere to go. As a little kid, I can't tell you how many ESPN shows I switched channels on once I figured out that Larry was going to spend five minutes stalling. And sometimes I didn't go back. And he really did seem to spend the 80s living off the Bruno angle. Austin, Eaton, Anderson, Rude, Zbyszko. If this is all-inclusive, Bobby Eaton in Memphis (and World Class) destroys Arn's pre-Crockett career.
  13. In fairness, if I was Corey Graves and was once actually good at my job in NXT and was forced to become a fake-JBL for at least a year, I'd be in *cough cough* too. I like Vic Joseph too but he's been under the radar. Would love to see how you all like him in a year once Vince starts listening to him.
  14. That NXT Takeover recap montage feels like a cruel rib on Beth since pretty much the only thing she says in the entire thing is "OOOOHHHHHH!!!!"
  15. Cool find. I totally forgot the WWF/USWA angle started in 92 (Jarrett challenging Bret on a Memphis house show) and not with the Bret/Lawler feud. Those who think this was brutal need to see The Moondogs annihilating jobbers the year before.
  16. Eddie Gilbert was a total jobber in WCW 1990. Once Muta destroyed him in their feud, Eddie did next to nothing for the next year and a half. Remember his epic feud with Samu? Because that's literally all they gave him that year.
  17. Pretty sure the angle was all set-up with no pay-off. All the clues insinuated that Ultimate Warrior was the Scorpion which obviously was never happening. So when you're hinting THAT, ANY reveal is going to be a huge letdown. I always felt the Black Scorpion gimmick was to let guys like Angel of Death and Al Perez wrestle Sting as The Black Scorpion to help the house shows and make what would otherwise be borderline jobber matches seem like a bigger deal.
  18. Not that the story needs to be rationally debunked, but Hogan was taking time off to make Suburban Commando and Vince thought Warrior was the next big thing hence the title change. Hogan turning heel immediately and then vanishing until SummerSlam (which is what he did with the Earthquake angle) makes ZERO sense. And Hogan vanishing for three months and then losing on his return was NOT happening. The only defense I have for his story was a potential turn by somebody at Survivor Series 90 where Hogan and Warrior were the last men standing at the end and it looked like SOMETHING might be about to go down...and then they just hugged. Because Warrior's reign was DOA by Thanksgiving, mostly thanks to the Hogan/Earthquake feud drawing a ton more than anything Warrior did.
  19. I also found it pretty funny that we'd get a "Who Drove the Hummer?" angle on a Heyman show before Bischoff got a chance to re-use it.
  20. Happy for Nikki Cross. She went from one of the best things on NXT to "I'm not sure which brand I was even drafted to." Granted she's nothing like she was on NXT, but they've given her an angle that she could either become a major player with...or be the next Alex Riley.
  21. Freebirds usually didn't stay in one area too long. Them being in World Class from 82-84 was more an anomaly than the norm. I would assume they left because at the time Chris Adams and Gino Hernandez were the top heels and the Birds were kinda playing second fiddle in a truce with the Von Erichs.
  22. Agree on both fronts. The Four Horsemen with Windham challenges that. Probably the best Horseman incarnation and also one of the shortest. The Horsemen in the WWE Hall of Fame barely lasted six months.
  23. You'd be pretty surprised how few Bourne-Doink squashes there are. He was on regularly from Rumble to Mania, but then primarily did matches with Perfect, Jannetty, and Savage in the summer. Then Bourne was fired after SummerSlam. Would love to see the Memphis Bourne appearances. Only USWA Doink matches I've seen were clearly post-firing.
  24. The MJF interview on Jericho's podcast is pretty great. He might be the best heel right now in that even though he's very entertaining in the "cool heel" way, he's also so over-the-top obnoxious that by the end I was all "OMG, shut the fuck UP!"
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