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  1. BONUS EVENT #1 Top Rank Boxing on ESPN+: Pedraza vs. Molina (9/19/2020) - Las Vegas, NV (MGM Grand Conference Center Grand Ballroom) Jose Pedraza vs. Javier Molina - Pedraza, DEC Efe Ajagba vs. Jonathan Rice - Ajagba, TKO, R8 Robeisy Ramirez vs. Felix Caraballo - Ramirez, DEC Christian Montano vs. Ryan Adams - Montano, DEC Leo Ruiz vs. Rodrigo Solis - Ruiz, TKO, R6 Bryan Lua vs. Luis Norambuena - Lua, DEC Jahi Tucker vs. Deandre Anderson - Tucker, TKO, R4 Kasir Goldston vs. Isaiah Varnell - Goldston, DEC Frevian Gonzalez Robles vs. Carlos Marrero - Robles, DEC BONUS EV
  2. They are stretches of NXT UK TV were Noam Dar was a MOTYC every match it will be interesting to see who he draws in the Tournament.
  3. We got a 5 point game with 5 mins to go.
  4. Thursday, September 17 Cleveland Sunday, September 20 Tampa Bay Tennessee Chicago Dallas Green Bay Minnesota Buffalo San Francisco LA Rams Pittsburgh Arizona Baltimore Kansas City Seattle Monday, September 21 New Orleans Tiebreaker #1: Cam Newton rushing yards vs Seattle 42 Tiebreaker #2: Kansas City points scored 31 Tiebreaker #3: Alvin Kamara rushing yards vs Las Vegas 84
  5. EVENT #57 Invicta FC 42: Cummins vs. Zappitella (9/17/2020) - Kansas City, KS (Police Athletic League) Ashley Cummins vs. Alesha Zappitella - Zappitella DEC Lisa Verzosa vs. Raquel Caputo - Verzosa SUB R2 J├ęssica Delboni vs. Herica Tiburcio - Tiburcio DEC Victoria Leonardo vs. Liz Tracy -Leonardo DEC Jennifer Chieng vs. Helen Peralta - Peralta TKO R1
  6. Dragunov and Dar beat the Shit out of each other on the Return Episode Today.
  7. Thought the Opening Knockouts match was MOTN and I missed seeing Swinger this week. At Least Heath got Money for more ADs.
  8. Too be Fair before that it was Bortles.
  9. Vic seemed to be betting Gostkowski would miss.
  10. Titans will be having Kickers auditions tomorrow.
  11. That was fucking ridiculous with all the Cuts and Shaky Cams.
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