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  1. If Dana goes even more insane and holds fights in the swimming Pool like Lionheart did I might have to buy it.
  2. The Mythical Dr Death Main event run seems to be only the thoughts of JR & Cornette because it sure as hell wasn't the fans.
  3. Chad Gable not Shorty G would be a great 3rd addition.
  4. Twitch Worked this week so I'm Back. Kylie meeting Susie was great and set up two matches for the future. Missed most of the 1st Half of Bey vs. Daga but the 2nd half was solid. The Main event was really good and set up the storyline for the triple threat nicely. Grace vs. Taya in Full Metal Mayhem for Rebellion got set up as well.
  5. Charlotte won't help that the times she appear on NXT Recently she didn't increase the ratings.
  6. It's very possible Gronk hosting leads to him having a Singles match or Tag match to get us to 20 matches.
  7. They added it a few months ago and It's good but Chik-fil-A's Mac is much better.
  8. KLR/Jinny vs. Candice/Nox in NXT with a Women's Tag Title shot on the line would be great in the future when things change.
  9. More trips to the Pay Window = More hair extensions.
  10. It was a My Buddy that I used as my Wrestling Buddy. My bad for the confusion.
  11. Tried to watch this but Twitch had super Lag and sound issues. I tapped out with it after Kylie Rae's Match.
  12. I had one with the Fancy closing eyes and after hitting a Piledriver off a step stool one of the eyes started to be like HBK's eye thus it got retired and triple threat were out with non fancy Wrestling buddy being the all time opponent. That Wrestling Buddy took really good overhead Belly to Bellies.
  13. The Main Event was the best match on the show and The Undead Realm was interesting. We on Twitch got a big censor paragraph during it sending us to their youtube page it see the unedited version.
  14. MY DVR Says Tommy Dreamer and Chavo Guerrero with Chris Gethard on After Dark with Gethard as the Host.
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