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  1. BONUS EVENT #1 Showtime Championship Boxing: Spence vs. Ocampo (6/16/2018) - Frisco, TX (The Ford Center at The Star)IBF Welterweight Championship: Errol Spence Jr. vs. Carlos Ocampo - Spence Jr., TKO, R8WBA World Super Bantamweight Championship: Daniel Roman vs. Moises Flores - Roman, DECJavier Fortuna vs. Adrian Granados - Fortuna, DECStephen Fulton vs. Jesus Ahumada - Ahumaded DEC Yordenis Ugas vs. Jonathan Batista - Ugas, TKO, R6Eimantis Stanionis vs. Erick Daniel Martinez - Stanionis, DEC Roberto Marroquin vs. Jesus Aguinaga - Marroquin, TKO, R4Adrian Taylor vs. Chris Harris - Taylor, DECAlejandro Guerrero vs. David Fabela - Guerrero, DEC Fernando Garcia vs. Angel Carvajal - Garcia, KO, R4
  2. Hail Sabin

    Impact Wrestling Spoilers for 6/14/18 & 6/21/18

    Eddie's downward spiral turning his focus now on Dreamer will be interesting to see how it unfolds in the coming weeks. Rebel did look better it seems her time in Stardom paid off. Taya vs. Madison next week should be good. The NO DQ match was really good and easily the best match on the show. It was the best Keira has looked in impact and reminded me of the matches she has had in Booker T's promotion in Texas City against Su Yung then Ivelisse in the 2nd Ladies Night Out. The finish to the main event will make the crowd and audience want to see Cage run thru Kong/Jacobs/Sydal in the coming weeks. Hopefully Kevin Kross can live up to the weeks and weeks of hype he has been getting.
  3. Hail Sabin


    That scary doll will be an ongoing thing because in the season 4 trailer they should that doll or other dolls with various members of the Worldwide Underground.
  4. CES 50 Cherant TKO R1 Douma TKO R1 Moutinho TKO R1 Felix TKO R1 Lugo TKO R1 Manley TKO R1 Ewell TKO R3
  5. Hail Sabin

    2018 Summer Blockbuster Movie Pool

    Sweet moved up from dead last to 13 in a few weeks.
  6. Hail Sabin

    Archer Thread.

    I liked Season 9 way more then Season 8. Season looks like it could be even better.
  7. Hail Sabin


    I'm hoping the feud ending match for Lucha House Party vs. Gulak/G Jack/Kendrick is Masks vs. Hair.
  8. Hail Sabin


    Fenix should have been in the Final 4 instead of Chavo. The Vinny part was the drizzling shits! Nowhere near as good as the 1st 2 Aztec Warfare but at least Sexy Star didn't win! Next week should be interesting with two title fights and the Catrina searching for the Gauntlet.
  9. Hail Sabin


    I saw a post by Lucha Underground twitter that says tonight episode is Aztec Warfare 4. The preview does say Pentagon Dark will defend his title for the 1st time.
  10. Hail Sabin


    Roppongi 3k vs. Briscoes was a great match in this week's episode. I wish Flip and Gresham got more time instead of the Bully angle after the match.
  11. Hail Sabin

    Impact Wrestling Spoilers for 6/7/18

    The Tag title match was really great with Aerostar and Everett trying to one up each other. Diamante being back will be interesting to see how she & King will play off each other. The Madison video package implanted the idea of her chasing Su down the road. Tessa/Keira brawl was great and should set up another match between them. The ending attempted murder in the woods was great and added a new wrinkle in the Eddie/Sami story.
  12. Hail Sabin


    So Happy Simona Halep finally won her 1st major after coming very close several times and losing in brutal fashion.
  13. Stupid Computer ESPN Flores Jr DEC Nelson DEC Stevenson TKO R4 Moran DEC Dadashev TKO R6 Benavidez DEC Crawford TKO R8 UFC 225 Ige TKO R1 Oliveira SUB R2 Pettis DEC Smith TKO R1 Coulter TKO R1 Lamas TKO R2 Claudia TKO R2 Overeem TKO R1 CM Punk DEC Tuivasa TKO R1 Anderson TKO R1 RDA SUB R2 Romero TKO R2
  14. Stupid Laptop did an update and doesn't want to cut & paste. Bonus Events 1 Showtime Boxing Baker DEC Barrett DEC Masey DEC Flatley DEC Gorman DEC Robinson DEC Metcalf DEC Flannagan DEC Fury TKO R10 BE 2 Balderas DEC Cruz DEC Perez DEC Silva DEC Gomez DEC Jones DEC Charlo TKO R10 Santa Cruz DEC