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  1. Anyone have a gif of Braun's dark order punches on the fiend from last night?
  2. Not good for Sammy Guevara https://twitter.com/wweshortyg/status/1274964647607627776?s=19
  3. Not good for Sammy Guevara https://twitter.com/wweshortyg/status/1274964647607627776?s=19
  4. Chip Kelly did one good thing when he was in Philly and that was to take Howie's power and stick him in the broom closet
  5. Greg Valentine on After Dark said Vince paid $80,000 to cover up the murder
  6. the Look on Tonga Kid's face when he realized he destroyed Snuka's story of Nancy's fall
  7. Just sounds like little things to keep them there and little longer. They were never in any danger just being kept as pawns in the feud with Vince and the Prince
  8. If if Saudi Arabia paid WWE it hasn’t shown up in their financials https://otp.tools.investis.com/clients/us/wwe/SEC/sec-show.aspx?FilingId=13710295&Cik=0001091907&Type=PDF&hasPdf=1 Page 45 "Cash generated from operating activities was 2.3 million in the 9 months ended September 30 2019. Compared to 121.5 million for the corresponding period in the prior year "
  9. With Heyman booking this Rusev/Lana/Lashley angle how long till Lana reveals she is cheating on both Rusev and Lashely with Liv Morgan?
  10. Charlotte is the Female Edge they had a whole lot of reigns but no Substance
  11. Charlotte's last 3 reigns were a combined 17 days and 5 minutes
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