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Smackdown Spoilers for 11/12/2015

The Z

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From PWInsider:


*Braun Strowman defeated Fandango via submission with the bearhug. Bray Wyatt cut a promo challenging Kane and The Undertaker to face two members of The Wyatt Family at The Survivor Series.


*WWE World Heavyweight championship Tournament: Neville defeated King Barrett with the Red Arrow.

Barrett was cutting a promo after, blaming Manchester and Wayne Rooney for his loss when The Undertaker came to the ring and laid him out with a chokeslam and a Tombstone.


*WWE World Heavyweight championship Tournament: Kalisto defeated Ryback.


*WWE World Heavyweight championship Tournament: Alberto Del Rio defeated Stardust.


Roman Reigns is interviewed backstage, talking about the tournament.


*The Usos defeated The Wyatt Family's Luke Harper and Erick Rowan by DQ when Braun Strowman and Bray Wyatt interfered. A Gong was heard as the Wyatts were beating the Usos and the voice of The Undertaker accepted the challenge.


Dark: Roman Reigns pinned Bray Wyatt with a spear.


I guess they heard people saying the tournament was too predictable, so they put Kalisto over Ryback.

Not so predictable now, is it...? (Yes, it is.)

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I kinda had a feeling Kalisto was going over.  I think WWE are going to move him into the Evan Bourne role of little guy who gets the occasional win, then gets crushed by whomever we're pushing this week in spectacular fashion, then gets trotted out when we need high spots for the Elimination Chamer and/or MITB.

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WWE is making it really difficult for me to be a Bray Wyatt fan lately. It's always been bad, but goddamn. Started off pretty strong at Hell in a Cell, but it's slowly went downhill ever since. At this point, it needs to be Bray (the leader) and Braun (the new powerhouse of the group) taking on 'Taker & Kane, and Braun needs to just dominate. But, this is two WWE "legends" we're talking about, and one of them has a 25th anniversary coming up - so, obviously, the Wyatts will have a big steaming shit taken on them in the name of nostalgia.


Why would they make Kalisto the "new Evan Bourne" when you have Neville right there? Is there an excuse beyond, "They need more latino stars"?

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The version from WON (with some more details)



In the opening dark match, Finn Balor beat Viktor of the Ascension. Good match. Balor also cleaned house on Conor at ringside. Fans knew who Balor was and popped big for him. They also loudly chanted NXT.

For Main Event:
1. Jack Swagger beat Adam Rose with the ankle lock. Before the match, Rose cut a promo blaming all the fans for nearly killing his career, by making him believe the Exotic Express gimmick was a good idea.
2. Damian Sandow beat Heath Slater.
3. Sasha Banks beat Becky Lynch with the Banks Statement. Okay match.
For Smackdown:
It opened with a Wyatt Family promo. Bray challenged the Undertaker & Kane to a 2-on-2 match at the Survivor Series, with Bray's two being any of his choosing. He demanded an answer by the end of the night.
1. Braun Strowman squashed Fandango, defeating him with his sleeper finisher in 90 seconds.
2. Neville beat King Barrett in a WWE title tournament match. Good match. Neville had some great spots, including walking the ringside barricade and doing a somersault senton on to Barrett. Neville win with the Red Arrow.
Next came a dark segment, just for the fans in arena. This was the highlight of the show.
Barrett remained in the ring and said the last 48 hours had not gone to plan. He said he normally would've beat Neville without breaking a sweat but had Wayne Rooney on his mind. He said he will go to Stamford to see Vince at the end of the week and implore him never to return to Manchester ever again.
Undertaker came out to a huge reaction. He did his big entrance and entered the ring. Barrett was hilarious here. He said, to much crowd laughter, "Can I help you mate? Are you lost? You're not in Death Valley now you know, you're in the mean streets of north west England. You're on the wrong side of the tracks mate. They don't call me the Preston Panther for nothing! I'm sick of outsiders coming into my yard. You're not even worth my time!" Barrett went up walk out, then attacked Taker. Taker then laid him out with a choke slam & two Tombstones. This was all great. 
3. Kalisto beat Ryback in an upset in the WWE title tournament. Surprisingly decent match. Kalisto used Ryback as a base to do all his flying around. Crowd popped big for the upset.
Alberto Del Rio & Zeb Colter did a promo. Usual stuff about the English being hated and how Manchester had two soccer teams that divided the city, and it would be better if we were all 'united in humanity'.
4. Del Rio beat Stardust in the WWE title tournament. Not much heat, given it was heel vs heel. Del Rio won after a double foot stomp on Stardust in the corner.
Roman Reigns did a backstage promo, vowing to beat Cesaro in the quarter finals next week on Raw and then win the title at Survivor Series. He once again said he wasn't interested in shortcuts or selling out.
5. In the main event, the Usos beat Luke Harper & Erick Rowan via DQ, when Bray Wyatt & Strowman interfered.
The Undertaker's music played, and then audio of Taker's voice played over the PA system, accepting Wyatt's challenge for the Survivor Series.
After the show, in a dark main event, Roman Reigns beat Bray Wyatt in a short match. This was an abridged version of their Liverpool house show match a few days ago. They exchanged Kendo stick shots and Reigns won with a spear.
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I'm guessing the Undertaker/Barrett stuff was a dark segment since they had a voiceover answer the challenge.


I really don't want to see Ambrose turn heel or Sheamus cash in or Reigns win as a heel or face (though I think turning him heel is a bad idea right now as he's just starting to get more actual fan support lately)


If they're keeping Reigns face having him go over Cesaro and Ambrose is not going to work.

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Ambrose is feuding with Owens now. He's not turning heel.

Also, they need Ambrose and Roman to be tight, because it gives Roman a babyface rub to be aligned with someone that appeals to everyone. The WWE Universe © isn't going to cheer Reigns over Ambrose.

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I wonder if Bray's challenge for "Any 2 of my choosing" means someone other than the Wyatt family?

What if he chooses say... John Cena and Brock Lesnar?

Also Kalisto should run the gauntlet on this tourney and become WWE champion. They had a chance with Titus and blew it, hopefully they dont miss a chance to make another young star here.

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I think the Kalisto win happened because they realized they were telegraphing the result too clearly.

Sandow competed on Main Event doing his old Intellectual character, so I guess he's back to square one.


Well, clearly they got the automatic bids for Kalisto/Titus, now we have the 12 seed beating a 5 that's necessary.

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The version from WON (with some more details)



Sasha Banks beat Becky Lynch with the Banks Statement. Okay match.


First of all, it's weird seeing those two names and okay match in the same line.  From what they can do unless it's a criminally short match with shenanigans this has to be pretty good.  Second, I'd much rather see them in a long match than most of what they put on Raw/SD.  Going to have to check out Main Event for once.

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I'm legitimately confused on whether Del Rio is supposed to be a heel or a face.

Kalisto/Ryback was a nice surprised. Doubt they'll ever let some Rey's size near the top of the card again, but Kalisto made it clear he could hang. I'm not familiar with his indy stuff but I hope he can cut a promo.

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It ain't gonna happen but Kalisto should beat Alberto. I could totally get behind a title chase for the little guy, even if he does use a fucking Sliced Bread #2. 


I'd actually really enjoy Kalisto/Roman as far as "matches with only one possible outcome" go. I can't imagine how it happens unless Del Rio gets a loss by DQ though, that wouldn't make much sense otherwise.

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