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  1. MM17

    I think American Alpha are worse than Corbin. I would equate #DIY/Revival with Reigns/Styles. Revival had a tag against Enzo/Cass and AJ worked against Enzo and Revival vs. Enzo/Cass was way better than AJ vs. Enzo. I get it's hard to compare a tag match vs. a singles due to the fact that the dynamics change everything but it's the only common opponent I could find for AJ and Revival
  2. JBL is a FOX NEWS commentator, he will forever be a WWE employee
  3. MM17

    Went with Revival because while AJ has been the best main roster talent, he generally had it easy with Baron Corbin being the worst person he worked with all year. The Revival killed it in an environment that is much harder to do well (tag team) in American wrestling in 2016-17.
  4. Honestly having WWE's Paige spearhead some sort of major support network for cyber bullying could be tremendous and as inspiration as WWE superstars are, especially for teenagers, if Paige helps one young person out by her own experiences with cyber bullying at least some good came out of all this.
  5. So I know I'm in the minority but Braun is right where he should be. He's an upper midcarder with nothing to do at the moment so the ATGMBR is a good place, especially because we can get two payoffs in the show. I figure we'll get a spot where Braun manhandles Big Show out of the ring and the finish will be Braun and Sami as the last two, Braun toys with Sami and Sami hits a few moves and Helluva Kick's Bruan over the top rope.
  6. So my actual diploma arrived yesterday. Even though I've been done since 1 Jan, it finally is feeling real that I'm now a college graduate.
  7. Work 300+ days a year for $2 million and have strict drug tests OR work maybe 30 days a year for $1 million with no drug testing. Pretty sure Angle made the right choice financially.
  8. FYI unless you're really lucky I think it's impossible to do all the quests on the planet in one go. I was trying to finish up a sidequest on Eos and it took me longer than it should have to realize I can't do it just yet I needed to go off world and come back later to finish it up. Also I let my daughter create a FemRyder, she has interesting tastes for a character. Pink hair, Charlotte Flair-esque blue eyeshadow, green Día de Muertos face tattoo.
  9. Every time Ric climbed the turnbuckles?
  10. MM17

    I think this year the Miz went from a skippable wrestler to a must-watch wrestler. He made Dolph Ziggler seem important and had Ziggler over as a face when Ziggler was just going through the motions. He got over a mini-feud with Dean Ambrose and there's still time for the Bryan thing to payoff eventually. AJ Styles was in a feud with Ambrose and Cena since the brand split. AJ had the much easier workload to get his feuds over compared to the Miz. That said, AJ Styles has had a (pun intended) phenominal year but I think AJ had a much easier road to get everything over than Miz did and both exceeded expectations. The fact that the Miz's work is close to the level of AJ's shows what a tremendous year Miz had.
  11. So I'm so jealous of everyone getting different characters for multiplayer, in all my packs I just got upgraded human characters and guns. Bright side is I don't care if I'm the lowest ranked player on MP and only human on the team
  12. I'm Brysynner on PSN Install of the game with patch 1.04 took like 20 minutes, deluxe edition 30 seconds, multiplayer took 5 minutes to install
  13. Two things. 1. They turned Dana so they can "swerve" everyone at Mania when she attacks Bayley allowing Charlotte to hit Natural Selection to win back her title. 2. Braun Strowman is a monster heel who has limited long lasting main event appeal. His only loss so far has been to Roman after Braun went out of his game plan. Let's say he gets inserted into the Roman/UT match. The end result is Roman pins Taker. Now if Braun jobs to Roman on TV multiple times afterwards then he's in trouble but if he picks up a big win against Roman he can be the main event monster that threatens Roman's reign after he beats Brock at SummerSlam