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  1. SummerSlam is coming up soon we can get Tamina Yakuza Kicking Enzo too
  2. So MITB card potentially looks like: Jinder (c) vs Orton -WWE Title Corbin vs Owens vs Styles vs Zayn vs Ziggler vs Nakamura- MITB Naomi (c) vs ????? - SD Women's Title Rumored remaining card: Everyone not involved in women's title match - Women's MITB Rusev vs ????? Usos (c) vs Breezango - SD Tag Titles That still leaves the New Day to have a match. You can debut a few NXT women in the Women's MITB match to make it to 6 women
  3. Minus the ability to get anyone over
  4. So I'm even more convinced the winner of the women's tournament will be the one to beat Asuka. My favorite little thing of the night was when Asuka went for the double pin she made sure to move Nikki Cross' arm off Ruby Riot's body so there would be no confusion on who won
  5. But that's his point. He can half-ass anything he wants, he's still being seen by more people and making more money while working a safer style.
  6. Harper is in the same position Sami Zayn and Becky Lynch are in. They're not in any title picture and they can afford to take losses because no matter what they'll remain over and do fine with merch sales
  7. NXT

    So NXT is setting up to have some hoss tag teams feud and now possibly a hoss women's feud at some point (because there's 0% chance they show restraint and don't have the two giant women fight each other). Who knew NXT would become a hoss territory?
  8. NFL

    So after spending all offseason saying Blake Bortles job is not safe and they need competition to push him. The Jaguars decided to not bring in a QB this offseason, not draft a QB, not sign a UDFA QB and have now decided to pick up his fifth year option...
  9. The problem is Vince has a measuring stick that says you must be this tall to be WWE Champion. Unfortunately for Rey he was about 7 inches too short.
  10. By the actual numbers yes but by the WCW/WWE acknowledged gimmicked streak she's still 9 wins away
  11. Asuka's facial reactions to Regal talking about the #1 contender to her title were awesome. Asuka's going to kill someone at Takeover: Chicago. I think whoever wins the Women's Tournament this Summer is going to be the one to beat Asuka though (because by then she should beat Goldberg's undefeated streak)
  12. So Fournette is destined to be a bust. He's gonna get killed behind the Jags O-Line which is so bad even Barry Sanders in his prime wouldn't be able to do much. Oh well the 2018 draft class might have good QBs for the Jags to pass over again because Coughlin/Caldwell can't draft
  13. Vince McMahon approved a WWE documentary on himself that invoked his children saying Vince wanted to do an incest angle. There's probably a lot of leeway on what Vince will allow for this biography
  14. Maybe Sami should learn to not pick on the biggest guy on the roster.
  15. You make Charlotte a face long enough to set up the big 3 on 3 match. Charlotte/Becky/Naomi vs. Nattie/Carmella/Tamina. The heel trio take out Charlotte prior to the bout. During the match the heels take out Naomi so Becky's fighting 3 on 1. Just as the numbers game catches up to Becky, out comes Charlotte, bandaged up and limping. She gets on the apron, Becky makes an amazing comeback and finally makes the hot tag and then Charlotte takes Becky to school and lays her out.