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  1. Wasn't it explained that Oleanna and Ellaria aren't in charge with titles but they are effectively the ones in charge because they control the men in charge from their respective countries?
  2. So I'm wondering if Nattie winning means we're getting some version of WWE Four Horsewomen vs. MMA Four Horsewomen at SummerSlam. Though I wonder if they would have attempted to go with Becky Lynch vs. Cris Cyborg too.
  3. It's a bad thing when people say you should be on the level of Hulk Hogan/Steve Austin/John Cena. But yeah I agree having a Big Show/Kane WWE career is not a bad thing at all, especially if you can remain healthy and save your money well.
  4. The problem with a big monster staying over is eventually they have to lose and when they do, they need to be compelling characters to stay over. Historically, the WWE has struggled with keeping monsters over without using supernatural powers. I think Braun's trajectory is closer to the Big Show's than say Undertaker.
  5. I don't get people thinking Braun has a high ceiling. I think Braun is the embodiment of the anti-Roman fanbase and when he's paired up against someone who isn't Roman Reigns, he's not going be anywhere near as over as people think he should be.
  6. Balor. He's the only one on the roster not named Roman Reigns that is at a level where beating Brock would help him and has the look of someone I want on TV as a face of my company if I were Vince
  7. At least I won't have to put up with "The Jaguars have won the offseason" stories again.
  8. I mean Miz/Daniel Bryan have had a feud since Daniel Bryan was signed to WWE that still continues to this day and will never have a payoff.
  9. I hope that when Sansa finally turns on Jon, she mentions that his meetings felt like they lasted as long as winter
  10. How much money did WCW and WWF waste taping things that never saw the light of day? As far as LAX being off TV, you could easily air taped statement from Jeff Jarrett suspending LAX (but not stripping them of their titles) and then have weekly videos from LAX air so they still have TV time just not in-ring time.
  11. How many GFWTNA guys are taking indy bookings? Strike a deal with some of the promotors to use their promotions to tape a world title tournament. I mean having Lashley work some indy dates could be interesting.
  12. So Dixie Carter is going to be on the WWE Network... interesting. Everyone does end up working for Vince at some point
  13. EDIT: I hate throwing Twitter posts on here Nick Hausman‏ @WZRebel 10h10 hours ago I tried to get @ScottSteiner to cut a math promo on @TherealAbyss & @JeremyBorash but he said it's hard when their odds are 0.
  14. So Big Banter Baron Corbin was on Talk is Jericho and he talked about how Vince saw him on Talking Smack and due to that he is now allowed to freestyle his promos after given bullet points. So if Talking Smack allows the Smackdown guys and gals to not be 100% scripted all the time on TV then Talking Smack might be the most important thing WWE has done in the Network era.
  15. The bad guy being the big obstacle for the good guy to eventually take down is not just a wrestling cliché, so it makes sense that Sam who seemingly does know about horror movies would stick with that idea.