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  1. Brysynner


    I would’ve bet the farm on someone from SDL winning the MITB. Not sure what winning the briefcase really does for Braun though. I do like that the top two contenders for Brock’s title are people he’s beaten multiple times easily. The crowd being hot for Kofi might be a good sign if they don’t want to go AJ/Joe for SummerSlam
  2. Brysynner


    So do I go to the Capitol One Arena on my lunch break to pick up Stanley Cup Champions gear or do I wait till I get home and see if any local stores have any in stock?
  3. Brysynner


    So looks like East Coast indy wrestler Rockin' Rebel killed his wife and then himself this morning. News stories haven't released a name so far but everyone is saying that Rockin' Rebel is the murderer
  4. Brysynner

    Fuck the Existence of B*g C*ss - SDL - 5/29/2018

    The problem with that is who wins in the end? Both Drew and Bryan should win their first feuds. If Drew wins, then the reaction becomes “LOL they’re back to burying Daniel Bryan”, if Bryan wins then reaction is “Why’d the bring up Drew if they were just gonna job him out right away” The way it is now is Bryan will win over Cass and no one will care that Cass is losing his first feud and eventually Drew is going to replace Sheamus as the guy who kicks Ziggler in the head weekly.
  5. Brysynner


    Richard Blood is a heel’s name and Steamboat is a much better baby face name
  6. Brysynner

    Money in the Bank IX - 6/17/2018

    I wonder if they will add a rule to MITB that the winner has to be the one to unhook the briefcase to prevent the New Day or the Riott Squad from helping their respective teammate win the briefcase
  7. Brysynner

    The Royal Mellabration - SDL - 5/15/2018

    What if Charlotte wins MITB and wins the Rumble. You can run Charlotte/Rousey first with Charlotte winning and then going to the main event of Charlotte/Asuka with Asuka retaining. This way WWE can have their cake and eat it too with Rousey in a high profile match, Asuka can "avenge" her defeat and Charlotte has an excuse for her loss to Asuka since she will have wrestled earlier in the night.
  8. Brysynner

    Raw Is... Ugh, Okay... Over The Moon - 5/7/2018

    I always rationalize it as all superstars are super competitive and want to win by themselves even if they have a stable with them. So in this case Ruby told her Squad to not interfere unless she needed the help
  9. Brysynner


    I think it's more likely the Rousey Horsewomen are the gauntlet Charlotte Flair has to run through to get a shot at Rousey's title
  10. Brysynner

    Backlash XIV - 5/6/2018

    So what's the Miz's new finisher going to be since Rollins killed it by kicking out of it twice after Miz hit it clean twice? Also how dumb is Nia Jax that she went for a second rope version of her finisher when just doing the regular version worked?
  11. Brysynner

    Backlash XIV - 5/6/2018

    If the Twitter machine is correct we could see the Deleters of Worlds defend against Braun and Lashley
  12. Brysynner

    The Greatest Royal Rumble - 4/27/18

    How long is Roman's contract? He might not want to re-sign. Right now I would have Joe choke him out at Backlash, not let go, Reigns wins via DQ due to Joe not letting go of the Kokina Clutch but Reigns is now out of action for awhile due to injuries suffered
  13. Brysynner

    The Greatest Royal Rumble - 4/27/18

    So will Joe Anoa'i be Impact World Champion or IWGP Champion by the end of the year?
  14. Brysynner

    SDL - 4/24/2018 - No Speak Aiden English

    Who else do you saddle him with? The only available person is Rusev since I guess they're saving Miz/Bryan for a bigger PPV. And they most likely don't want to put Rusev and Bryan together long-term in fear of hurting the Rusev Day sales. You don't want to pair Almas and Bryan together since you'd likely want to have Almas win his first feud.
  15. Brysynner

    SDL - 4/24/2018 - No Speak Aiden English

    I disagree. I think the booking of Daniel Bryan is fine right now. You have Styles/Nakamura busy for the WWE title and you have a babyface Jeff Hardy with the U.S. title. There's no space for D-Bry right now. So why not put him with a guy who hasn't clicked but you have high hopes for. If Daniel Bryan can't help Big Cass after a three month feud then there's nothing there with Cass and he can be future endeavored by the time the post SummerSlam NXT call ups happen.