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  1. I figured that it was Fit that Becky had to convince will play into Charlotte's response on Tuesday how the Irish woman appealed to her fellow countryman to gain entrance into the match. Also her appealing to the fans makes sense since the McMahons said the WWE Universe are the commissioners of RAW/SDL
  2. The Good Brothers and AJ ca. Young/Dain/Cross That would be a fine semi-main event anywhere
  3. I think that line also shows Paige's blindspot to wrestlers she can related to. With Charlotte, she relates to being from a wrestling family and with Becky, she came up in the UK wrestling scene with her. So she's always going to be partial to her PCB sisters. The fact that no one else glossed over it (except Becky, which is intersting) was good. What will make that line more interesting is after Wrestlemania when Becky and Charlotte are likely out of the Smackdown Women's Division picture and she can't rely on those two women to be the leader for Smackdown.
  4. Fuck it, just book all the women for Mania and just have Brock and Bryan defend their titles and throw all the men into one giant battle royale or something. I'm sure we could all come up with a Mania card with all women with two token men's title matches and one "get every man on the card" battle royal. Ripley v Storm Bazler v Cross - NXT Women's Championship Sasha v Bayley Pat Patterson Memorial Battle Royal (They'll change it when they remember Pat's still alive) Asuka v Moon Naomi v Lita Bryan v Ali - WWE World Championship Mickie v Trish Charlotte v. IIconics - 2 on 1 elimination handicap match Brock v. McIntyre - WWE Universal Championship Becky v. Rousey - Winner is the Undisputed Women's Champion
  5. I think Charlotte got cheered because she was the proxy for Becky. The moment Becky returns, I'm not sure Charlotte can retain being over like she was tonight
  6. As much as that helps Nia, I think the company would do the same for anyone on the roster. As long as you don't hurt Orton (Kofi/Kennedy) you still keep your push
  7. If I'm a mid-level heel on Smackdown, I might try and hurt Daniel Bryan on TV. Because the message received from Nia hurting Becky is that as long as you do it on TV, you'll get a push and a big win at a major PPV.
  8. The fans would riot. The only way they can get away with Becky/Nia is if Becky wins in similar fashion that Riddle did at Takeover. Also if they run Charlotte/Ronda at Mania, the crowd would shit all over it unless Becky was unable to compete at Mania. Charlotte is only likable when Becky is out. Though it would be really fun to see how many bad idea matches WWE can stuff into Wrestlemania just to see the Mania crowd shit all over the entire show. Maybe Vince can finally find the crowd's breaking point and have them just walk out in the middle of the show or just not show up.
  9. So is Shane gonna go all Vince on the Smackdown roster and punish everyone who lost tonight? I'm interested in seeing why they had Smackdown go 0-6 tonight when the Bar and the Smackdown Women should've won.
  10. Isn't the person pictured with The Man a big fan of hers? I remember prior to one of the Takeovers, she claimed that Becky was her favorite and she was a fan of hers. Made a point that she's a fan of all Irish wrestlers.
  11. So basically Mitchell took Allie and Kiera Hogan to the Undead Realm to get back the soul of Rosemary. However Mitchell said he would only take them if Allie gave up her soul. Something happened in the Undead Realm with Su Yung so Rosemary forces Allie/Hogan to leave but Allie is still soulless. Su Yung has some sort of control over Allie though it hasn't been explained. This week Allie went to meet up with Mitchell and agreed to join him and Yung as he promised to fill the hole in her that her soul once held. Only thing I'm not sure on is whether Su Yung is controlling Mitchell or whether to good Father is controlling the Undead Bride And yes this all looks incredibly insane typing it out but it works, most of the videos of the saga are on the Impact YouTube channel if that helps you out.
  12. So I love this Allie-Su Yung-Rosemary-Hogan storyline but I'm most excited that they're giving us Father James Mitchell back on a regular basis.
  13. There is another few chapters of Bayley's story but I'm not sure WWE's willing to tell it nor the fans willing to accept it. Bayley needs to turn heel. She's accomplished all her story has for her and yet she's still unfulfilled because her reign at the top was short and she's been leapt over by Nia, Ronda, and Moon. She allowed herself to get sucked in to tagging with her best friend in an attempt to make Sasha relevant again. And the fans who cheer for her or ask her to "be their girl" move on and cheer for the next up and coming star. Basically her heel turn is that she is/was the superfan who achieved her dream and she found out that nightmares are dreams too. In a wackier scenario, I'd have Bayley and Balor make it to the Mixed Match Challenge Finals against Miz/Asuka and while Balor knows he can beat the Miz, Bayley's not sure if she can beat Asuka. So Bayley spends all ht time prior to the finals asking/begging Finn to take her to the Demon King and we get Demon Bayley. Unfortunately Bayley's not strong willed enough to constantly resist the Demon King so she becomes the Demon Queen Bayley for awhile.
  14. The thing with Bayley was her character arc in NXT was really well done. Lifelong fan who is living out her dream to be a WWE Superstar and how she grows from super excited fan into an actual champion. The fans could come along with that. Which lead to her being relateable to the NXT fans and a cult hero to young girls in NXT The problem for her was that once she was called up they couldn't redo the entire story. So the WWE Universe got Bayley in the end of her story arc at the same time WWE had Sasha and Becky as their top female babyfaces. The other problem for Bayley is a similar problem Sasha has had on the main roster. She doesn't get to spend weeks practicing a match with someone on TV and now she has to be on TV weekly. It's easier to hide Sasha and Bayley's deficiencies when they only appear on TV once a month or so. Probably the best thing for Bayley would be to get her on Smackdown. Bayley excels when across the ring from a Horsewoman or Asuka. Plus the shorter format of Smackdown would allow them to build her up without having her cut promos or wrestle every week.
  15. I figured they brought Nikki over so they could have another UK woman wrestle on their European tour, plus Nikki has traveled with the main roster crew before (see announcement of Evolution) so it's not out of the realm that she would be brought over for European adventures. Also I think they would've hammered it home that she has left NXT. Have we seen any reaction from Bianca that she ran Nikki off from NXT yet?
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