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  1. Sexual Assault and Harassment in Hollywood

    As for why this is becoming such a big deal right now, this might get too political and if it does, I'm fine with having this deleted but I think the election of Donald Trump had a lot to do with it. There were a ton of allegations and then the Access Hollywood tape came out and he won. And then he won even though his female opponent got 3 million more votes. So now you have a bunch of angry women who feel disenfranchised and have no more fucks to give so they're willing to be more open about their abuse because nothing matters anymore. So now a bunch of open secrets from various industries come out in general public because more people are willing to name names in order to stop this from ever happening again . As for why so many people thought these actions were remotely acceptable, I think it has to do with the fact that there were no consequences. Think of it like the baby learning about fire. You can tell them not to touch it because they could get hurt, but most of the time they still will put their hand on a burning stove top. Now what if they didn't get harmed, what if it was not hot to touch? They likely would do it again. So if you conduct bad behavior and nothing happens or worse you're rewarded for your bad behavior, I can easily see how this is happening so frequently
  2. Survivor Series XXX

    If you have Dana cost Asuka by fighting her outside the ring and getting her counted out she can still cost her the match but keep her pinfall/submission streak in tact. Plus if the RAW Women still win the match, Asuka still gets the win and they can continue to claim she's undefeated
  3. Sexual Assault and Harassment in Hollywood

    I think the reason Franken is going the investigation route is more for future incidents with other members of Congress where there isn't as much evidence. Franken knows his political career is dead and his 2020 hopes are gone. My guess is he lets the investigation play out and while they won't eject him from the Senate, they will censure him and he will list that as the reason he is quitting the Senate.
  4. Smackdown Live Spoilers - Jinder vs Styles -11/7/17

    You build up the New Day so they seem like credible threats to the Shield. And you do it at the expense of Sami/KO because they’re the hottest heels. Sami/KO can easily get their heat back when they cost Team SmackDown! the main event at Survivor Series or if they take out Brock and AJ in their match. Unless Vince told them that he has no plans for them, this seems really short sighted to f them.
  5. When Big Cass is healthy the new ending to every RAW should be Dunne punches Enzo, Enzo gets up and eats a Brogue Kick from Sheamus, Enzo gets up and gets hit with Big Cass’ Big Boot and then Braun and Brock can have a contest to see who can throw Enzo’s lifeless body further.
  6. Impact Wrestling Bound for Glory 2017 - 11/5/17

    The last time a heralded writer left WWE for another company, the company was out of business in two years. So I guess TNA/GFW/Impact Wrestling will finally be put out of it's misery before 2020
  7. The Garbage Man Can! - Raw - 10/30/2017

    Because they don't want to have Jinder beat Braun

    And they'll still make a net profit
  9. Survivor Series XXX

    The problem with booking Brock/Jinder and Corbin/Miz is that both matches should be the same. Jinder uses the Singh Bros to take a beating from Brock which allows Jinder to hit the Khallas and then have Brock pop up and F-5 Jinder for the win. Miz should use the Miztorage to take a beating from Corbin allowing Miz to sneak in and hit the Skull Crushing Finale for the win.
  10. Survivor Series XXX

    I think special RAW or Smackdown colored trunks/pants would be a better option. Plus then they can sell them on WWE's Auction site, hell make it for charity and get a tax write off
  11. Wrestling What Ifs

    I wonder if a Hogan/Brody feud would end with Brody getting a countout win over Hogan to step up the big match where Hogan wins via big boot/legdrop but Brody quits before the match can happen since he can get more money as the man who never lost to Hogan
  12. RAW IS #UnderSiege - 10/23/2017

    I mean Asuka's first matches after winning the NXT Title were competitive matches against Eva Marie where people were worried they were going to have Eva Marie be the one the beat Asuka
  13. RAW IS #UnderSiege - 10/23/2017

    Because Hunter was sleeping after this Chile trip
  14. RAW IS #UnderSiege - 10/23/2017

    Goldust vs. Mojo makes more sense for a lot of reasons, most importantly wrestling Goldust is a PhD level class in wrestling and Mojo could use it. Also Goldust is likely to have MOTN with Mojo.
  15. RAW IS #UnderSiege - 10/23/2017

    Really almost everyone on SDL who went after RAW members had an issue or history with the person they attacked. New Day started out by feuding with Titus and D. Young Zack Ryder used to tag team with Curt Hawkins Chad Gable and Jason Jordan were former SDL Tag Champs Becky Lynch lost most of her title chances in the beginning of the year due to Mickie James helping Alexa Bliss Carmella and Bayley were BFFs in NXT AJ and Ambrose feuded over the WWE Title after the draft last year Only ones I can't think of anything are Fox-Tamina, Sasha-Nattie, Rollins-Team Smackdown, Goldust-Team Smackdown