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  1. Bruno Sammartino has died

    Probably because 60 is a realistic number but more than tripling that number makes him a mythological god
  2. The Greatest Royal Rumble - 4/27/18

    I’m going to be curious what the viewership for this will be. While WWE is promoting this heavily there seems to be a bit of disinterest from the fan base from what I can tell
  3. WWE Superstar Shake-Up (RAW/SDL 4/16-4/17/18)

    I believe the reason is within Sheamus on SDL, there’s no one to kick Ziggler’s head off his neck. So when Drew turns on Ziggler, we will get months of Ziggler getting his head kicked off by the Claymore Kick.
  4. WWE Superstar Shake-Up (RAW/SDL 4/16-4/17/18)

    A 3 month feud between Bryan/Cass will prove if Cass has anything that would make him an upper midcard guy. While it’s not a dream feud for Daniel Bryan but it allows WWE to see what they have with Cass and eats up some time so they can move on to bigger things with Bryan toward the end of the year.
  5. WWE Superstar Shake-Up (RAW/SDL 4/16-4/17/18)

    So Paige is now the greatest GM in all of sports right? If she can get this haul from a Hall of Fame Olympic wrestler, she would do wonders in the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, XFL
  6. WWE Superstar Shake-Up (RAW/SDL 4/16-4/17/18)

    Like a big feud with each other that is given months of TV time, multiple PPVs and is the sole match promoted for a big RAW episode?
  7. WWE Superstar Shake-Up (RAW/SDL 4/16-4/17/18)

    The downside would be when "Fighting With My Family" comes out and we get a Vega/Paige feud over who the star of the movie really is
  8. WWE Superstar Shake-Up (RAW/SDL 4/16-4/17/18)

    My guess is no, because there's a portion of people here who think Bayley and Sasha are Flair/Steamboat
  9. The Undertaker Mania Matches from 25-28. You get the promo packages explaining why Taker/Shawn are two greats to lead into WM25 For WM26 you get HBK becoming obsessed with Taker leading up to him losing his career in an effort to prove he's better than Taker. WM27 gives you Triple H t prove he's better than HBK and he's the one who can defeat the Undertaker. While Hunter loses, he still walks out on his own while Taker does not. Then you get WM28 with all three men involved in a HITC match where Taker becomes superhuman surviving the best shots both HBK and HHH can throw at him. This time it's Hunter needing help to the back and you end with three men who have gone through war with each other over the course of four years showing mutual respect to each other as they "end an era"
  10. Smackdown is IIconic - 4/10/2018

    Well Becky was having delicious quinoa and Naomi was helping the Usos reconfigure the Uso Penitentiary to house the Bludgeon Brothers

    Who wins? I think if Omega won there would just be a bunch of smug neckbeards talking about how Omega is better, but if Reigns won the Internet would burn to the ground.
  12. Smackdown is IIconic - 4/10/2018

    Someone had a teenager fetish?
  13. The Raw After Wrestlemania 34 - 4/9/2018

    So who are the NXTers being added to SDL tomorrow? Only ones I can think of are Velveteen Dream and the Iconic Duo
  14. WrestleMania XXXIV

    The next WWE conference call is going to be interesting depending on how much cash the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia paid WWE to change the booking of the main event. Though the money likely went directly to Vince McMahon's bank account. Also if significant money passed hands into Vince McMahon's bank account, I wonder if there would be legal issues since Linda McMahon is a cabinet member of the Trump administration.
  15. The Raw After Wrestlemania 34 - 4/9/2018

    So in kayfabe world, Vince McMahon let Brock Lesnar wrestle for the WWE Universal Championship on the day his contract expired. He has literally learned nothing from letting CM Punk do the same thing 7 years ago and lucked out that Brock was willing to re-sign.