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  1. What has he done that is HOF worthy? He is 4 time WWE champion and has won each of the major titles at least once. MITB winner and 12 time Slammy Award winner (might be 13 if he is nominated this year). I feel the meta case can be made for him to go in, but from a kayfabe standpoint I'd say he is in the same league as Sheamus as a guy who has achived alot, but shouldn't go in.
  2. Roman Reigns did not come off looking good tonight. At this moment, WWE is doing a great job of making sure he gets the biggest pop at Mania.
  3. For the sake of the thread, I think we should all move on from my previous comments. Something important happened tonight, so going forward, when discussing that moment, let's focus on that and not any elements that we think should have been removed from that moment due to serving zero importance.
  4. I see some people are huge Brie Bella fans, so I will stop talking about the goddess. As for the rest of Raw, Mark Henry with New Day was great. The Dudleys going heel should be somewhat fresh. Ambrose looked like a badass all night taking an ass whooping and yet still welcoming the fight. The Wyatt match did nothing for Ryback in terms of favors. Stephanie stepping in to make Bryan's moment somehow about her was just amazing and predictable at the same time.
  5. So she had to be on camera to love him? She legit ruined a good moment.
  6. Sorry guys for seeing a carny and calling a carny a carny. A person can show support for someone without stepping into the spotlight. Brie Bella should not have been out there. WWE didn't send her out for Mania and told her to stay in the back and that was the right call. If she wanted to come out after the cameras went off- fine. But she was with him all day and just wanted to use this time to get herself over for Fastlane and leech off the last of the gravy train. I can't believe its not obvious to some of you. Brie brought down a legit feel good moment. Bryan was the focus. No one else. If anyone should be standing in the ring next to him it should probably be him mom and sister, you know the two girls that were never trying to just latch onto the fastest bus out Tempe.
  7. Good speech by Bryan at the end, its unfortunate that his wife yet again wants to use a seminole moment in her husbands career to try and get herself over. I guess this is the last time she can leech off Bryan's heat and with the match coming up at Fastlane, it makes sense for WWE to send her out. Connor McGregor's girlfriend is just as hungry for the camera than Brie, but she is so much less endearing.
  8. I don't see a thread so I thought I'd start one. An overall good show. I guess it wasn't a work after all.
  9. Just saw that amazing Jungle Book trailer. Can't believe they got the same bear from The Revenant to play Baloo! Oscar nod!!!
  10. Seth Rogan and Amy Schumer in a Bud Light ad? Was Dane Cook and Carlos Mencia too busy or something?
  11. Doggy Monkey Baby commercial was great, but I don't understand the tag line "3 great things combined. " What is awesome about a baby?
  12. It's amazing that despite everything the only people TNA has kept around for over a decade are Young, Roode, Borash, and Abyss.
  13. I would be all for The Dollhouse, if TNA wasn't full of shitty female workers. 38 year old Gail Kim and 36 year old Mickie James are not the answers. I like Kong as much as everyone else here, but let's not pretend she isn't a 38 year old woman with a bad back and with her best days behind her. The Dollhouse only works with good workers afoot and that's not the landscape of TNA in 2016 and TNA are showing now signs of heading in that direction which is completely unfortunate. The Dollhouse being the 'Divas' of TNA while more capable workers take certain stage works so well as a gimmick vs. a stand alone centerpiece as its embarrassing. At this point, TNA should really do one-of-two things: 1. Eliminate the KO division and title and cut back on the female roster to include only 5 women who function as valets or managers (Maria, Jade, Rebel, Marti, and Raquel would serve fine in this role) 2. Keep The Dollhouse around for another year and build a capable NXT like division around the women. WIth TNA's historic treatment of Kong, Roxxy, Daffney, Wilde, and pretty much anyone who made her name outside of WWE - its going to be interesting (and possibly quite pathetic) on who the company decides to choose. As a side note, the roster page on TNA needs to be updated as Aries, Tessmacher, Taryn, and Kong are all no longer with the company.For a company that has been around for 15 years, its surprising how well they do not understand the interwebs.
  14. I don't think that is enough. Bix mentioned that the person is a HOF and works behind the scenes, so I concluded that it is Arn Anderson, however sly mentions is not enough. Pro wrestling is a scummy business and has been for along time and we are all not surprised in the least when WWE is accused of not being progressive in certain aspects of its business, I think its time for this to change. One of the ways for this to change is to call out those who are working in WWE and creating that type of culture. This isn't just with WWE, but every wrestling promotion because it all filters down now. I know its a small step, but I'm just surprised at the OMG ITS INTERGENDER MATCHES~! when it comes to viewing fantasy juxtaposed to the 'slide-under-the-rug' mentality when dealing with and talking about real life.
  15. Ryback's gear looks awesome. A guy looking like that needs gear that is a bit more straight-foward. No complaints from me.
  16. Too be fair - there a couple other people who carry on about it too (Bix being a big one) but yeah it really flared up because of LU Bix is a joke. He has a problem with a worked match between men and women (all parties agreeing to the match), but he has no issue not outing the known racists within the business who are actively working from within to keep racist gimmicks alive and well in the 21st century? The guys morals are really off. Fantasy gets a long easy, but reality gets swept under the rug? The guy is full of shit. What's this part about? Bix released something from the WCW lawsuits a while ago and he purposefully excluded the name(s?) of the people being accused of racism as that person(s?) may or may not worked for the WWE at the time of Bix's posting. Instead of being a good journalist and doing the right thing to let people know who is who and what is what, he decided to protect these people. Racism is real and actually impacts the bottom line in a company. Look how Muslims have been portrayed in WWE and there has been no black WWE champion (the WCW world title doesn't count as it was considered secondary for the 'B' brand for some time for what reason? What about the rampant sexism in WWE? There are so many issues within pro wrestling that people like the ones listed in the lawsuit should be named so the company can perhaps be forced to knowledge and change instead of keeping 'the good ole boys' club together and thriving for more generations to come. Bix is a coward plain and simple and its not just him. I don't respect any journalist that does that, who has zero spine and is all about protecting people who are doing wrong. Instead of being a force for change, he is now a silent collaborator, and silent collaborators usually agree with the stuff they turn their heads from. Re: Bryan WWE can easily make him a commentator for NXT. He will get to call matches featuring Joe, Balor, Zayn, Crews, and tons of other guys he worked with and plus the crowd will not 'high-jack' the show. If WWE puts him as any featured ringside guest/commentator for the main show and its going to be 'Daniel Bryan' chants all night. WWE would have to edit the auto of every Roman Reigns match.
  17. Too be fair - there a couple other people who carry on about it too (Bix being a big one) but yeah it really flared up because of LU Bix is a joke. He has a problem with a worked match between men and women (all parties agreeing to the match), but he has no issue not outing the known racists within the business who are actively working from within to keep racist gimmicks alive and well in the 21st century? The guys morals are really off. Fantasy gets a long easy, but reality gets swept under the rug? The guy is full of shit.
  18. New Day is what happens when WWE allows someone to get over and keeps the ball cutting/carpet pulling/etc. is kept to a low end. I think Stephanie cut their balls off only once and all the other times Stephanie/HHH/Vince have been all on-air supporters of New Day.
  19. I concur. How long has TE have anyone that came out of it worth a shit? The Miz was the last one I believe. Sure ODB and Morrison made out okay at the end (though they were both eliminated), but I can't think of anyone else post the first second. I hope these two girls work out as NXT is fucking STACKED as shit down there with the female talent. WWE can easily afford to cut 3-5 women and not even feel it.
  20. I need a Total Superstars show starring Titus, Truth, and New Day. Toss in a few Usos, Trinity, and Miss Sandra cameos and it would be the best thing WWE has put out in ages. Even better than NXT.
  21. Why not leave your car at the hotel and uber to the Dallas stadium.
  22. I want WWE to say 'Fuck it!' and book Snoop vs. Flair at WM. I would be all for Flair coming out of WWE retirement for one final match against Snoop Dogg.
  23. Kalisto is champion and needs to be kicking ass and having good matches. Again, I am not sure why WWE has tons of jobbers on the pay roll and not using them to help pad records and establish some time of credibility. Kalisto having 10 straights wins against guys like Stardust, Swagger, The Ascension, etc. mean more longer term then getting a win due to outside interference. Guys like Mark Henry don't have much years left to give. Is a Kalisto/Henry program that bad of an idea? I like that Smackdown is turning into a show worth watching again. Now if WWE can do something with that set and film it differently than Raw (no more quick zooms, cutting every 3 seconds, and shaky cameras) and Smackdown will easily become the best non-Network WWE show.
  24. She was a terribly boring face with nothing really there as a character. I can't think of the last interesting female face the WWE had. AJ Lee? Paige? Paige was over as a face for a while until the wheels feel out. Natalie and Naomi are both natural faces, but both were pretty boring in those roles. WWE has found far less capable workers (Bellas) face roles and angles, etc. so I am sure it shouldn't be hard for them to find something for Naomi.
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