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  1. There are plenty of people in wrestling who a fan may just like or not like, regardless of other legitimate factors. There are some people who TEH INTERNETZ love that I just don't "get". At the end of the day, people are arguing about which "fake fighters" are "better". Heck, wrestling isn't exactly a form of show business known for subtlety. It's the nature of the beast that if someone is that promotion's "guy"(Roman, Cena) or "girl"(Charlotte, Nikki Bella), then they'll push that person down everyone's throats as the greatest. If that promotion's view doesn't happen to line up with your own, then of course it won't sit well with you.
  2. We're in the era of social media and everyone has a voice, so everyone feels a need to yell their opinions and favorites from the proverbial rooftops. That inevitably leads to arguments and condemning of entire groups for dumb reasons. Such is (current) life. How this stubborn idiot feel about the current wrestling product, quite bluntly, does not matter in the slightest. It's one opinion amidst a whole bunch of them. Let things take whatever course they may.
  3. Got through the three-hour Raw in just under an hour and a half. Completely skipping the promo segments(other than New Day and Enzo/Cass) will do that.
  4. Guess I'm a dick for not thinking Roman is the greatest wrestler of all time, and also for not thinking Nikki Bella is simultaneously the greatest female wrestler ever and the sexist woman in the world. That's cool. I'll live with that.
  5. Fan of Yehi. Also, Gary Jay = good people. Drove him home from a show once.
  6. I doubt I'll ever truly hate Jericho. He was such a huge part of my late '90s wrestling fandom. I wore a vintage Y2J T-shirt to an indie show over the weekend. His current character just feels like a throwback to his initial WCW heel run. Frustrating to see Crews' current situation nowadays as I really enjoyed the times I saw him on the indies; he had some really good matches with Elgin in my area. Personality is SO much more important on the big stage and some guys just don't translate well once they make that jump. (For the record, I have not yet watched Raw and will probably give it the FFWD treatment later today.)
  7. My weekend had THREE indie shows: St. Louis Anarchy on Friday and Saturday, then "Wrestling Invades America" on Sunday. Attendance was a bit down due to a combination of nice weather, Blues hockey playoffs(though they're taking their usual postseason trajectory), and PointFest on Saturday. T.J. Perkins and Jonathan Gresham were in town for SLA. One wrestler told me by name to shut the F up because I was a bit too vocal during his promo. Really liking Ricky Starks' current character; he worked as an unnamed jobber on NXT a few months back, so now he's delusional and thinking a WWE deal is just around the corner (constantly talking about his good friend "Paul" up north). I saw a five-way trapezius claw during a tag match. Talked with local veteran Gary Jackson at the Sunday show. Good times.
  8. If nothing else, that particular trope of wacky mismatched tag partners who hate each other makes me wonder if we'll see Owens and Zayn hold the WWE Tag Titles at some point. Hey, they're 1-0 in WWE competition.
  9. To be fair, people were surprised that AJ got signed in the first place due to his age. That's probably the mentality: Get as much out of him as possible, but any long-term plans probably won't involve him being a standard-bearer in the company.
  10. Naah, screw that. Flippies. In all seriousness, I try(not always successfully) to appreciate a wide variety of things in wrestling. Heck, Bret Hart was my all-time favorite.
  11. My situation is, quite, bluntly, jack shit compared to what other people on here are going through. I can't get out of my own head and I'm losing hope that I ever will. I'm just so tired of the way my brain is wired, making stupid decisions and hurting the people around me as a result. I don't know if it's some form of autism or Asperger's, but it's frustrating to be on the inside while I make these decisions that I know are dumb. I'm dealing with car payments again at a time when I need every bit of money I can get for my annual property tax. Just stressed beyond belief all around...and on top of that, I feel like I'm on thin ice at my job.
  12. So why root for anybody? They're all terrible and I'll hear whining and bitching either way because I don't like the same fake fighters as other people. (Cue signature.)
  14. They(and any wrestling company) can do whatever they want. Let the business side of things decide who's doing it "right" and "wrong". There's zero point to getting worked up about stuff. As for fans, I hesitate to talk to them in person and try to keep to myself at live events unless it's someone I know pretty well. Don't feel like getting into arguments.
  15. Wrestling fans, in general, have just hit the threshhold where they just collectively decided that they're all going to be complete gaping cunts to each other.
  16. He hit another really good one earlier in the match where he dove over the ring steps to spear AJ on the floor. That and the Splash Mountain bomb were two of my favorite spots of the match from him.
  17. I've grown pretty apathetic about Roman. Nothing's gonna change what they're doing with him, so why bother getting worked up? Don't hate him(he had some cool spots last night), not a huge fan of him. Nowadays, it seems like the hatred from each side fuels the other side as they've both decided to be complete assholes to each other.
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