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  1. First one that came to mind. And then... Didn't really set out to do Double Hov, but shit, sometimes that's how shit goes I guess.
  2. #89 would still be WR1 on Carolina. I'm just saying.
  3. Better be, honestly. Rare division win! Woo.
  4. I'm trying to not read much into Luke's expression but yechh. Can we just skip December and end 2016 now?
  5. The previous number 24 wouldn't have made that bonehead error. Schmuck.
  6. New Orleans has a Denver level defense, right? That's why we look like a D2 team thus far, right?
  7. Thursday, November 17 Carolina Football Panthers of Charlotte Sunday, November 20 Buffalo Pittsburgh Dallas Detroit Tennessee Kansas City Arizona NY Giants Miami New England Ugh, Seattle Washington Monday, November 21 Oakland Tiebreaker #1: Longest FG made in Hou/Oak 54 Tiebreaker #2: Total points in Phi/Sea 17 Tiebreaker #3: Andrew Luck passing yards 405
  8. I hate Seattle. Just a statement apropos of nothing. They can eat a dick and I'll root for all 31 other teams ahead of them, even Atlanta. I was really hoping that after what feels like seven weeks in a row the refs gave them the game, they weren't actually any good. But they smacked New England around and deserve respect. But can still eat a dick, because they're Seattle and Seattle can eat a dick.
  9. Sunday, November 13 Carolina Houston New Orleans Los Angeles Atlanta Tampa Bay Tennessee Minnesota San Diego San Francisco Dallas New England Monday, November 14 NY Giants Tiebreaker #1: Prescott passing yards - 240 Tiebreaker #2: Jimmy Graham receiving yards - 6 Tiebreaker #3: Interceptions thrown in Cin/NYG - 5 Like this
  10. And in truth, a Democrat and a Black Democrat at that has been in office as all the police on citizen violence he's protesting occurred so if he felt like the vote didn't matter... I don't agree but I understand.
  11. This is depressing as fuck. That's all I got. No more levity today.
  12. You're such a charmer. I'd rag on you in return but I don't know who you are or what team you root for.
  13. Put it this way, and y'all can screenshot this - if Atlanta is the NFC champion I'll put a Falcons related picture of your choosing as my icon and Rippa permitting change my screen name to VinceLovesMattRyan.
  14. He was pretty good last year when they started 5-0. Pepperidge Farm remembers how that turned out. That boy was in the Super Bowl last year, holla at me when y'all make it.
  15. It's gonna be SO SAD when Matty throws for 505 yards and 5 TDs as the Falcons lose in the first round 48-46 to.... let's say Green Bay. Because they have no defense, see.
  16. Thursday, November 3 Atlanta Sunday, November 6 Pittsburgh Dallas Kansas City Miami Detroit NY Giants Carolina New Orleans Green Bay Tennessee Oakland Monday, November 7 Buffalo Tiebreaker #1: More interceptions thrown, Fitzy, Tannehill or TIE - Fitz Tiebreaker #2: Chris Carr passing yards - 0 Tiebreaker #3: Detroit Lions sacks vs Minnesota - 6 Like this
  17. #keeppounding. Sadly had work so I missed it.
  18. They're gonna lose 35-7 IF THEY'RE LUCKY in a national game. If that doesn't do it, he's in for the season. Poor Jags fans, all eleven of them.
  19. Remember when Jacksonville was fun but terrible last year? Just terrible now. Got Tennessee looking like the 94 Niners tonight.
  20. Sunday, October 30 Cincinnati New England Cleveland Detroit Kansas City New Orleans Oakland Carolina San Diego Atlanta Dallas Monday, October 31 Minnesota Tiebreaker #1: Winning margin in NE/BUf - 40 Tiebreaker #2: Cam Newton rushing yards -65 Tiebreaker #3: touchdown passes in GB/Atl -12
  21. He's a horrible QB but he also can't buy a break.
  22. Watching the last bit of this game, seeing Atlanta starting to slide, and realizing the only team that is definitely good in the NFC is Dallas has me feeling delusional enough to believe Carolina could go on a run and still be in the playoff mix.
  23. Jesus Horatio Christ, how bad does Goff look in practice if they think Keenum is the starter?
  24. The rare game this year where Eli is definitely the better QB.
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