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Yeah, skip to 2:30 or so.



FWIW, that Kwang/Razor match is pretty good actually save for the problems at the end. It was a pretty good way to start a feud, actually. This was right around the same time that Albano came out with the Headshrinkers to challenge the Quebecers and IRS destroyed the headdress and beat up Tanaka and Strongbow to start that feud and Michaels help Diesel win the IC belt from Razor and Earthquake came out to challenge Yoko. If the Perfect/Luger feud hadn't fallen through it would have been a really strong month or two for WWF angles. Apparently it bore out as that was the first year they did a Wrestlemania Revenge tour and according to Meltzer it did great numbers touring in a usually very slow time of year. (They had Bret vs Owen on top and Luger vs Crush after Perfect dropped out).

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Found in the November 1995 issue of The Wrestler, an eighteen-year-old Stephanie McMahon with Gorilla Monsoon:





NWA Starrcade ‘84 Program Cover [November 22nd, 1984] *Click to Enlarge*



American Starship: Starship Coyote & Starship Eagle [1984] *Click to Enlarge*


And since the Hall & Oates comparisons started to fly over on Twitter about Spivey and Hall, there's this dumb thing:



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GODDAMMIT ALL THE FOOTAGE WE DON'T HAVE ON THE LUCHA SET BLOWS. Hey, at least Brazos/Bucaneros take up a good chunk of the last disc with one being a hair match and one being a Super Libre, so we've probably got our share of one half of that match bleeding. 


Not the easiest fancam footage to watch and that's probably why it didn't make the set. 


And the Brazos vs Bucaneros stuff is fucking awesome.

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