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I really like this picture of the Main Event Mafia


Seeing this reminded me of something. Looking at Booker T with his Legends Title, does the TV Title still exist?



Abyss won it from Devon at Slammiversary back in June, then said on Impact that he was "taking it into the Abyss" which basically wrote it off as it hasn't been seen since. But it's still listed on the TNA roster page with Abyss as champion.

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Who's face is that on Tyler Black's crotch?

Might as well face it, he's addicted to love.

I loved when Rhett Titus was known as "Addicted to Love" Rhett Titus in ROH and he would hand out hotel keys to women @ ringside. His shining moment was having the Hammerstein Ballroom chant "You got cockblocked" at Delirious as he tried to ask out Daizee Haze. Man, I miss 2004-mid 2008 ROH.

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