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The girl is Christy Hemme and the guy is Tiny, the TNA Timekeeper. they had a match for some reason. WWE had Big Dick Johnson, the fat oily guy so of course TNA decided Tiny should be theirs.

The buildup for the match involved Christy being a heel...I think...demanding equal treatment for women in TNA, which Kip James was against. 


What about Joanie Lauer!!!!!

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Just noticed how blatantly Putski was ripping off Mighty Igor's gimmick, right down to the clothing.



"Colored women wrestling"? Eeeek.


Well, it was (I think) 1961 in the deepest of the deep south... so deep that their Southern title had a freaking Stars n Bars flag on the main plate. It was years before they faced off against whitey.

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