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  1. The "ballot" for Portland is up at https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1lo1AeeS7jtyJ6DpbfUQat2gZ5ybf10Z-1tl3Uze81LY/edit?usp=sharing You can either download a copy of the spreadsheet in Excel format or you can choose "File->Make a Copy" if you want to create a version of the Google Doc on your own drive. Send your ballots to indeedwrestling@gmail.com and be sure to include "PNW" in your subject line!
  2. Is there a best place to post thoughts on matches? I started using the 1980 forum over on prowrestlingonly to post my thoughts about the first two matches on Portland (Rick Martel /Harley Race and Buddy Rose/Martel). Also, I'm working on an excel sheet for voting.
  3. Send me an email with your address and I'll look for it in my inbox. I filtered on the [email protected] address. Occasionally they have gone in spam filters erroneously.
  4. We had 11 ballots. I received my first ballot over a year ago. I think it's time to close the books on this set. 1. MS-1 vs. Sangre Chicana (9/23/83): 1,159 points 2. Espanto Jr. vs El Hijo Del Santo (Mask vs. Mask) (8/31/86): 1,015 points 3. El Hijo del Santo vs. Negro Casas (Mask vs. Hair) (7/18/87): 1,012 points 4. Emilio Charles vs. El Dandy (Hair v. Hair) (7/28/89): 982 points 5. La Fiera vs. Babyface (8/15/86): 981 points 6. Gran Cochise vs. Satanico (9/14/84): 979 points 7. Sangre Chicana vs. Perro Aguayo (Hair vs. Hair) (2/28/86): 967 points 8. Pirata Morgan vs. El Dandy (Hair vs. Hair) (9/23/88): 956 points 9. Tony Salazar vs. Herodes (3/2/84): 949 points 10. El Hijo Del Santo vs. Espanto Jr. (4/10/88): 925 points 11. Mocho Cota vs. Americo Rocca (1/27/84): 915 points 12. Satanico vs. Super Astro (10/26/84): 912 points 13. Atlantis y Satanico vs. MS-1 y Tierra Viento y Fuego (Hair/Mask vs. Hair/Mask) (9/22/89): 866 points 14. Arandu vs. Guerrero Negro (Hair vs. Hair) (1988): 855 points 15. MS-1 y Maskare vs. El Dandy y El Satanico, (8/11/89): 853 points 16. Atlantis vs. El Satanico (1984): 841 points 17. Solar, Ultraman y Super Astro vs. Sergio El Hermoso, Bello Greco y Rudy Reyna (2/26/84): 816 points 18. Mocho Cota vs. Americo Rocca (2/3/84): 806 points 19. Sangre Chicana vs. Satanico (5/26/89): 802 points 20. Espectro Jr., Satanico y MS-1 vs. Mocho Cota, Sangre Chicana y La Fiera (9/30/83): 787 points 21. Sangre Chicana vs. Villano III (12/7/84): 785 points 22. El Brazo, Brazo Del Oro y Brazo Del Plata vs. Hombre Bala, Pirata Morgan y El Verdugo (Super Libre) (11/10/89): 782 points 23. Atlantis y El Hijo del Santo vs. Fuerza Guerrera y Lobo Rubio (11/25/83): 775 points 24. Perro Aguayo vs. Sangre Chicana vs. El Faraón vs. Villano III (Elimination Match) (10/84): 762 points 24. Super Astro, Atlantis y El Faraón vs. Fuerza Guerrera, Blue Panther y Emilio Charles (8/18/89): 762 points 26. Satanico vs. Shiro Koshinaka (Hair vs. Hair) (7/30/84): 754 points 27. Babyface, Cien Caras y Mascara Ano 2000 vs. Lizmark, Rayo De Jalisco y La Fiera (September 1986): 732 points 28. El Satanico y Espectro Jr. v. El Faraón y La Fiera (8/12/84): 725 points 29. La Fiera, El Faraón y El Egipico vs. MS-1, Satanico y Pirata Morgan (3/29/85): 710 points 29. Sangre Chicana vs. MS-1 (Hair vs. Hair) (9/21/84): 710 points 31. Mogur vs. As Charro (Mask vs. Mask) (9/18/87): 703 points 32. Satoru Sayama y Gran Hamada vs. Perro Aguayo y Baby Face (4/13/80): 687 points 33. Javier Cruz vs. Hombre Bala (Hair vs. Hair) (6/30/89): 681 points 34. Pirata Morgan, Hombre Bala y Verdugo vs. Atlantis, Angel Azteca y Ringo Mendoza (3/88): 671 points 35. El Brazo, Brazo Del Oro y Brazo Del Plata vs. Hombre Bala, Pirata Morgan y El Verdugo (10/27/89): 656 points 36. El Dandy vs. Emilio Charles Jr. (12/1/89): 654 points 37. Pirata Morgan, BabyFace y Cien Caras vs. La Fiera, Lizmark y Rayo De Jalisco Jr. (September 1986): 651 points 38. El Solitario vs. Dr. Wagner (Mask vs. Mask) (12/1/85): 649 points 39. Hijo del Santo, Cachorro Mendoza y Chamaco Valaguez vs. Jerry Estrada, Fuerza Guerrera y Talisman (3/9/84): 639 points 40. Mogur vs. Mascara Ano 2000 (Mask vs. Mask) (9/23/88): 635 points 41. Pirata Morgan vs. Brazo De Oro (11/17/89): 633 points 42. Emilio Charles, Fabuloso Blondy y Pirata Morgan vs. El Dandy, Atlantis & El Faraón (7/21/89): 625 points 43. Blue Panther/Sergio El Hermosa v. Super Astro/Solar (10/17/87): 618 points 44. Gran Cochise, Villano III y Rayo De Jalisco Jr. vs. Fishman, Mocho Cota y Tony Bennetto (11/30/84): 594 points 45. El Brazo y Brazo De Plata vs. Hombre Bala, El Verdugo (Hair vs. Hair) (11/17/89): 576 points 46. Javier Cruz vs. El Dandy (Hair vs. Hair) (10/26/84): 571 points 47. Fuerza Guerrera vs. El Hijo Del Santo vs. All Star (Mask Match) (12/8/89): 566 points 48. Villano III vs. Perro Aguayo (10/7/84): 561 points 49. Lizmark vs. El Satanico (April 1984): 557 points 50. Atlantis vs. Emilio Charles Jr. (8/12/88): 547 points 51. Ringo Mendoza, Atlantis y Ultraman vs. Satanico, Masakre y MS-1, (September 1986): 536 points 52. El Faraón, Herodes y Mocho Cota vs. Lizmark, Ringo Mendoza y Tony Salazar (2/24/84): 533 points 53. Atlantis, El Hijo del Santo y Tony Salazar vs. El Satanico, El Dandy y Espectro Jr. (4/3/87): 523 points 54. Jerry Estrada, Pirata Morgan y Hombre Bala vs. Atlantis, Alfonso Dantes y Rayo De Jalisco Jr. (Feb 1987): 515 points 55. Atlantis, Mascara Sagrada y Super Astro vs. Hombre Bala, Pirata Morgan y Verdugo) (September 1989): 499 points 56. Raul Reyes Jr. & Climax vs. Mocho Cota & Loco Zavala (Sonora 1985) (Youtube): 485 points 57. Sangre Chicana vs. Ringo Mendoza (10/28/83): 480 points 58. Centurion Negro vs. Gran Hamada (2/14/82): 479 points 59. Javier Cruz, Impacto y Solar II vs. El Dandy, Franco Colombo y Panico (10/84): 476 points 60. Emilio Charles Jr., MS-1 y Tierra, Viento y Fuego vs. Atlantis, El Dandy y Mascara Sagrada, (11/24/89): 466 points 61. El Hijo del Santo & Black Shadow Jr. vs. Espanto Jr. & Eskeletor (12/1/85): 465 points 62. Atlantis, El Dandy y Popitekus vs. Gran Markus Jr., Pirata Morgan y Ulises (5/26/89): 463 points 63. Jerry Estrada vs. Ultraman (3/2/84): 448 points 64. Rayo de Jalisco Jr., Atlantis y Alfonso Dantes vs. MS-1, El Satanico y El Dandy (3/27/87): 446 points 65. Americo Rocca, Cacharro Mendoza y Kung Fu vs. El Talisman, El Dandy y Guerrero Negro (September 1986): 441 points 66. Cien Caras vs. Siglo XX (4/10/87): 437 points 67. Americo Rocca vs. El Talisman (3/29/85): 420 points 68. Atlantis vs. El Faraón (3/22/85): 415 points 69. Tony Salazar, Mogur y Alfonso Dantes vs. Hombre Bala, Talisman y Tony Bennetto vs. Satanico, MS-1 y Masakre vs Ringo Mendoza, Atlantis and Javier Llanes (4/10/87): 400 points 70. Lizmark, La Fiera y Kung Fu vs. Pirata Morgan, Hombre Bala y Jerry Estrada (2/27/87): 379 points 71. Lizmark, Alfonso Dantes y Tony Salazar vs. El Signo, El Texano y Negro Navarro) (8/15/86): 371 points 72. Americo Rocca, Ringo Mendoza y Tony Salazar vs. Negro Navarro, El Signo y El Texano (Hair vs. Hair) (9/19/86): 370 points 73. El Dandy, Magico y Super Astro vs. Gran Cochise, Javier Cruz y Javier Rocca (11/11/87): 369 points 74. Kung Fu v. Javier Cruz (3/88): 361 points 74. El Canek vs. Don Corleone (2/14/82): 361 points 76. Americo Rocca, Javier Cruz y Chamaco Valaguez vs. Talisman, El Dandy y Guerrero Negro (3/13/87): 359 points 77. Atlantis y Lizmark vs. El Egipcio y El Faraón (2/17/84): 355 points 78. Popitekus, Angel Azteca y Steve Nelson vs. Emilio Charles Jr., Gran Markus Jr. y Masakre (6/9/89): 346 points 79. Enrique Vera vs. Dos Caras (2/26/84): 345 points 79. Jerry Estrada vs. Javier Cruz (Hair vs. Hair) (10/20/89): 345 points 81. Super Halcon, Satanico y Masakre vs. El Texano, Lizmark y Rayo De Jalisco Jr. (3/17/89): 334 points 82. Angel Azteca, Atlantis y Blue Demon Jr. vs. El Dandy, Super Muneco y El Texano (3/24/89): 319 points 83. Atlantis, Ringo Mendoza y Tony Salazar vs. El Satanico, MS-1 y Espectro Jr. (9/28/84): 318 points 84. Blue Panther, El Talisman y El Dandy vs. Stuka, America Rocca y Chamaco Valaguez (11/86): 317 points 85. Blue Panther, Emilio Charles Jr. y Hombre Bala vs. Blue Demon, Javier Cruz y Hombre Sin Nombre (8/4/89): 313 points 86. El Satanico, MS-1 y Masakre vs. Rayo de Jalisco Jr., La Fiera y Tony Salazar (3/20/87): 304 points 87. Kato Kung Lee vs. Kung Fu (Mask vs. Hair) (4/29/88): 295 points 88. Fuerza Guerrera y Rocky Star vs. All Star y El Hijo Del Santo + Fuerza Guerrera vs. Rocky Star (12/1/89): 274 points 89. Chavo Guerrero, Cien Caras y Mascara Ano Dos Mil vs. Lizmark, El Satanico y Rayo De Jalisco Jr. (10/20/89): 271 points 90. Lizmark, Mil Mascaras & Valente Fernandez vs. Sangre Chicana, Angel Blanco & Angel Blanco Jr. (12/1/85): 267 points 91. Rayo De Jalisco Jr. vs. Mascara Ano 2000 (8/15/86): 262 points 92. Tatsumi Fujinami vs. El Canek (6/12/83): 257 points 93. Kevin von Erich, Mascara Ano 2000 y Halcon Ortiz v. Coloso Colosetti, Pirata Morgan y Herodes (9/23/83): 231 points 94. All Star, El Dandy y El Texano vs. Espectro Jr., Jerry Estrada y Rocky Star (10/13/89): 227 points 95. El Dandy, Apolo Dantes y Eddy Guerrero vs. Emilio Charles Jr., Pirata Morgan y Ary Romero (9/29/89): 226 points 96. Blue Demon Jr., Super Astro y Mascara Sagrada vs. El Supremo, Espectro Jr. y Blue Panther (10/6/89): 219 points 97. Blue Demon, Blue Demon Jr. y Ringo Mendoza vs. Emilio Charles Jr., Pirata Morgan y Satanico (11/25/88): 194 points 98. Jerry Estrada, Ary Romero y Rick Patterson vs. Javier Cruz, Eddy Guerrero y El Dandy (10/6/89): 186 points 99. Andre the Giant & Cien Caras vs. Alfonso Dantes, Herodes y Sangre Chicana (1981): 158 points 100. Pirata Morgan vs. Ken Timbs (12/8/89): 45 points The top match, MS-1/Sangre Chicana, was overwhelming the winner. It had seven #1 votes, two second-place votes and a pair of #3 and #4 votes. Voters felt that 1984 and 1986 were the overall superior years of footage. In terms of top wrestlers, among those with five or more matches, the top finishers were Sangre Chicana (4,500 points), Satanico (4,451 points), MS-1 (4,375 points), Hijo Del Santo (4,366 points) and El Dandy (4,070 points). Additional detail available at: https://sites.google.com/site/chrisharrington/mookieghana-prowrestlingstatistics/dvdvr_80s_lucha
  5. I think it's time to close the Lucha Book. 11 ballots were received. https://sites.google.com/site/chrisharrington/mookieghana-prowrestlingstatistics/dvdvr_80s_lucha
  6. I've got about a dozen ballots in now so we're at least at the minimum threshold to put together stats. If you haven't submitted yet, the ballot is at https://sites.google.com/site/chrisharrington/mookieghana-prowrestlingstatistics/dvdvr_80s_lucha Email address to send ballots is [email protected]
  7. Thanks to everyone who has seen in a ballot thus far. We still have less than a dozen, so I would love to see more! IT'S NOT TOO LATE!
  8. We've only got a handful of ballots in, so please keep at it everyone and send stuff in by end of the week! [email protected] Ballot is at the bottom of this link: https://sites.google.com/site/chrisharrington/mookieghana-prowrestlingstatistics/dvdvr_80s_lucha
  9. I have NJ World links up here: https://sites.google.com/site/chrisharrington/mookieghana-prowrestlingstatistics/best-of-the-1980s-new-japan-dvdvr
  10. It always takes a year to finish these sets. We always think it's going to be faster, but it always takes 10-12 months. We've always had less participating for non-English sets and honestly participation has been downward sloping for years. Certainly, there was momentum lost when we lost the old board, but the project will continue. I think Portland will regain a ton of interest because that's a lot of stuff which many of us have never seen before. I predict participation will again explode if we ever do another WWF set or if we do NWA/WCW.
  11. So glad you compiled this! I put the information together by wrestler on this webpage: https://sites.google.com/site/chrisharrington/four_star_matches_won People with the most? Kobashi, MIsawa, Kawada, Taue, Angle, Benoit, Akiyama.
  12. Bunch of tiny vidcaps from Occupation of the Indies: http://japaneseindysleaze.tumblr.com
  13. I've been looking at the relationship between wrestler ages and match quality which has led me to assemble lots of lists of wrestler birthdays. Beyond the obvious (The Harris Boys! Gymini! The Bella Twins! The Usos!), here were some that I noticed: 3/30/1945: SD Jones & Ronnie Garvin 10/20/1958: Fit Finlay & Scott Hall 7/4/1960: Barry Windham & Sid Vicious 11/11/1963 Billy Gunn & Sam Houston 9/29/1970: Stacy Carter (The Kat) & Tajiri 2/10/1971: Louie Spicolli & Victoria 3/24/1982: Epico & Jack Swagger I would support all of these tag teams.
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