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  1. What's the deal with Fujiwara's leg? I was cringing every time he moved.
  2. Eve has a weird trannyish jawline that takes away from her other hotness. el Dandy fucking Lita doesn't prove anything. I'm sure Any American runaway who moves to Mexico for wrestling would blow him. Male or female.
  3. If this is what Vince had them rewrite, I'd hate to see the first script. And whoever is writing Dragon's promos need to stop having him "ask" and start having him take. Him constantly pointing out that the fans are firmly behind him needs to stop too, he starts making the Authority look foolish & disrespecting them and the crowd will chant regardless. Also Triple H should eat the running knee no less then 8 times heading towards Wrestlemania.
  4. Wait, how do you know Bryan doesn't give a fuck and is just in wrestling for the money & Brie's vegan snatch?
  5. Nope. Kota needs to cut that silly shit out tho. I don't really keep up with BJW, but they have been having some shit luck with their strong title.
  6. Finally watched it. If I went spoiler free, my confusion over Daniels not coming out would've made me hate the show, but knowing made me enjoy it way more then I thought. Batista winning still sucks regardless. Cena-Orton was exactly what I expect out of 2 of my least favorite wrestlers ever, same sucky ass match, don't get why this one is being shitcanned more then the others. Wish the lil Aryan bull had more spots. I enjoyed that more then anything.
  7. Damn, Kevin Steen was pissed. Speaking as someone who hasn't given wwe a dime since wrestlemania 13, I was looking forward to paying for the network. I'm now crafting an foley family essay & boycotting until Dragon overcomes whatever we're butthurt about!
  8. You guys are misreading Cesaro's facial expression. He's trying to figure the cookie into his macros, no hating the C.C. Roman Reign eyes are intoxicating & his hair is way too pretty. Fuck that guy.
  9. How long has WWE been building up to the Rumble without at least 85% of the wrestlers announced for the match itself. I know that atleast ran a few matches for people to participate last year... Or am I wrong?
  10. Even fake women are pain in the ass cheating whores. 610!?!?!? I bet the doll from Lars & The real girl cheated too.
  11. I guess whoever rip nxt this week said fuck the Miz and Ascension, because neither was on mines.
  12. ROH did a legit 1000+ in Pittsburgh? Wow. What's their Chicago attendance like?
  13. Ambrose saying every locker on the indies was filed with "Pockets of nerds everywhere" is the best description of wrestling ever.
  14. Sure, Whenever wWE development is talked about. But it's not like he just whines about it all the time like Nigel. You could be talking about Wheat bread being on sale & Nigel will turn that into a sob story about WWE.
  15. Sheamus? Hope he gets atleast 20 seconds this year.*Ha! I was joking. Did a google search & bam. Hopefully those plans get trashed ASAP.
  16. Last time I saw Hawkins was when Sami debuted on nxt.
  17. I don't think he's bitter either. In fact, he's way more bitter/pissed towards ROH.
  18. Booking when you don't have total control over money, your workers and can be replaced at the first drop of Dixie's period isn't helping these bookers. Arm chair booking seems so easy but it's harder than Chinese arithmetic written in Arabic.
  19. Cabana's "Underlining bitterness" doesn't effect the podcast at all. Cabana's shoot the shit interview style is really hit or miss with me, also his inability to reel in someone going on a rant or unfunny story. Stone Cold shuts long winded shit down.
  20. Bourne got into a car accident and destroyed his foot during his suspension. Multiple breaks and dislocations that put him out a year. He did one match last year at NXT. Zeke got 2 hernias in training last month, and had surgery last week. Layla hurt her knee again. JTG and Yoshi appear on Superstars. Axel's finisher is a shitty neckbreaker. Was that info you had in your memory bank? When was the last time those dudes were on raw or sd?
  21. Thought that was Naylor but that guy has like 5 feet on him.
  22. Jordan care pack. He's a celebrity & Nike loves giving free shit to them.
  23. I remember his music hitting before a match started & him kissing dudes in the audience. Don't remember him hitting a move on anyone tho.
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