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  1. Really? That's kinda surprising. I feel like Conor would mop him personally.
  2. Not the greatest season in the world. The Abram episode was epic, but it's gone to whatever since. We need more new people. I'm sick of Cara, Johnny, Aneesa, ect.
  3. There is a chance that Lawler/MacDonald could be the best trilogy at 170 and one of the best in MMA history. I just don't want the same thing to happen to Rory. If you're GSP, do you really want to come back and face ole Brutal Bob Lawler? It'd be hard to rank it the best trilogy just on the fact that Lawler is 2-0.
  4. Holm will tap in the 1st round. Just watching her other fights, and now way she's improved enough to do nearly anything to Ronda. I like JJ, but that's a squash too. Really just interested in the Hunt fight.
  5. Definitely checking this out, already seems some great stuff on a quick glance. Have a birthday coming up next month, so I'll probably be picking some things up soon. edit. The mini big-heads! always wanted some.
  6. Crazy the amount of legends at this show. Fedor, GSP, BJ Penn, Frank Shamrock, Royce Gracie, Sakuraba, Randy Couture, Cyborg, Cain.
  7. Wonder if a punishment will be given to Toq, The MMA media & most of the internet is pushing hard for it. Is anybody scarier then this guy?
  8. Because if she'd have said nothing , the fight would have gone differently right?
  9. So, I finally got around to watching a Tortugas Ninja match from earlier this year, and it was amazing. Is there anywhere, or anyway to find more of them?
  10. I'd think the idea is to put Cyborg up against Tate for her first fight. but Miesha
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