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  1. I was just about to post the Patriot squash that Lazlo posted. That's my absolute favorite squash match ever. Koko murders that guy. He would have been an awesome New Japan junior.
  2. I'll admit that the gif is hilarious even if I didn't enjoy it in the actual match.
  3. You need to check out the Sawyer vs Duggan matches from the Mid South set. Unfortunately only the dog collar one is online but their first one is just an ugly brawl between two hosses. Totally the kind of thing you'd be into.
  4. Fuck yes! Somebody needs to put that Bull Pain & Todd Morton vs Jerry Lawler & Chris Michaels match on youtube.
  5. What's the story here? That's a wacky combination of people. I recognize Andre (obviously) but we've also got Dusty, Masked Superstar, Sheik, and Blackman. Is that Skaaland on the far left? The guy under Andre's arm looks familiar but I can't place him.
  6. http://memoryhole.biz/ is my new favorite website. It's like watching someone's wacky out of context homemade vhs tapes.
  7. Saw them in New York in May and I ached for a week afterwards. Absolutely worth it.
  8. I've been waiting for more people to catch up and post more. I'd like to rewatch some of this stuff after hearing some new opinions.
  9. Cholak vs Bearcat Wright had cool moments like the egging and the shoulder blocks but there just wasn't enough there for a great match. Little Eagle vs Tom Thumb was a cool, focused match and had way less comedy than I was expecting/hoping for. I had no idea Eagle was so old when he wrestled at WMIII. I watched the Thesz vs Rogers match that went to a draw while cooking yesterday. It was alright. I found the mat wrestling in the Lisowskis/Bruiser vs Gagne/Rocca/Snyder trios match to be far more gripping.
  10. Dick the Bruiser & the Lisowski Brothers vs Verne Gagne, Wilbur Snyder & Argentina Rocca (9/14/56) I decided to check this one out because of the lineup and it turned out pretty fun. It's actually a pretty fast paced match considering when it happened. I haven't really seen a tag match from this era before so it was interesting to see the differences between the mechanics of tag matches today and back then. A lot of the action was back and forth and there were a number of heat sections. Those heat sections never really reached the crescendo I expect to see in most tag matches and there were more than you see in most tag matches. The heels did a lot of stooging and it's easy to see the traditions of AWA heel stooging here. Dick the Bruiser took some huge bumps and the Lisowski brothers walked into a number of basic double and triple team attacks. They were constantly doing those little heelish mannerisms; they were pulling hair, tights, and choking. I was surprised to see Gagne lose the first fall clean via submission but he took his win back in the second fall. We didn't get to see much of Wilbur Snyder who I wanted to see after hearing my dad talk about him for years. What we did see looked pretty promising. He had a great exchange with Stan. Snyder put on the short arm scissors in really slick fashion but Lisowski deadlifted out of it which is a classic counter I always like to see. At first I thought it was a weird counter for a heel but Stan turns to the crowd and flexes his muscles afterward and Snyder dropkicks him right over the top rope. I've only seen highlights of Rocca before and his offense was pretty fun here. As a shoot style fan it's fascinating to see him throwing palm strikes and a variety of kicks but the mat stuff he did do was wacky. Lost of bridges and handstands but mixed with flying leg scissors takedowns and other athletic stuff like that. This has got me excited to see more.
  11. I want to buy Rayo and drop him head first onto objects and friends.
  12. We all know the greatest wrestling action figure of all time is homeless Antonio Inoki:
  13. Somebody Photoshopped Funk's eyes on a picture of Eddie Guerrero? What really makes it is the autograph made out to ANTiSEEN. "You guys stay out of jail."
  14. I don't know who the white guy is but he's not Finlay. The other guy is Slick.
  15. The cover to Allan Sherman's little known 60s novelty album "My Son, The Wrestler."
  16. I love Chavo Jr but if the only Mando you've watched is AWA Mando then you have watched the wrong Mando. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ff76pPA-cIQ
  17. Regardless of it's relevance to WOTD I'm excited to watch more Mando.
  18. Apparently that is exactly what Magico is trying to do according to luchawiki: http://www.luchawiki.com/index.php?title=M%C3%A1scara_Sagrada
  19. I fucking love Bull Pain. What has he been up to lately?
  20. I figure I should post this here for people who don't post on PWO: That's the El Santo farewell match at El Toreo from 1983 that was clipped in the extras but here it is in full. The footage is cool though the match is a tad disappointing. Solitario vs Perro Aguayo is awesome and the atmosphere is great but nobody else really shines and the match itself is only two falls, both of which end via DQ. Disappointing booking for such a big match.
  21. Daniel Johnston singing about being exploited is heavy shit.
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