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  1. NSFW (Skimpy 1989 Missy Hyatt)
  2. How many can you name?
  3. You're lucky that I don't own the album and haven't scanned that pic in yet...
  4. Scanned and posted this lovely thing over on WCW Worldwide, just a heads up for you good people: The program has given me this wondrous pic that I'll cherish till the day I die.
  5. Mark Madden from a November 2000 issue of WCW Magazine.
  6. Goldberg and The Cat, from last week:
  7. Uhh... hey guys! Here's a thing!
  8. There are people who hate Arquette for going along with it. There are people who hate Vince Russo for booking it. There are people who hate Tony Schiavone for suggesting it. There are people who hate me for bringing it up. There are people who hate you for continuing discussion on it.
  9. It's the anniversary of a thing. Related:
  10. Broken Bayley works for me.