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  1. Uhh... hey guys! Here's a thing!
  2. There are people who hate Arquette for going along with it. There are people who hate Vince Russo for booking it. There are people who hate Tony Schiavone for suggesting it. There are people who hate me for bringing it up. There are people who hate you for continuing discussion on it.
  3. It's the anniversary of a thing. Related:
  4. If you follow him on Twitter, you can see his mood swings. He's done a couple I NEED TO GET BUSY LIVING OR GET BUSY DYING type posts which leads me to believe that he'll be in the ring and continue to train until he's dead. He also clarified that a spot from that match in Japan knocked him out, nothing to do with his heart issues.
  5. Funny... I was just talking about this on Twitter. That Pro Wrestling Tees is a crappy tracing of a low-quality photo I swiped from eBay years ago and posted on Twitter. I would've bought the PWT version if they made some sort of attempt to correct the slanted angle the original pic had: Yeah, I'm not paying $20 for that.
  6. Don't show Wade Keller this photo
  7. Please don't shut this down, it's all I have. "Sen. Sam Brownback displays a video game (ECW Hardcore Revolution) and associated action figure (New Jack) during the hearing on marketing violence to children September 13, 2000 on Capitol Hill in Washington. September 13, 2000" (Via CelebGames)
  8. DVDVR -> Wreddit -> DVDVR
  9. True. This is the logo on Vince's lanyard there.
  10. I did a thing showcasing some Looney Tunes + WCW merch. Also, here's some wrestler pics.
  11. Yes. We've all been crowned the King of Pancrase, at some point in our lives.