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  1. Love pics of wrestlers living the gimmick.
  2. one of the rarest moves in pro wrestling
  3. When Madusa was at WrestleCon in November, she had her pink WWF Women’s title covered up as well. So bizarre.
  4. @elizium Ask and you shall receive (spoiled for size):
  5. Looks like it. I've been named in the thread and have already gotten three emails regarding it. Don't they know I focus on the Turner era of WCW!!?!? Figured someone here would be better suited for it, if it is an actual match. Good chance he could be remembering incorrectly.
  6. I was asked to help solve this NWA mystery -- most likely a match from World Championship Wrestling. Does any of this ring a bell to anyone immediately. Hard to go by due to this person's hazy memory, but I've been scanning matches for missile dropkicks. Not sure what I'm looking for, thinking he could also be talking about Bobby Eaton as he couldn't even recall Jim Cornette's name...