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  1. Fulfilling @No Point Stance's request from July, obviously NSFW:
  2. Brands are not your friend.
  3. Before Sabu, there was Bobby Eaton.
  4. I think I might have that one... I'll check and see.
  5. C'mon now -- I run a WCW fansite, that issue of PWI is something I've been putting off for a while now. I knew I had to buy it eventually, I'm just not a fan of black/white wrassle mags. We're good. Currently scanning in a German WCW magazine now, some good stuff in this one:
  6. Bought it and that photo isn't in this magazine. No Abdullah to be found. Sorry @No Point Stance. Here is consolation Abby.
  7. Not a big PWI guy... but is it one of these?
  8. Spoiled fer size, Arn Anderson tells a tale of Burp'n and Blow'n with Bobby Eaton.
  9. The Mega Man armor was for his entrance, I believe: Here's Konnan wrestling as Max Moon:
  10. This rating scale found in a German WCW Magazine is bonkers. Experience, speed, endurance and PSYCHOPOWER?!??!! For the record, Vader had the highest PSYCHOPOWER (9) while Steve Austin (1) and Regal (0) were at the bottom of the pile.