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  1. With that unreleased UWC video game for the NES being discovered last week, there’s some questions surrounding it. The guy that has the cart now and has dumped the ROM to ensure its release has an inquiry regarding the UWC moniker. Theres never been anything shown publicly regarding the Universal Wrestling Corporation, right? Just an internal placeholder that turned into WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING almost immediately, correct?
  2. Almost every other post I've put up on the WCW Worldwide Tumblr was flagged but thankfully, the whole site wasn't pulled. Turns out that several items have just been hidden from public view, which absolutely sucks since the pulled content seemingly goes all the way back to 2013. The only way to bring them back is to seek out the posts and send individual appeals for each one, which isn't as easy to do as the dashboard for the site sucks. I saw some issues on the backend on Tumblr regarding archiving photos a while back, so I luckily pulled back over the past couple of years from posting there exclusively, but it still irks me. However, I did get a good laugh at this:
  3. Yup. I think the ones that sold in late 2017 were recently made but I can think of four different people who own at least five of his vintage robes. Conrad Thompson, Darius Rucker and the private collector who owns the original Big Gold Belt. Then, there’s a story of a guy who bought the original NWA title with a Flair robe for something like $10,000. Millican bought the title back from him. Not sure if that is also the private collector or not...
  4. Spoiled for size, scanned from a German WCW Magazine from 1994 -- I have the rest on my site!
  5. If any of guys want in, I'm sending an order out for these tomorrow. Start at $17.50 and ships worldwide: WCW Worldwide Store!
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