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The Wall Street Journal Vince McMahon Thread.

Message added by jaedmc,

It's a gross story, don't stare too deeply into the abyss or it will stare back.

Also be adults and don't make us ban you.

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2 minutes ago, Octopus said:

The film festival I run, Octopus Marquee Independent Film Festival, has decided to not consider doing business sponsoring the Royal Rumble. We will not see any adds for Octopus Marquee Independent Film Festival during the show. Octopus Marquee Independent Film Festival does not condone Vince being a dumb fuck trash monster.

Thank you for reading.


The Octopus - President and Festival Director

Octopus Marquee Independent Film Festival

The Octopus Marquee Independent Film Festival...Made for humans...made by humans...but never ever made of humans (except the actors they are in there but, you know, not mangled up in machinery except that one old projector runner in 1956 but he was really drunk and very skinny.... )."

Not as catchy but it will play!

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also when it comes to advertisers.. 

with how much money is made just from media rights, i'd imagine most of the bad news from advertiser pullouts/pauses is if news entities pick it up for stories. WWE is probably making a profit just from their rights payments and the advertisements are a bonus on top.

news stories tend to live or die based on if developments happen, so if advertisers pausing on WWE happens, it could keep the story going

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12 minutes ago, piranesi said:

Unfortunately today there are two more rich powerful rapist stories ahead of this one. Trump and Cuomo. It's a real bottleneck up there.

I'll have to list it sometime, or maybe not, but the Trump/McMahon similarities are crazy.  Right down to both guys being preoccupied with physical size, which is wild.

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Vince McMahon must be removed and he must be removed yesterday. WWE and TKO should be acting as this is an existential crisis. He can no longer reasonably serve as an executive of the company at this point.

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4 hours ago, jaedmc said:

I swear anytime anyone says something about WWE's sponsors the first one I think of is....


That was a billion years ago now. But it's all I remember.

"Promotional Consideration paid for by the following:" - Lord Alfred Hayes

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