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    Its just Terry Gordy's belt buckle
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    Spoilered for size. He's a little person.
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    I'm not sure if it's funnier if you intended to make a pun, or if it just came out that way.
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    So... I got married yesterday~! Behold my blushing bride and I in our joy! James
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    Alex Riley, you should SAY IT TO HER FAAAAAAAAAAAAACE with RAGE and stuff.
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    What's wrong with Wisconsin's style of play? They play a beautiful game on offense.
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    I don't think I could live in a world where penguins with rocket launchers are a bad idea.
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    Someone needs to 'shop this like a Cold War propaganda poster. You know the ones. My attempt:
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    "Oh, shit. Sting's not Japanese?" - soon to be fired suited man "They think I'm Japanese. Can you believe that?" "Great to be back here at the Tokyo Dome, brother."
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    The opening tag team match was fun, but nothing must-see beyond Nagata's crazy-eye armbar. Cody Hall got some new gear and shined nicely in the Bullet Club B team tag. He's improving rapidly and will be really interesting to see in a year. RPG Vice vs. the Young Bucks had so many little old school bits in it that were mixed up and modernized. The heel champs tried to leave, but it was a ploy for a superkick party and an attempt to get another kind of cheap escape via a countout. The Bucks also did the old Rock 'N Roll Express bit of Robert tossing Ricky into the corner for a tag that I remember Cornette loving on one of the Wrestling Gold SMW compilations. RPG Vice winning was a surprise, but they got the titles on the new team here and gave them instant credibility. Anderson and Gallows vs. The Kingdom was less a match and more of a showcase for Maria's ass. The entire psychology of this being about Maria hurt The Kingdom a bit, but Taven still shined as the speester of the team whle Bennett was more of a powerhouse. They really made Maria out to be a star here and she was great on the apron faking out Karl with her facial expressions. The Okada DVD ad was hilarious, so hopefully that goes on NJPW World at some point soon. The Nakamura 6-man tag was very good and full of fun stuff. It was hard to not love Makabe and Ishii finding any excuse to beat the Hell out of each other. Goto getting the win was a surprise, but sets up what should be a great IC title program between Goto and Nakamura. The Tanahashi tag had some of the best-looking intros of the show thanks to Tanahashi's lighting and Saku's fan with a Saku belt. Saku took a beating, but most of what he did was pure holds and striking only entered the picture at the very end. I loved Shibata lifting the rash guard up to kick him, but Saku being so awesome that he managed to still reverse the figure four with it over his head. It was a silly visual, but it worked. In the end, Saku got a big win with a Kimura and Shibata had to ice it down. The pre-match Okada-Fale video showed the fall of Okada, while the match itself was alla bout his redemption. Okada struggled, but eventually won after the big elbow, a pair of dropkicks, the hardest tombstone to ever execute in the history of wrestling, and then the Rainmaker. Fale's nerve hold at nearly 5 AM EST was a bit much, but other than that, this was a fun match thanks to Okada. Okada came off like a character babyface with his busted-up cheek being almost a Foley-Orton moment where he went from being a pretty boy to a tough guy who happens to be pretty. The video for Ibushi vs. AJ told you about Ibushi's rise in the past year from DDT to New Japan, while in that same time, AJ has conquered New Japan and even won the title right away against Okada. They didn't linger on Okada, but reminded you of what he did adn that played perfectly into the close of the show. After a classic match set up with AJ as the too-cocky heel challenger that could easily lose due to his arrogance, Okada attacked him and declared that he's going for what was taken from him one year ago. He ended the show with a Rainmaker and a pose while confetti fell from the sky and he had AJ's title draped across his shoulder. The before and after told a find story, as did the match in the middle. Here, Ibushi shined as a main eventer for the future just like he did as a semi-main eventer at Wrestle Kingdom 9. He lost there, which when combined with AJ being too cocky, set up a perfect scenario where Ibushi can win and Nakamura wants a shot because he's not only IC Champion, but he beat Ibushi at the biggest show of the year. This match didn't have as many German suplexes, but had far sicker ones. Including a straightjacket german by Ibushi, and a flipover German by AJ on the floor. I loved the bit close to the end of the match where Ibushi goes for a kick and AJ slaps him around - but in doing so, he allows Ibushi to jump up with the good leg and knee him right in the face. It was a perfect hope spot. Ibushi's look of despair with just his body language and eventually facial expressions during the Calf Killer were something special. In the end, he had the title won - but allowed himself to be distracted by Kenny. If he hadn't been, then the Phoenix Splash would've hit. Instead, it was turned into a Phoenix Clash with AJ catching him and nailing the move perfectly for the win. AJ's celebration was short-lived, but set up the latter-half of 2015 with another exciting AJ-Okada feud. Thumbs way up for this show. It was better than WrestleMania in many ways, and nearly on par with Wrestle Kingdom 9. http://jayreviewsthings.blogspot.com/2015/04/njpw-invasion-attack-2015.html Screen Highlights Part 1- Screens part 1 - http://www.imagebam.com/gallery/1qalp3z2h71jifcgw1u27p312mefxinz Screens part 2 - http://www.imagebam.com/gallery/kfxxo269gd7s2he17z6iy1net619l2y5 Screens part 3- http://www.imagebam.com/gallery/eyve6kcl5lpppkg8p9v2w76kchxlfcyt
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    Still a better wrestler than 2015 Big Show.
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    My wife figured it out fairly quickly I, on the other hand, am an idiot
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    So I flipped by TOMMY BOY just now, and it hit me that, to a teenager watching it in 2015, this movie must look like BLAZING SADDLES or BAD NEWS BEARS looked like to me in 1995.
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    The story with her is apparently WWE had another Asian girl on the roster and Vince felt "we already have one of those" so she got cut. Legit. Kinda puts into context the whole idea how WWE has been looking for "a Hispanic star" all these years. Just one! Can't have more than one because that may confuse the fans who can't tell any people apart unless they're white. Next thing you know Vince & Hunter will be putting all the black guys together in some sort of stereotypical group...
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    They dont own their first round pick ; Edmonton does.
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    I am not sure if the default game includes Negro League baseball but I am 100% saying there are add ons for it at the very least. The big historic facegen packs definitely include Negro League so there's got to be a reason for that. I'm not sure about add on compatibility year to year myself. One of us should really get on the official OOTP forums and ask a couple questions. I am really shocked how into OOTP I am because I'm really not *that* into baseball compared to a couple other sports, but '14 is a very solid game, and I love the depth of features and tweakability of the whole thing. It's almost like a programming language built entirely around baseball. I play just as GM and let the AI do tactics, I watch almost all my team's games and just keep hitting the "RISP" button to get to the good parts (though you miss solo homeruns doing that, no biggie). As such I am advancing extremely slowly but enjoying it. I spend so much time digging through stuff between games. I'd actually say in some ways OOTP reminds me of Extreme Warfare Revenge (though it's a far broader and more advanced piece of work). If it exists it can be tweaked and it has a surprising amount of charm for a text based game. Computer can't be screwed over terribly in trades in this game, I find. That's a really big change from most other sports sims I have played. AI absolutely treats even average starting pitchers like gold and the price to get them is crazy. This is a good thing. You can't just trade three mediocre prospects and win the world series. Long term hall of fame candidate to watch on my fantasy team is my closer. I drafted him in the initial league draft, he was only 21 but has really really high end numbers (two pitch killer, fastball and slider both maxed, maxed stuff, high movement and control), closing in on through two seasons he has a WHIP of just under 1 and already is past 70 saves. All other pitchers on my team put together have like 6. If he stays healthy and on his game for the next decade he's got a really legit shot at setting my fantasy league all-time saves record that everyone else would chase forever because he started so good so young. Only thing that honestly bugs me about OOTP '14 is there's no feature to turn off career ending injuries. I'm fine with injuries in general I would just rather turn off the Retire Roll Of Death. You can manually edit any player that has one if you are a league commish, but the problem is the minute they get a career ending injury the game automatically retires them and invalidates their contract, and I don't feel like being picky enough to figure out which team and for how long and at what money guys were at. Very minor quibble. Everything else is quite good. It is not like it is happening all the time either, I just feel bad for the three or four fake computerized baseball players denied the last years of their career. If they fixed this in the newer version I really can't see there would be much I could complain about. Only other really minor thing is there should be a way to export a scorecard into a non-html format. Like a "dump game scorecard to notepad" button would be swell.
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    I don't know about the clip, but it was Rebecca Budig and she quipped that Stephanie was " twice her size". This took place in October 2000. Awesome. I don't remember this much but always liked Rebecca, would've liked if she stuck around. The moment in question starts around 13:36 That whole thing looks like it was a disaster from Rebecca's dig to the Playboy question to Stephanie uttering the line, "I don't think I could ever compare to Chyna."
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    AJ is a lot like Dolph, in that she really was just about the best thing they had at one point, but where everything improved around her, she never got any better.
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    I say FX should bring back Terriers. The Americans (which is a great show) doesn't exactly get the best ratings, but they're 3 seasons in with a 4th already ordered. Why couldn't they do the same for Terriers? I'm still pissed that show never got a second season.
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    Apparently Alex Riley wasn't a fan: Alex Riley ✔ @AlexRileyWWE: I just got 4-3-15 tattooed on my neck
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    Murphy Brown with her son as a closted anchor of a Fox News like station
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    If you are proposing getting Jami Gertz, Tracy Nelson, and Amy Linker together in one t.v. box, then I will work tirelessly to further your cause. See this is why we need PSYCH back. On any given week, there was a chance that they would just do a square pegs episode or something. There was always a chance.
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    I am neither female nor gay (not that there's anything wrong with that) which seems to be their target audience but I was always slagged for saying Girls Aloud made some pretty swell pop songs. I stand by this assertion: Plus, Nadine...Derry representing and all that.
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    57 days seems good enough for Tiger. He's just announced he's playing the first two rounds of The Masters. That seems better.
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    Nobleman or not, a lord still looks up to a king. *snickers* "looks up".
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    I was just about to ask "How the hell do you book something like World War 3 outside of the last few minutes?" and then I realized it was WCW so they probably just didn't.
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    I beat the yesterday, but now I'm not sure where to go. I had to put it down for a few days to go out of town, so it was cool that I was still okay for beating that guy a few hours in. How far along are you? I'm at the part of the game where you go the wrong way, figure out too late that you've gone the wrong way in a way that cannot be fixed, and then you die, and then you lose 7800 souls before you can even level up goddamnit, damnit, DAMNIT. Other PS4 thoughts! UI- The constant major key jingle is like someone telling me "everything is going to be alright" when I didn't ask if everything was going to be alright. So it makes me defensive. I made the background pink though, so, that's cool. MLB15 THE SHOW: Hubris is a terrible thing. See, the way that the game phrases the Beginner/Experienced choice is that Beginner is for people who have trouble playing any video games. So I chose Experienced, and got roundly mauled for a few games. Switching down to beginner feels humiliating, like I've let myself down, but I'm playing like the actual Phillies in game when I have it on experienced, so, that's a problem. We'll see how long it takes. AXIOM VERGE- Like it very much. Metroid comparisons stop working pretty quickly. There's a scale in this game that metroid never really reached, and it's the thing that's keeping me going. Also the PS4 included a $10 code for PSN store credit. It expired March 31st. I got my Playstation April 1st.
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    I just looked up Rosenberg's tweets. Wow he is insufferable. On the one hand I'm sad. But if she got out and made a decent chunk of money in the process more power to her.
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    AJ was awesome. I think she was the best Diva since Trish and Lita and that era. She wasn't as good as they were in the ring -- her size really limited what she can do and she wasn't some athletic freak who could fly -- but she made the most out of absolutely every second of screen time she ever had. She might have been the best actor/actress in the entire company. Who knows how carny it all is but she came off like she really wanted to be in the WWE and made the most out of her opportunity. There was a LONG stretch when she was the only female personality in the WWE who cared. No one else took what they did seriously. The Bellas had that whole deal where they were trying to take Daniel Bryan's virginity or whatever. It was unwatchable garbage. AJ had the "nerds in love" thing with Daniel Bryan and it was awesome. He really started to get over because of how he treated her. And she was the best performer on the show for that whole Bryan/Punk/Kane quarrel she was in. I also loved her pairing with Dolph. Dolph and ADR had that classic double turn match. That worked as well as it did because of what an amazing second/girlfriend AJ played. She really sold the direness of Dolph's condition and showed concern and worry. The only time period where she didn't really click was as the Raw GM. She was still decent in the role but it was just a neutered disorganized mess of an angle. Her crowning moment is The Pipe Bombshell. Say what you want about shoot stuff and the like, but AJ delivered an all-time great promo and it resonated well because she was saying what a lot of people were thinking. We had to friggin' endure garbage like Eva Marie and Cameron and JoJo and Nattie and The Bellas were mailing stuff in. Who knows what the real thing was, but AJ flat out chumping those girls was awesome. Just the total reactions to it told all you needed to know. AJ delivers this promo filled with emotion, vocal changes, sarcasm and perfect timing. She threw FIRE. The Bellas just scream over it ("Say it to ouuurrr faaaaaaccee") and almost ruin it from a TV production standpoint. Eva Marie just apes what they do because why not and she's a total moron. Cameron and Naomi make yawn gestures -- great way to put that over, ladies. And Nattie tries to do the whole "Oh yeah? Let's fight" face but instead looks like she's dealing with the runs. It was just night-and-day of professionalism. Then she totally gasfaced the announcers the week after that. Who knows what was planned, but she said what we were thinking: Talk about the product, morons. I loved AJ's run as the arrogant, skipping little snot heel champ. The angle with Paige was a lot of fun and had some good matches and angles. I loved when Paige tossed AJ off the ring apron. "BE CAREFUL WITH MY FRIEND!" The women's division has gotten much better lately. Paige knows what she's doing and is blossoming. The Bellas are now actively good in the ring. Nattie's found a good spot. Naomi's athleticism is starting to click. And we know what NXT has in store for us. But the women's division, for years, felt like I was watching humans degrade themselves for money and attention. AJ was the only one I actively liked and was invested in. Thank you for the career.
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    Unfortunately you have to intern in the Dungeon of Doom. Apparently, they don't even get hot water there. But at least there's Hulkamaniacs there, right....?
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    Roman's theme song is getting updated...
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    You're welcome. https://play.spotify.com/user/keith_001/playlist/6NO6VVRCbX8YqOOsVmPGMi
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    Kris is joined by David Bixenspan (davidbix.com and f4wonline.com) and Dylan Hales (Wrestling Culture podcast) to discuss the demise of the Universal Wrestling Federation. We discuss the buildup to the buyout and how Jim Crockett Jr. & Dusty Rhodes took was once maybe the best promotion in the country and turned it into a complete afterthought. Listen to us talk about every thing under the UWF name, especially the sleaziness of Mike Boyette & Gary Young!! http://placetobenation.com/exile-on-badstreet-2-the-death-of-the-universal-wrestling-federation
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    No, you see, every time Harley Race is brought up in the same sentence as those two, full grown cats die. I'm sorry, Cristobal
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    So the family was pretty Anoa'id?
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    He will tag with Daniel Bryan and do a Twins entrance. https://youtu.be/d6OpyEjFLOU
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    Turbo Man. Steph can be Booster.
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    I hope the authority figure and leader of The Database faction is a woman named Sophie.
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