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    My favorite pic from my nuptials to Janice Kowalski April 4th 2015 is, far and away, the happiest day of my life!
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    Who cares what Alex Riley thinks about anything? Can we get Kevin Owens to squash Riley some more?
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    So... I got married yesterday~! Behold my blushing bride and I in our joy! James
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    Some people come from the school of "cheer for your conference if your team isn't in it." Others, myself generally included, comes from the school of "fuck every other team in the conference I hope they all lose" But then there's the whole "fuck Duke" thing and, I mean, seriously, fuck Duke.
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    Justin Roberts now, I'd imagine.
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    There is always this, Brian.
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    Alex Riley, you should SAY IT TO HER FAAAAAAAAAAAAACE with RAGE and stuff.
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    Apparently Alex Riley wasn't a fan: Alex Riley ✔ @AlexRileyWWE: I just got 4-3-15 tattooed on my neck
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    Black Lotus said that her goal was "to destroy the monster behind the bars." It's gotta be Jon Taffer! Wotta swerve!
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    What's wrong with Wisconsin's style of play? They play a beautiful game on offense.
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    I don't think I could live in a world where penguins with rocket launchers are a bad idea.
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    Its just Terry Gordy's belt buckle
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    Spoilered for size. He's a little person.
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    The opening tag team match was fun, but nothing must-see beyond Nagata's crazy-eye armbar. Cody Hall got some new gear and shined nicely in the Bullet Club B team tag. He's improving rapidly and will be really interesting to see in a year. RPG Vice vs. the Young Bucks had so many little old school bits in it that were mixed up and modernized. The heel champs tried to leave, but it was a ploy for a superkick party and an attempt to get another kind of cheap escape via a countout. The Bucks also did the old Rock 'N Roll Express bit of Robert tossing Ricky into the corner for a tag that I remember Cornette loving on one of the Wrestling Gold SMW compilations. RPG Vice winning was a surprise, but they got the titles on the new team here and gave them instant credibility. Anderson and Gallows vs. The Kingdom was less a match and more of a showcase for Maria's ass. The entire psychology of this being about Maria hurt The Kingdom a bit, but Taven still shined as the speester of the team whle Bennett was more of a powerhouse. They really made Maria out to be a star here and she was great on the apron faking out Karl with her facial expressions. The Okada DVD ad was hilarious, so hopefully that goes on NJPW World at some point soon. The Nakamura 6-man tag was very good and full of fun stuff. It was hard to not love Makabe and Ishii finding any excuse to beat the Hell out of each other. Goto getting the win was a surprise, but sets up what should be a great IC title program between Goto and Nakamura. The Tanahashi tag had some of the best-looking intros of the show thanks to Tanahashi's lighting and Saku's fan with a Saku belt. Saku took a beating, but most of what he did was pure holds and striking only entered the picture at the very end. I loved Shibata lifting the rash guard up to kick him, but Saku being so awesome that he managed to still reverse the figure four with it over his head. It was a silly visual, but it worked. In the end, Saku got a big win with a Kimura and Shibata had to ice it down. The pre-match Okada-Fale video showed the fall of Okada, while the match itself was alla bout his redemption. Okada struggled, but eventually won after the big elbow, a pair of dropkicks, the hardest tombstone to ever execute in the history of wrestling, and then the Rainmaker. Fale's nerve hold at nearly 5 AM EST was a bit much, but other than that, this was a fun match thanks to Okada. Okada came off like a character babyface with his busted-up cheek being almost a Foley-Orton moment where he went from being a pretty boy to a tough guy who happens to be pretty. The video for Ibushi vs. AJ told you about Ibushi's rise in the past year from DDT to New Japan, while in that same time, AJ has conquered New Japan and even won the title right away against Okada. They didn't linger on Okada, but reminded you of what he did adn that played perfectly into the close of the show. After a classic match set up with AJ as the too-cocky heel challenger that could easily lose due to his arrogance, Okada attacked him and declared that he's going for what was taken from him one year ago. He ended the show with a Rainmaker and a pose while confetti fell from the sky and he had AJ's title draped across his shoulder. The before and after told a find story, as did the match in the middle. Here, Ibushi shined as a main eventer for the future just like he did as a semi-main eventer at Wrestle Kingdom 9. He lost there, which when combined with AJ being too cocky, set up a perfect scenario where Ibushi can win and Nakamura wants a shot because he's not only IC Champion, but he beat Ibushi at the biggest show of the year. This match didn't have as many German suplexes, but had far sicker ones. Including a straightjacket german by Ibushi, and a flipover German by AJ on the floor. I loved the bit close to the end of the match where Ibushi goes for a kick and AJ slaps him around - but in doing so, he allows Ibushi to jump up with the good leg and knee him right in the face. It was a perfect hope spot. Ibushi's look of despair with just his body language and eventually facial expressions during the Calf Killer were something special. In the end, he had the title won - but allowed himself to be distracted by Kenny. If he hadn't been, then the Phoenix Splash would've hit. Instead, it was turned into a Phoenix Clash with AJ catching him and nailing the move perfectly for the win. AJ's celebration was short-lived, but set up the latter-half of 2015 with another exciting AJ-Okada feud. Thumbs way up for this show. It was better than WrestleMania in many ways, and nearly on par with Wrestle Kingdom 9. http://jayreviewsthings.blogspot.com/2015/04/njpw-invasion-attack-2015.html Screen Highlights Part 1- Screens part 1 - http://www.imagebam.com/gallery/1qalp3z2h71jifcgw1u27p312mefxinz Screens part 2 - http://www.imagebam.com/gallery/kfxxo269gd7s2he17z6iy1net619l2y5 Screens part 3- http://www.imagebam.com/gallery/eyve6kcl5lpppkg8p9v2w76kchxlfcyt
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    For all we know AJ was terrible to Riley. We literally know nothing about the relationship they had. Not getting the pile on here.
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    OR [pointless wild speculation bullshit]!
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    You My wife figured it out fairly quickly I, on the other hand, am an idiot You also missed the non-swerve about Robert Redford being the Red Skull.
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    I like that the dummy is called Sandowstein. New gimmick for Damien Sandow?
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    My wife figured it out fairly quickly I, on the other hand, am an idiot
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    So I flipped by TOMMY BOY just now, and it hit me that, to a teenager watching it in 2015, this movie must look like BLAZING SADDLES or BAD NEWS BEARS looked like to me in 1995.
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    They dont own their first round pick ; Edmonton does.
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    1. The Deal with them being supportive to Corbin isn't them being supportive to Corbin. It's them being supportive to themselves. They like to be part of the act and the short matches let them count and they could get behind that. 2. They need to do that athletic stable but bring Kevin Sullivan in to coach them.
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    If it was Kentucky/Duke, I would just not care. If it was Kentucky/MSU, I'd root for MSU. I don't care that much about rivalries to matter. It's not like I went to UW-Madison or love this state so much that I stand by it like my life depends on it. #ONWISCONSIN #REDBRIGRADE #BADGERSWOULDKILLWOLVERINESANDSPARTANS #ILIKECHEESE
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    I hope they call him Brick Lesnar.
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    If you are proposing getting Jami Gertz, Tracy Nelson, and Amy Linker together in one t.v. box, then I will work tirelessly to further your cause. See this is why we need PSYCH back. On any given week, there was a chance that they would just do a square pegs episode or something. There was always a chance.
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    I want to make a joke about vanilla midgets, but I feel like that might be going after low-hanging fruit.
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    And if they keep doing that 5 or more minute matches + then NXT call ups that are ready we could see it improving drastically. I don't get the people who expect #givedivaschance to have been a snap of the fingers deal.
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    Someone needs to 'shop this like a Cold War propaganda poster. You know the ones. My attempt:
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    I will never be unhappy about a wrestler making their money and escaping with their health no matter how much I might miss enjoying their performances.
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    One of her finest moments was when they threw her on commentary to get buried by the entire team and she verbally did the equivalent of the Terry Funk spinning ladder spot on them.
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    "Oh, shit. Sting's not Japanese?" - soon to be fired suited man "They think I'm Japanese. Can you believe that?" "Great to be back here at the Tokyo Dome, brother."
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    HOLY CRAP! TENZAN vs ICE motherfucking TRAIN in Germany in 1994. --------------------- WE HAVE A WINNER! THE MOST MISC MATCH EVER. Enjoy Bob Bachlund vs Aldo Montoya in Portugal.
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    Fuller House! Step by Step by Step! Family Really Matters! Bring them all on. I'm in.
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    Kris is joined by David Bixenspan (davidbix.com and f4wonline.com) and Dylan Hales (Wrestling Culture podcast) to discuss the demise of the Universal Wrestling Federation. We discuss the buildup to the buyout and how Jim Crockett Jr. & Dusty Rhodes took was once maybe the best promotion in the country and turned it into a complete afterthought. Listen to us talk about every thing under the UWF name, especially the sleaziness of Mike Boyette & Gary Young!! http://placetobenation.com/exile-on-badstreet-2-the-death-of-the-universal-wrestling-federation
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    So the family was pretty Anoa'id?
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    He will tag with Daniel Bryan and do a Twins entrance. https://youtu.be/d6OpyEjFLOU
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    Turbo Man. Steph can be Booster.
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    I hope the authority figure and leader of The Database faction is a woman named Sophie.
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    And because the folks that make the OOTP games aren't awesome enough, they have an (American) football sim coming sometime this year, too.
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    I meant to post this yesterday. Ash is my favorite band from Ireland. I know it's not "Irish" music like The Pogues (who I love) but teenagers-in-love doing three-chord pop-punk is sorta my thing.
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