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  1. GSP has no more right to escape the UFC than a fugitive slave could proclaim themselves free upon reaching the north. There is no Underground Railroad for UFC fighters. They toil at the UFC plantation until they are no longer useful and may be safely discarded.
  2. Just as well, the quality has been dropping since Season 5 or so. That's ok with me, better to go out with something still in the tank.
  3. Florida regional promotion, I remember catching this show at odd hours on weird channels. I believe they also featured "The Freakin' Deacon".
  4. My daughter decided last night was the ideal time to debut the Taya impersonation she had been working on. It was fantastic. Dario messing with the nose candy? Oh Jefe, for shame.
  5. I totally wanna hang out with Son of Havoc and have his mom bring me Bagel Bites.
  6. It's the greatest angle in wrestling history. It was all my daughter wanted to talk about after the show.
  7. Plus he refused to fight black contenders when he was champion. A black man who drew the color line! Plenty of black fighters from the early-20th century, including former elite lightweight and Joe Louis trainer Jackie Blackburn blamed Johnson for setting back the progress of black fighters for a generation.
  8. uBlock Origin. Preferably combined with Ghostery or NoScript.
  9. From what I could tell it's as much a Ray Arcel movie as it is about Roberto Duran. Ray Arcel was one of boxing's great historic treasures, a guy who was in training camps starting with all-time great lightweight Benny Leonard and continuing uninterrupted through all-time greats in Roberto Duran and Larry Holmes. There is nobody's opinion on the comparative abilities of historic boxers I trust as much as Ray Arcel's. The story of his experience in the mobbed-up world of 20th century boxing should be a good one. It was ahistoric baloney. Max Baer was a beloved goofball who was tortured by the memories of the men who died in the ring. Dempsey himself, who briefly trained Baer in the early-30s, said that despite Max's obvious magnificent physical gifts he was completely unserious and lacked killer instinct.
  10. Well to be fair there were some low-budget low-effort ones previously. There was even a Dempsey made-for-TV movie in the 80s starring Treat Williams. I'm actually writing a Dempsey screenplay focusing on what I always found to be the most interesting aspect of his life - his years as a migrant hobo laborer in Colorado and Utah prior to becoming the biggest sports celebrity in the world. Dempsey learned his vicious, violent style of fighting not just from saloon brawls and poorly-organized prizefights in mining towns, but from fending off the predations that naturally occurred when you had a teenage boy traveling alone surrounded by lower-stratus males. To give you some idea of what Dempsey had to contend with, you might want to refresh your memory of the original context of the famous hobo song, Big Rock Candy Mountain. Fun stuff all-around and it keeps me off the street.
  11. Jim Braddock got a big-budget Hollywood movie, where are the movies for Joe Louis and Jack Dempsey? How about Larry Holmes? Can we make it a musical?
  12. Cornette really had some fun rants about the Midnights and their run against the Hayes/Gordy/Garvin incarnation of the Freebirds. "The only guy who was selling for us was Gordy, Jimmy Garvin is 5'10 and that's with the poodle hair!"
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