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  1. Its amazing how the prevailing wisdom on the internet is that HHH, the Executive Vice President of WWE Creative, can't be held responsible for creative blunders. He really is the cerebral assasin.
  2. It sucks that Cesaro is back to being enhancement talent but that Big Show match ruled. I want to see a 15-20 minute match between these two.
  3. Those kinds of bumps are actually very common in WWE these days. Or at least more than they used to be.
  4. I know everybody hates Bray Wyatt here but his moves and strikes always look impactful.
  5. Tyson Kidd was a better act in 2014 than Reigns, and was easily better in the ring. Kidd showed more charisma than Reigns ever has in his NXT run, and his team with Cesaro was stealing the show on a regular basis before he got hurt. I don't think it's a stretch at all to say Kidd is a better pro wrestler than Reigns. Joe and Itami were also better in their prime, but it remains to be seen if they can get back at that level. Itami was just starting to find his feet in WWE before he got hurt. Breeze is a great all around act, and in general entertains me more than Reigns. If Balor can work more matches like he did in the title change match that'll be a big improvement from him.Reigns has become one of the top babyface workers in WWE, but he still has glaring weaknesses to his overall game that guys like Kidd and Joe don't have. Most of it is character and mic work related, but he still needs to figure it out to become an elite overall talent. I liked Kidd's character in NXT, but I don't recall him having a single great or standout match there. His Takeover matches were nothing special. I remember he got a long main event with Neville on one of the specials and it was just a match. Generic junior heavyweight stuff. If his tag matches are his best work then Reigns destroys him in that aspect. Remember the Shield?Joe and Itami were indeed better in their prime. But their prime was 9 years ago. For the last 5 years they haven't done anything special. Breeze is okay as a midcard schtick and Balor just isn't very good at all. He's over but he's never interested me in any promotion. I also just realized that all these guys except Breeze are 4-7 years older than Reigns and riddled with injuries. Not exactly future main event material.
  6. The idea that Balor, Itami, Joe, Kidd, Breeze or Rhyno are better in-ring than Reigns is laughable to me.
  7. Reigns is easily better than Tanahashi. Better strikes, better selling and better hair.
  8. Balor is Randy Orton with a fresh coat of paint (literally).
  9. The Japan house shows always find their way onto YouTube.
  10. Cornette was right about Rollins too. Sasha/Becky was fantastic. Not sure it was at the level of Lesnar/Reigns but it was a MOTYC for sure. Love Owens having all these feuds lined up. First hour of the show felt like a decent episode of Main Event.
  11. Ziggler's offence used to suck but his headbutts and forearms have actually looked good lately.
  12. Joe has indy dates stretching into July. The theory being thrown around is that he'll be a rich man's Rhino in NXT and be allowed to work smaller indys. I can buy that since it doesn't seem likely that they'd sign a 36 year old with bad knees in the hopes of making him a full-time main roster guy.
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