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    John Cena heel turn that involves hooking up with Stephanie, and Stephanie trying to convince HHH into a three way relationship, guilting him over Kurt. Cena then becomes depressed over the constant "You can't wrestle" chants, HHH then offers to show him some holds, only for Stephanie to walk in on him showing her an abdominal stretch, ala Trish. Stephanie then leaves them both for the two Bella twins, who then form PMS 2000, along with a repackaged Daniel Bryan who is given a Sean Stasiak tribute gimmick and renamed Tofu. CM Punk disapproves of the gay union between HHH and John Cena, and reforms the Totally Straight Edge Society, before tying John Cena to a rainbow "symbol" to end an episode of RAW, and creates an unholy alliance with The Wyatt family, being backwater Southerners who also disapprove of dem gays. The angle then devolves into a "doth protest too much" focus on Bray Wyatt who becomes wrestling's first real Bear in wrestling....exposing the prejudiced attitudes of the locker room afraid of locking up with a gay man. Him and Darren Young form an unlikely dancing duo tag team.
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    He's right there on the spine. So it's not like they forgot about him. Man, that's a lot of space to give a guy who bombed so hard as a main eventer. On the other hand, the WWE keeps employed a tattooed little skinny-fat guy with a terrible Macho Man elbow who was the worst bomb as WWE Champion since Diesel, so truly we can see that this company is supportive even of its failures. Orton doesn't do an elbow drop.
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    They should repackage Kofi in a mask as Kofi Kwangston.
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    The Bellas can get new fiances. You can only get Strahan's autograph once, jeez people.
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    You do know if the "Fans" continue to rebel with these Daniel Bryan chants during Cena segments, Vince will just "Zack Ryder" his momentum. Which I think is what they are doing with the abduction angle. Daniel Bryan is going to return clean-shaven, hand his beard trimmings to Stephanie, and declare his support for what is best for business. Then, he will be rockin' a suit as junior director of operations, answering every yes or no question with "maybe".
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    Spoliered for size...and sheer awesomeness!
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    This is just a personal preference b/c I like punkers more than blondes, but imagine the increased hotness of shaved head Trish, with mascara running down her cheeks and a switchblade instead of a microphone, in that outfit.
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    I'm a bit late to the party on the whole Miz as champion debate, but I wanted to add a personal story as to why Miz winning the title will always stand out for me. My brother, who was a poster on this board (SgtPepper9876), was intensely anti-Miz. Couldn't stand him I always told him to get used to used to him, because I had a feeling he'd be around awhile, and I was certain that at some point he'd win the WWE championship. This idea was insane to my brother.......he just thought the idea was ludicrous. We would constantly debate it.....more just brothers goofing off and having fun than anything, but also me believing it and him really not being a Miz fan. My brother passed away on November 17th, 2010. His funeral was Monday November 22nd, 2010. I came home that day from the funeral and sat down and watched Raw on the DVR.......I needed to get my mind somewhere else and we both watched Raw religiously on Mondays, so it was a decent way to cope. Well, of course, Monday 11-22-10 was the night Miz won the WWE championship......the night of my brother's funeral....my brother who swore it would never happen. I remember distinctly laughing out loud, saying out loud "Well I'll be goddamned", and then having a decent cry while smiling at the same time. Looking back it's a very surreal and vivid memory.
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    If she doesn't care why should I. That in a nutshell is everything that's wrong with WWE: there is no emotion and nothing is treated seriously. More on the "if she doesn't care, why should I?" front: I guess after Eva Marie got eliminated at the PPV, she was celebrating on her way out. And Meltzer is saying that it wasn't just Eva Marie being dumb; that's actually what WWE wants them to do. They want them to play their character as they leave the ring rather than acting disappointed that they lost. We need you to be a smarter, sexier Bushwhacker Luke, if that's even possible.
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    If you hurt your head in a match, don't worry. WWE has a rigorous concussion testing protocol which consists of asking you if you're OK.
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    Meanwhile, Ben Askren isn't good enough to be signed by UFC.
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    And yet here I sit, not booking Mark Henry to unite the titles.
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    He just looks a little more physically animated there than usual where he's just yelling his ass off. And his voice is for real. You can hear what he's saying in the nosebleed section of the UC. I think my favorite thing he does is disgustedly say "godDAMN" whenever someone like Boozer fucks up, or they shit the bed after a time out. He's one of my favorite coaches ever, and I never want him to leave.
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    Austin stunners the Wyatts to hell. He helps Bryan up, Bryan refuses a beer and ask for a V8 and he gets stunnered too.
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    Next time on Total Divas: JoJo gets Baned
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    The way they were careful to say "Both titles on the line" instead of "Unification match" makes me think Cena and Orton are just switching belts. Also: RING CREW EXPRESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    That opening segment really encapsulated the state of WWE right now. Crowd cheering for the start of the show. "Ladies and gentleman, the WWE champion: Randy. Orton!" Moderate reaction, as much for the show starting as anything else, slowly dimming as Orton ambles down to the ring at a glacial pace. H and Steph come out. Reaction is eh. They talk some, crowd starts chanting for Daniel Bryan. They keep talking. "Yes" chant. They give the crowd Cena vs Orton, and later Bryan will get beat down and kidnapped by the Wyatts.
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    1st offense should be 100 hours listening to Tim McCarver and Bob Costas' recorded responses to Peter Gammons' commentary to a series of poems writen by George Will after watching Ken Burns' baseball documentary. The 100 hours can be spread out over up to five weekends but you do not set foot on a field or listen to music or read or watch anything on t.v. until the 100 hours are completed. Go ahead, gentlemen, test it out. I'm sure you'll beat the system.
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    Man, JBL had some great lines tonight. Like when JBL was protesting about Woods dancing with the Funkadactyls saying "Brodus can't be happy right now" and Cole said "Who cares about Brodus?" and JBL said "You sound like the WWE universe!"
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    They should just have it end in some bullshit finish and do a 1992 Rumble where the winner gets the belts.
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    UFC on FOX 10 adds Pascal Krauss vs. Adam Khaliev. TUF 18 Finale adds Jessamyn Duke vs. Peggy Morgan.
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    "There is only one team, in the history of Professional Wrestling/Sports Entertainment that can unite the powers of the two biggest Trolls on the DVDVR Message Board. The team of The Best and the Beard. Two years of Trolling, now combined into one superstar team. They're here!"
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    I don't think it has to be smarky fans to not be into the Orton/Show match. It was a fine match, but if they don't care, they don't care. The entire crowd didn't seem to care about the whole match. Not just the "smart" fans. Don't give me "if they don't care, they don't care". These "fans" don't care. But judging by the ratings, and the reaction from the TV crowds those real fans do care.I'm just glad Vince never really gives in to these smark crowds, or else Ryder would be a main eventer. LOL @ "real fans". The fuck does that even mean? Considering how much the tickets to that shitshow must have been, I can't really call anyone who doled out their money to go a "fake fan". And yet they don't act like "fans". They act like animals trying to selfishly put the attention on themselves while the Superstars bust their asses for them. And for what? So they can chant boring. Or even worse chant the name of a Superstar who isn't even in the main event anymore. Throw in a "boys in the back" mention and this could be a Cyrus promo from ECW on TNN.
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    The worst thing is all the idiots who upload their Smackdown vs Raw versions of this week's matches (but still use a picture of the real match as the video ID). ARRRRRGGGGHHHHHH,
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    For me the answer is Biker Boyz. Laurence Fishburne as the aging biker, dealing w/ the spiteful young kid, Derek Luke, and Kid Rick as the Dawg! I don't know why, but I will watch this movie every time it's on.
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    You would have had ALL the likes if you mentioned a flag pole being at full salute.
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    I want Ben or Gregg or someone to come in and write an essay about how Steamboat changed his fate of being the biggest heel of the last quarter of the 20th century when he chose the name Steamboat instead, thus channeling the greatest hero of the first half of the 20th century, Mickey Mouse.
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    They aren't similar...like...at all. There is a similar grenade throwing mechanic. There's a similar sheen to the graphics. All of this is like saying Titanfall looks exactly like CoD, which is as ridiculous of a statement. In structure, storyline, and other gameplay mechanics, it's a completely different game.
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    I keep waiting for his release so Naofumi Yamamoto can return to NJPW. That dude had potential.
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    Super Mario 3D World is worlds better than anything currently on these next gen systems.
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    You've got no video proving he WASN'T there, pal.
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    "Hey I haven't read this stuff in 25 years, now listen to my opinion on it."
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    She's been doing it for a few months now: This sounds like a show that is completely engulfed by the finishes. That just tells me that the shows are really, really uninspiring if you want a little more from your rasstlin' shows besides people randomly trying to kick each other's ass. I miss the days in which rasstlin' shows was mostly the top guys trying to kill each other while the rest of the show were people randomly trying to kick each other's ass. Where's the drama lately?
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    BIG BUSINESS has a new album. You should be listening to it.
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    Thinking of turning this into an animated short...
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    Oh please fuck off, this new thing/meme of hating on Ryder is awful. The dude was over as fuck at that time and ready for a mid card title run. The guy got over on his own through unconventional ways and should be commended for that. Let's not forget that awful booking put his hot streak to a dead end.
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    Anything in particular you're looking for? Bernie Mac Show, whole run.
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    I'm trying to figure if this is a joke on the pro-alliteration agents being really shitty at alliteration.
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    I... What the fuck is this thread?
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    I must mention any of the APA skits (like this one): as well as: classics, RAF
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    If I ever stumble upon The Quick and The Dead when it is on tv I have to stay and watch the rest of it.
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    Thumbs up? That's the thumb he's going to kill you with.
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