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  1. That's because with socialized medicine, a lot of it is preventive care, whereas in the U.S. a good amount of people will wait until their condition persists into an ER visit before they take any action, thus requiring more treatment. I worked at a low-come area hospital throughout college, it's a very prevalent practice.
  2. Am I missing something? Are we not supposed to vent here/support our wrestling nerd friends when they vent here? Mistake #1: Thinking Antacular sees anyone as a friend around here. Is this your way of saying I'm NOT in the running for cuddliest member 2015?
  3. Besides abstaining from tobacco, cutting soda out of your diet is probably one of the biggest improvements a person can make to their lifestyle. Shit is straight poison (I <3 U Dr. Peppr but its the truth).
  4. Wiest was the fucking worst. Pretty sure I stopped watching during her tenure.
  5. FACT: I don't know who One Direction is.
  6. Doesn't work when a post is actually substantive and positive.
  7. Well that's a lot more helpful than the first attempt. I have zero experience with any psychiatric medicine, but sounds like being off them is compounding everything else, creating a vicious cycle. Try asking your doc for generic instead of brand, the cost is usually substantially lower.
  8. Jeselnik is by far my favorite current stand up. His show's cancellation was a damn travesty.
  9. And what did your advice come down to? "Seek professional help." You really earned that PhD in Psych, must've been grueling. Speaking as someone who has, in the past, been guilty of some hardcore overshares on this thread, who's to say anyone ISN'T doing those things? When I'm struggling, I talk to my brother, my best friend, and my psychologist. I've also rage dumped on here, because sometimes it helps. Not "more than" talking to a family member or a professional, but in a different way that's no less valuable. Sometimes the commiseration (and occasional mockery) of semi-anonymous strangers brought together by the love of a much-maligned hobby is useful and positive. Assuming someone isn't doing anything BUT commenting here when they hit an emotional wall is kind of baffling to me. Yeah, except it wasn't a vent to seek commiseration, it was entirely for attention, and nothing more. No details were given, no "My wife is going to leave me what should I do" or "The kids' health insurance has just run out and I can't afford it" or "I just got fired and have nothing saved up," or basically anything anyone here could respond to meaningfully. It was "DARK THOUGHTS DEATH IS MY ONLY SOLACE." WTF is a poster reading this thread supposed to do with that?
  10. No, you're right, this is definitely the appropriate forum to discuss suicidal and self destructive thoughts. Not in a doctors office, to a 911 operator, a counselor, or trusted family member. Land of Confusion is where the healing process begins.
  11. Considering this is a wrasslin' board, I don't think we should be criticizing people who are "missing out on life to count calories and talk ceaselessly about your paleo diet and your iron man workout regime and basically turn into an intolerable bore," as much as I agree with that statement. If a persons hobbies include rock hard abs and a 40-40-20 diet, good for them. If anything, regarding that NYT article, my point of contention would be that people who are 30-40ish lbs overweight don't suffer from any sort of "condition," all the required "treatment" would simply be altering their diet a little and incorporating more physical activity. Now, once you're 50+ over (which is where the study's weight spectrum ends, at type 1 obese, and where "morbidly obese" begins), the host of medical issues that accompanies such a lifestyle, from diabetes to cardiovascular strain to GI problems certainly have a deleterious effect on your mortality.
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