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  1. Since the title can be defended anytime, the face plate should have been a clock, complete with hands moving hilariously fast around it. Either that, or a digital clock repeatedly blinking 12:00.
  2. I did that with my Hasbro figures. I had a nice, long-running feud between Repo Man and Kona Crush versus Demolition Smash and Crush where they swapped the tag team titles multiple times. When Ax would get involved, I'd toss in Ultimate Warrior to even things up in six-man matches.
  3. Those four actually were my Hasbro version of the Four Horsemen. Then Razor and Shawn left the group and aligned themselves with Marty Jannetty and Virgil while they feuded with the revamped Horsemen of Flair, Hennig, Greg Valentine, and Rick Rude. Virgil might stand out there, but his figure was pretty sturdy and he was my World champion on at least one occasion.
  4. This has nothing to do with naming rights, but I spent a week in Chicago this past summer and went to a Cubs-Padres game at Wrigley, a White Sox-Royals game at the Sox park, and three Chicago Dogs minor league games in Rosemont. I must have met as many actual Dogs fans than White Sox fans. Guaranteed Rate Field that afternoon was pretty much a place where a Cardinals fan like me could meet fans of the Cubs, Yankees, Red Sox, Brewers, and even an occasional Royals fan, take in a major league game for cheap, and no matter what our differences were, at least we could say we weren't White Sox fans. I also had a great root beer float at the Sox game, so they have that going for them.
  5. It's probably a good thing Vader never got to run over Cactus with a Big Van, then.
  6. The Blues have fired Mike Yeo; assistant coach Craig Berube is now the interim head coach.
  7. Bald, pudgy Dean is that extremely dreaded uncle who would take up residence on your couch on Thanksgiving, and still be there come New Year's Day.
  8. I was amazed to see Steve Travis billed above Andre the Giant at that Brooklyn show. After looking him up, though, it's clear he deserved such prestige.
  9. Hey, the Hawks did what the Blues have yet to do: win a championship representing St. Louis. I like how we have more Super Bowl wins, NBA championships, and American League pennants than Stanley Cup victories.
  10. I think it was the year the Blues won the President's Trophy, then lost in the first round to the Sharks, that I realized the Blues would never win the Stanley Cup in my lifetime. Once that set in, I could learn to appreciate and enjoy the exciting ways they've found to shoot themselves in the foot each year. I'll always love the Blues and they'll never cease to entertain me, but I've got to be realistic here. A crippling final-week Blues defeat to the Blackhawks is just absurdly hilarious.
  11. Ah, there we go. Why wait for the playoffs for the Blues choke job we've come to expect?
  12. No, see, that was a brilliant performance. If the Blues choke during the regular season, they'll get it out of the system by the time the playoffs roll around. Lulling the rest of the division into a false sense of security, then BAM! Postseason success and the Stanley Cup. That's Lex Luthor in Superman II levels of scheming there. Or they just keep blowing games now and miss the playoffs entirely. Either way, it's the Blues. Best not to get my hopes up past the first round.
  13. They should repackage all of the misfit and weirdo wrestlers as Kurt Angle's various children and assorted relatives. The Angle Family can be the new Addams Family. A wild-eyed Kurt could spend the whole of Raw making bizarre announcements while blowing up electric trains. Plus, The Great Khali would make a perfect Lurch.
  14. It's definitely because of growing up in St. Louis watching Wrestling at the Chase, but I can never picture Brody as anything other than King Kong Brody, the rough-and-tumble babyface who loved the fans and went crazy only when he had to do so. Now Dick Murdoch, he was always pure evil. Comic evil, to be sure, but evil nonetheless.
  15. I also remember The Shadows on TV because of their intro: "from Parts Unknown, weight unknown." I thought it was great that they were so secretive about their identities, they refused to be weighed lest someone do the math and possibly figure out who they were.
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