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  1. Man, this hurts. Like how some of y’all hurt when Savage or Roddy died, this hurts me. Like when we got out first windows 95 home computer, I drove people crazy when I set the little chime that came on when you turned off the computer to the Razor theme in midi form and the desktop to that picture of him in the white suit and Cadillac. and the settings stayed that way cuz I was the only one who knew how to do that sh— haha A red neck was inspired by a fictional Cuban character played by an Italian. Amazing haha
  2. He grew up a wrestling fan. He told a story one time about how he went to see a show with a hair vs hair match as a kid. He said he got into an argument with the other kids because he was the only one who still thought it was real. Fast forward when he was an actual wrestler, he knew it was about making money. All these wrestlers who go all boo boo face (how he described Nash a lot of times haha) when someone on Twitter says they have a bad match. All I can think is Hall going one time “but you still watched” The guy was a great interview. Now gonna go spend the read of the night listening to him. Pro wrestling lost the sexiest wrestler to ever step foot in the ring today. ?
  3. All this talk about the good and no brought up the time he killed Disco Inferno? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=x195vbVtSDM he was so so good at killing jobbers without dropping them on their heads.
  4. So, been trying to put words together regarding the Scott Hall situation. Yes, even making this post after like 6 years of not posting here cuz y’all old like me. Hey Rippa. lol Been watching since 93 when I was a kid. Like one of the 3 women watching who have been watching for 30 years. Loved the colorful arse outfits, the aura of “cool-ness” and just how big he was. Many wrestlers get dwarfed when they go to the land of giants, but Hall was top 5 as far as height goes. From begging with my brothers my mom to order WM 10 and getting told “you n***as ain’t got jobs” to begging again to order PPVs, it just wasn’t fair as a kid haha Didn’t watch him much in WCW as my brothers remained loyal to WWF and a many Boston crabs were broken up by a backhand from my mom. What I did see, he had his ups and downs and unfortunately they made it to TV as a character and shoot. I watched Starcade 98 at my friend’s house. Hall’s heart felt promo about how his life has gone to hell and he had no one to blame but him is an all time promo that no one but me probably remembers.. but hey one of my favorite moments on TV happened later when he cattle prodded Goldberg. We need more cattle prods in wrestling. I was just excited for his 2002 run and even later knowing what a sh— show it was for him to work with Austin, I still think it holds up until it doesn’t. Same with his various TNA runs. I’m unapologetic about my love for The Bad Guy. He was too handsome for wrestling and too insecure for it as well and it got to him like it got to many other icons (Chyna immediately comes to mind). Also thank you Scott Hall for treating the business as a business even though you were a fan of it. More people need that attitude.
  5. I don't care about Rusev or Lana, but I want this thingy between them to lead up to Rusev inviting Michael Bolton to sing 'How I'm Supposed to Live Without.' Then Rusev takes out Bolton and sings the song himself.
  6. So does that mean you're leaving? You know what? Yes. I will post my DB and his fans' rant as a bow out now.
  7. So does that mean you're leaving? You know what? Yes. I will post my DB and his fans' rant as a bow out now.
  8. I also posted one regarding the whole 'fuck Vince for burying Bryan Danielson' bullshit that the original WM 31 thread refused to let fucking die. But I don't care anymore. This place is the only place I go to talk wrestling and keep up with it, but y'all are so fucking jaded, you killed this bitch's interest in wrestling. Edit: forget I didn't post my rant cuz RIPPA locked it before I posted it. Lol
  9. For a guy who was never was around and rarely defended his belt, Brock was sure as shit angry tonight. I kinda want to see someone try to shoot Brock with a tranquilizer gun only for Brock to impale him with his gun ala Vlad Dracula.
  10. Nikki physically is the perfect diva IMO And if Barrett teaming up with Sheamus doesn't lead to a face turn for Barrett, I will be devastated. Like legit, but not kill threaten to cancel my WWE network subscription and pussy out on doing so.
  11. What the hell was Sheamus's new look?
  12. I felt like fucking Krusty when I saw Sheamus's new look. I even said 'what the hell was that?' when it dawned on me when I realized who it was.
  13. Don't compare Reigns to Ziggler. When's the last time Ziggler that made you shut the fuck up with that complaining and went 'HOLY SHIT!!' ? And you guys sure are quote-y today. Edit: damn it Burgundy, I used the rest of my likes on you in this thread.
  14. I think they are trying to make Rollins' more complex than whatever the fuck his real name is can handle. Not a strong promo and doesn't give good facial expressions and can't be subtle enough get the little things over.
  15. The original shit took place almost twenty fuckin years ago. Why do majority of wrestling fans have to sit through a costly circle jerk session because the rest of the people wrestling/calling the shots can't let shit die? Speaking of dying, someone go poke the guys in that IC math with a stick to see if they are still alive. I appreciate them letting Barrett fucking knocking people out. The divas were fine. That botched DDT spot was weird. Too bad they pushed Paige aside so a woman who doesn't a shit can get the rub of beating the top heel diva and her lackey. Again. Taker looked better than he has in te last few years. Wyatt's shtick was really exposed I thought. I mean, I've never got the hub hub, but he really extraly looked a short fat man tonight. And I agree with Raziel on Reigns. Again, put him in there with a guy that's going to kick his ass if he doesn't bring it is a way better choice than a fucking formula driven Orton and a why is he still working tv every week Kane.
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