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  1. Well I certainly agree, there is no need to make the case. We're sharing our memories and concerns and those are mine. btw you've all been reported to the dean of students at Warrior U for mourning a stranger.
  2. I feel bad for his daughters too. Did he ever get to warn them that our government is spreading AIDS? If a philosophically-inept billionaire like Bill Gates and bleeding-heart liberals like African-loving Angelina-Pitt-Brad-Jolie want to save the World from HIV, good. Just shut up and spend your own money to do it. It's not my problem. And I'm ashamed to one day have to tell my kids that their gutless government reps are making it an even bigger one for them in their future.
  3. Benoit also. Batista's first breakout performance was against Benoit on Raw when Batista was still in Evolution. The Taker matches were good as well. I thought his final series with Cena was also pretty damn good. My point has been shoulder struck to pieces :/
  4. Batista has always looked lost vs. anyone not HHH or Eddie. As a fan of his first run it was one of his subtle charms on account of his late career start. Now that's he's parachuted back into the main event with a Gracie logo on his tush it's kind of unbearable.
  5. Not sure where to set it but over a certain decibel threshold booing Rey should release poison gas.
  6. Amazing show. Answered a lot of questions tonight. As someone else said, self-aware HHH is just too damn good. Stephanie's reaction after he hit the big clothesline in the first match was A++ too. Even Brock guy was shocked at 21-1. Time for the entire announce team to go live on a farm though. Bray: Finish me! Finish me! Finish me! Cole: What does he mean???
  7. 1.33 Taylor Swifts. And I'm always going to be 1.33 Taylor Swifts, again and again and again... forever.
  8. I'm in possession of a Scott Keith book "autographed" by Flea. No recollection of how I came to own this treasured artifact but like, at some point, that was someone's idea of a good time?
  9. Guessing this one? http://frankfrazetta.org/viewimage.php?loc=frank_frazetta_desperation.jpg I have a decent collection of ERB paperbacks and if it was a Tarzan thing I think Lawler would've remembered.
  10. Someone please tell me I'm not an idiot for believing Buff's stories. His childlike understanding of police authority rings true in a sort of tyranny of the nouveau riche hillbilly way.
  11. Yet another couple reasons Regal is the fucking man. And I don't think he wanted to bother namedropping new wave and Madchester stuff around Austin, but he also alludes to clubbing around the UK through the 80s and listening to what I'm assuming was a bunch of New Order and Vince Clarke stuff. Really, anyone who loves Saxon and the Pet Shop Boys is after my own heart. Really glad I did the math before making a Do You Really Want to Hurt Me joke. Folks, It just doesn't line up. :/
  12. Was amused to learn today that he vacated it twice. A situation where Kerry is the reliable party, lol.
  13. Austin railing against a guy who throws the cigarette on the curb is great. "You lazy son of a buck!" The "skinny guy smoking a j on the sidewalk" rant a couple months was like a dagger to my heart, but I just can't afford to miss updates on his dogs and Bronco.
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