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  1. NintendoLogic

    New Footage Fridays

    My point is that "He couldn't have been great when he was young because he wasn't great when he was old" is a pretty weak argument. There may be some wrestlers who consistently perform at a high level well into their 40s and 50s, but there are also plenty, including some of the greatest of all time, who fall off a cliff when age and injuries catch up to them. Not to mention all the guys who die or retire before they reach that point. On that note, Patterson is a curious counterexample given that he had been retired for several years when he was 46, which is how old Stevens was at the time of that Robinson match. There's not a lot of Stevens footage out there, and almost none of it is from his prime. You're extrapolating from an extremely small sample size. Here's some prime Stevens footage where he looks like a proto-Flair. I wouldn't call him an all-time great based on this alone, but he does seem like someone whose overall body of work would hold up pretty well if we had access to it.
  2. NintendoLogic

    New Footage Fridays

    There's no way Kenta Kobashi could've been an all-time great. I watched one of his matches from 2012 and he looked terrible.
  3. NintendoLogic

    The Old School Questions thread

    A couple of years ago, I asked who the first wrestler to tape his fists outside of gimmick matches was and speculated that it might have been Abdullah the Butcher or Terry Funk. After looking into it further, I think it might have actually been Stan Stasiak, as a gimmick to get over his heart punch.
  4. I have to question whether whatever money they're getting from this deal (assuming they're getting any) is worth the stigma of being on an even more downmarket version of Destination America. Gaining a following on Youtube or Twitch would give them cachet that could lead to a stronger TV deal, given how desperate networks seem to be for content with proven ability to draw eyeballs. Being on Pursuit Channel brands them as hillbilly shit that no mainstream outlet will touch with a ten-foot pole. Also, that network seems to have an outdated view of the demographics of wrestling fans. Most hardcore fans aren't rural white Southerners. I can't imagine too many New Japan World subscribers tuning in to Impact and sticking around for Southern Hog Slayers.
  5. NintendoLogic

    RIP to Tom 'Dynamite Kid' Billington

    Oh yeah, forgot about World of Sport. Here's my favorite of his matches from that promotion. He really was a fantastic prick.
  6. NintendoLogic

    RIP to Tom 'Dynamite Kid' Billington

    There's quite a bit from New Japan, the WWF, and Portland. There's not a whole lot from Stampede, and what does exist is heavily clipped because Ed Whalen was the worst. Not sure about All Japan.
  7. NintendoLogic

    RIP to Tom 'Dynamite Kid' Billington

    I'm pretty sure @Matt D's holy trinity is Mark Henry, Big Show, and Haku.
  8. NintendoLogic

    RIP to Tom 'Dynamite Kid' Billington

    It's easy to look and back and say that Dynamite should've toned it down in the ring. But in most fields of sports and entertainment, being afraid to go too far often means you won't go far enough. I mean, let's be honest. How many people would pay to see a guy who's 5'8 do nothing but stomps and headlocks? It would seem that the only reliable means of getting over without taking significant risks in the ring are to possess freakish size/strength or a physique that's impossible to maintain year-round through natural means. And going either of those routes will most likely lead to your body turning on you eventually. Bottom line, if you want to make it in wrestling, you're going to have to pay the piper one way or another. Hiroshi Tanahashi said it best: people won't buy into wrestlers who want to have a long and healthy life.
  9. NintendoLogic


    I never knew HHH used to have such a strong accent. Also, Dracula's Elevator would be a pretty cool name for a finisher.
  10. NintendoLogic


    We all know that HBK/Undertaker is the correct answer. But we'll never get the SC crew to admit it, so I'll throw Danielson's last indy classic into the nomination pool. The Holy Demon Army reuniting to pay tribute to Misawa is also worthy of consideration.
  11. NintendoLogic


    Wait, dropkicks are MOVEZ now? Seriously?
  12. NintendoLogic


    I think Kenny Omega does more right than wrong from a purely in-ring standpoint, but he's threatening to give Edge a run for his money as the king of overwrought facial expressions. And that Rise of the Terminator shit needs to go away forever. He and Marty Scurll are probably the only two guys who I would enjoy more if they dropped the character work and concentrated on being wrestling machines.
  13. NintendoLogic


    It would depend on the matchups. But all other things being equal, a NOAH show headlined by Kobashi vs. a replacement-level opponent would most likely do better business than a New Japan show headlined by Okada or Omega vs. a replacement-level opponent.
  14. NintendoLogic


    I guess it depends on what you mean by "more popular." I'm sure current New Japan generates more revenue than NOAH ever did, but the top NOAH guys like Misawa, Kobashi, and Takayama were much bigger stars than the current New Japan crew. Speaking of current New Japan, I had a dream the other night that I had a 60 minute 2/3 falls match with Kazuchika Okada in a junkyard. I made him cry when I worked on his arm.
  15. NintendoLogic


    I'm pretty sure Meltzer has said that both of NOAH's Dome shows were heavily papered.