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  1. The only other complete match I know of from that year is Destroyer/Rikidozan.
  2. Or a Downward Spiral, to complete the holy trinity of geek finishers.
  3. The Maharaja of Strong Style.
  4. Come on, guys. If you're not positively giddy at the prospect of Jinder Mahal having a world title match in Chicago, I feel sorry for you. It's going to make the crowd reaction to Goldberg/Lesnar at WM20 look like a 1986 Crockett crowd.
  5. Holy hell, I can't believe I let this match slip my mind. You can be sure you're watching greatness when little old ladies in the audience are so enraged that they're storming the ring.
  6. You'll get no argument from me on this pick. The RWTL final is an all-time top 15 match for me. I'd like to throw out El Dandy vs. Pirata Morgan as a worthy challenger, but it doesn't seem to be online anymore. Instead, I'll nominate my pick for the best sub-10:00 match of all time.
  7. Jones and Rocco wrestled each other like a million times, and this was probably their best match together. I'm a really big fan of Rocco. He was one of the pioneers of working a more fast-paced brawling style.
  8. I find 2008 to be kind of a weak year overall, but this is the Misawa-Kawada of wrestler vs. non-wrestler matches.
  9. 1993 might be the most loaded year in history in terms of really high-end matches. Anyway, here's the correct answer.
  10. I'd say Vader's best WWF match was with Owen at One Night Only. There's also the surreal spectacle of Vader and Ken Shamrock having a quasi-UWFi match in a WWF ring.
  11. Here's my pick. For my money, Misawa's last great singles match. Also worthy of consideration: It sucks that Joe's rampage through the X-Division coincided with all the Planet Jarrett bullshit, because that was the closest TNA came to being legitimately good.
  12. All my favorites have been mentioned (and there's no chance in hell of Phil and Eric turning against Santo/Casas), so I'll throw out a sentimental favorite. If there's a better Malenko match, I haven't seen it. It's mainly due to Eddy, but Dean is no slouch either.
  13. MM17

    Miz was so awesome this year, he would have stood out even if wrestling was still good.
  14. From what I've seen of Cavernario, I'm pretty sure I actively hate him, mainly because I hate workrate lucha. It's video game wrestling, which is pretty much the exact opposite of the kind of wrestling I like. I am kind of in awe of his willingness to destroy his knees for little or no reward, but that's as far as it goes. Jericho has been nothing to write home about in the ring either, but his character work has been off the charts.