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  1. 6/9/95 as 1995 MOTY is probably the closest thing to a universal consensus as exists among serious wrestling fans. But just as somebody had to face the 1927 Yankees in the World Series and the 1985 Bears in the Super Bowl, somebody has to challenge it for the throne. And there are plenty of matches from 1995 that would be strong contenders in most years. For example, the you have the best singles match of Taue's career: The second-best Misawa/Kawada Triple Crown match: Outside of All Japan, you have my pick for the best title match in the history of the WWWA red b
  2. Here's what I wrote about the All Japan tag a few months ago: "The story here is Ogawa’s attempt to prove he can hang with the big boys. He makes no pretense of being able to go toe-to-toe with Kobashi and Akiyama. Instead, his gameplan is centered around baiting them into making mistakes so he can catch them with one of his trademark sneaky flash pins. He’s also not above going for his opponent’s eyes. And if all else fails, he has Misawa as the ultimate insurance policy. I love the Misawa/Ogawa pairing because they basically work like an American heel tag team. One sequence in particula
  3. If you like Austin in 2001 and can bring yourself to watch Benoit matches, Austin/HHH vs. Jericho/Benoit (aka the torn quad match) is even better. I revisited it recently as part of my rewatching project, and it definitely holds up as one of the top handful of tag matches in company history as well as almost certainly being the greatest match in Raw history. And I'll reiterate my Angle/Austin suggestion.
  4. I just rewatched the end to see if I missed something, but I didn't pick up on anything like you were referring to. Murakami does apply a sleeper after Kantaro Hoshino distracts Nagata on the apron, but Nagata breaks it by going after Murakami's legs. And shortly afterward, Murakami throws punches with his injured arm with no apparent difficulty. The end comes when Nagata counters a judo-style takedown with a German suplex and finishes Murakami off with exploders.
  5. I decided to rewatch Nagata/Murakami due to gordi's comments because I had no recollection of it being a body part psychology match at all. Upon rewatching, I'm still not quite sure what he's referring to. Nagata does work over Murakami's arm a bit, but it's a pretty minor part of the match and it doesn't play into the finish. Perhaps we're thinking of different matches? Regardless, even though it wouldn't be my pick (I'd go with Misawa/Takayama in what was a pretty weak year overall), I wouldn't argue against someone else picking it. It's the kind of match that sticks with you because it's so
  6. @EricR, Nagata/Murakami is on Youtube, but it's an unlisted video. I'll PM you the link.
  7. I saw a cute little dog almost get run over today. My dog and I were coming back from a walk, and the folks in the house at the intersection of the street I live on had their dogs (two papillons and a mutt of some kind) in their front yard. Right when were about to turn the corner to head home, two yorkie-type dogs came running out the door of a house on the other side of the intersection and ran over to greet the papillons. The lady who owned them came over to retrieve them and was able to grab one of them, but the other one kept running away from her. It then started running back to its hous
  8. Let me put it this way: Kudo vs. Toyoda is the greatest match I never want to see again.
  9. Looks like Cornette's career just went up like the Challenger.
  10. I take it the all-time MOTY project is on indefinite hiatus?
  11. I'm surprised no one's mentioned Brock/Punk yet. For my money, it's not only the best match of 2013, it's the best match of the decade.
  12. I will go to my grave maintaining that Nakamura vs. Ibushi from the 2013 G1 is better than their Wrestle Kingdom match.
  13. Houston is a much stronger wrestling market than Phoenix. With WWE seemingly doing everything it can to drive away fans, it may be one of the few cities they can do a decent number for the Rumble by the time January 2020 rolls around.
  14. I rewatched the ONS match. Eddie did seem somewhat gotten to by the ECW mutants chanting at Bischoff and company. There were also reports that he was upset about having to put Benoit over clean. Or maybe he just wasn't physically capable of going all-out that night. Either way, there's no way it can be classified as a great Eddie performance. I didn't see a wrestler doing everything he could to win the attention of a distracted crowd. If anything, the opposite was true. He seemed to be going out of his way to slow the match to a crawl. Benoit was by far the more explosive of the two. And there
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