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September 2021 Wrestling Imagery

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I’ve always been under the impression that they are replicas. 

Bret Hart was the first known wrestler to do this right? I remember the first I saw belts hung in his home was for one of those WWF sit-down videos in the 90’s. I remember it adding to the narrative that he was a mark. I know it confused the hell out of me at the time, because I didn’t know wrestlers got to keep a version of the belts. But then I believe Bret knew the belt manufacture at the time, so he probably had then made using the same molds. The WWF belts, though, the Stampede ones were the legit belts.

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On 9/11/2021 at 8:15 AM, AxB said:


Kerry Von Erich and Mil Mascaras

Mil is frantically trying to explain that Kerry has tied his Walkman headphone cable into his bootlaces, but Kerry barely understands English, much less Spanish, so he's fucked.

14 hours ago, D.Z said:


This is the perfect example of WWE overdoing and dumbing down everything.  Like telling a joke and beating the punchline into the ground because they assume the viewers are idiots.  Making a haunted doll actually scary looking is the exact opposite of how you're supposed to do it.  It's fucking boneheaded.  Go look up pics of the real Annabelle doll.  The whole point of haunted doll stories is that it's something that wouldn't normally scare the shit out of a kid.  That's why it's scary, for fuck's sake.  My kid would throw the Lily doll out the window on night one.

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7 hours ago, zendragon said:

May be an image of 3 people, beard and wrist watch

The Hardcore Legend, The Man and a fan

Hey, that's Mr. Fan to you.

I hope the strap across Seth's shoulder is a baby harness, but he's a wrestler so it's probably either bib overhauls or he's wearing his fanny pack wrong.

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That reminds me that my parents put a big picture of a laughing clown over my bed once when I was a kid. It was straight out of The Simpsons ("can't sleep clown'll eat me"). I think I eventually complained and they took it down. Strangely I have no problem with Pennywise or anything, they just irritate me if they aren't Bozo, who was awesome. 

And in further hilarity my dad just bought me a $5 scary clown shirt at Walmart, which I refuse to wear for fear of being called a juggalo.

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26 minutes ago, Zimbra said:

Yeah, Braun does seem like the kind of guy to wear busted-ass New Balances to a wedding.

LOL, he addressed it in the replies.  He was wearing dress shoes, but they only make them up to a 14 and he wears a 16.  

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