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September 2021 Wrestling Imagery

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On 9/22/2021 at 12:00 AM, just drew said:

Is there a reason Animal isn't in this?

Animal retired at the end of 1992 and was collecting on a Lloyds of London policy. He didn't wrestle again until the Road Warriors came back on Nitro in 1996. Hawk wrestled in various places in the meantime, in Japan with Sasaki as the Hell Raisers, in Germany where he won the CWA World title, in early ECW, in SMW.

I don't remember what the situation was regarding Hawk being advertised for Fall Brawl but not appearing. I assume either a dispute over money or it conflicted with New Japan dates. They put together the Shockmaster as a poorly thought out replacement and had Animal there so there was still a Road Warrior appearing on the show. Hawk was in WCW sporadically at the end of '93 but he didn't really do anything of note. I think he was brought into fulfil Davey Boy Smith's bookings but then they brought in Ray Traylor to take Davey's spot longer term.

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