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OK, I'll bite.


Why were there tires at ringside?


Maybe Fat Fuck Barrel Boy worked the show?


“He’s fat, he’s a fuck, he wears a barrel…what’s not to like?” 



I was going to go with Crossfit Death Match, but any day I get a JCW/Stranglemania reference is a good day.

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The BO$$ deserves a nice big version:




My favorite part of this was her dad barely stifling a smile as he's holding his weeping daughter.  


Jesus Christ, Sasha rules. 

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Izzy putting her hands up to her head after Sasha snatched her bow off was great. She had a total "What the actual fuck?!" look on her face there that you can catch just before the camera goes away from her. 


She was crying just before then too when Sasha was beating Bayley up in front of Izzy.  By the end of the match, though, you could hear Izzy saying "GET HER BAYLEY!"  If she ever gets heeled again, I bet the next heel won't be as successful in making Izzy cry.

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