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  1. Okay, so I need to make a decision for my FLEX spot: Lesean McCoy (@OAK) Giovanni Bernard (vs. SF) My other options aren't really viable atm, so I guess that's all I've got. Normally, I'd go with McCoy, no problem, but with Mixon out, Bernard will get a bigger workload, plus it's a better matchup. Thanks!
  2. Sending good thoughts, Dean is the biggest reason I was drawn to y'all way back when.
  3. For some reason, when I clicked on this thread and saw that, I had it in my head that it was Sonny Bono, and it absolutely terrified me. The reality is just that much more scary, methinks.
  4. Okay, so my current receiving corps is: Devante Adams, Mike Williams, Sterling Shepard, Zay Jones, and Chris Godwin. The only one I know I'm confident on is Adams. Here's a sampling of who's available on the wire: Cordarrelle Patterson (vs. BUF) (Return yards count in this league, so he's worth considering imo) Dede Westbrook (@ MIA) Doug Baldwin (vs. KC) Nelson Agholor (vs. HOU) Demaryius Thomas/Will Filler V (@ PHI) Danny Amendola (vs. JAX) Sammy Watkins (@ SEA) Chris Hogan (vs. BUF) Please help O.O kthxbye!
  5. Quite a bit late to the party, but here's my ballot: Mariano Edgar Cemens Bonds Schilling Manny Sosa Halladay Helton Walker The last four on that list, I can go back and forth on, but yeah...That seems solid.
  6. Okay, I need to pick 2 WRs from: Chris Godwin (@BUF) Mike Williams (@KC) Zay Jones (vs. DET) Sterling Shepard (vs TEN) And two RB out of: James White (@PIT) Aaron Jones (@CHI) Chris Carson (@SF) Derrick Henry (@NYG) Thanks, in advance, for your help
  7. That's WWE Creative, pretty much encapsulated right there.
  8. For her part, Meiko is denying this. At least, she is if I understood her Facebook post about the story correctly.
  9. I love the look on Izzy's dad's face...like he's fighting so hard to hide this "That was fantastic!" grin while he consoles his daughter. Looking forward to seeing Sasha go back to that.
  10. Bah...My opponent had Gurley and that almost single-handedly made up his margin of victory in the championship. Oh, well...2nd place isn't too bad
  11. Alright, I'm in the championship! I think my team is set, but I keep going back and forth on who I should start at QB...Big Ben (@ HOU) or Nick Foles (vs. OAK)? Thanks!
  12. Same deal as last week...I need 3 WRs and my flex spot from: Michael Thomas (vs. NYJ), Michael Crabtree (vs. DAL), Stefon Diggs (CIN), Dez Bryant (@ OAK), Jamison Crowder (vs. ARI), and Rex Burkhead (@ PIT) I'm leaning towards Thomas/Crabtree/Dez, with Burkhead in the flex spot Thanks for your help!
  13. Okay, here's my receiving corps and the rbs I have sitting on my bench at the moment: WR: Dez Bryant(@NYG), Michael Thomas(@ATL), Stefon Diggs(@CAR), Michael Crabtree(@KC), Jamison Crowder(@LAC) RB: Peyton Barber(DET), Rex Burkhead (@MIA) I need 3 WR and 1 of the rest for my flex spot. Leaning towards Dez/Crabtree/Thomas at WR, and either of the rbs at flex Thanks!
  14. Maybe I'm the only one here that still watches PTI, but I can't be the only one that's sick of Michael Wilbon's curmudgeon schtick. I still watch because I think he and Kornheiser still have good chemistry, but good lord, I just want to throw something at the tv when he just dismisses any sort of analytics and such. Terrible. "Get that junk out of here," indeed.
  15. Okay, I need to choose one of these guys for my flex spot: Will Fuller (@SEA), Doug Martin (vs. CAR), Joe Mixon (vs. IND), Cameron Brate (vs. CAR) I also have Stefon Diggs, but I'm not sure he'll play. If he does, does he make the cut instead? Also, do I start Pittsburgh's DEF or Houston's? Thanks
  16. Thanks. Should I start Joe Mixon (@PIT) or Doug Martin (@BUF)?
  17. So, who do I pick up to replace Big DisBenpointment? My top choices are Carson Palmer, Jared Goff, Jameis Winston, or Brett Hundley Oh, and condolences to anyone who had Aaron Rodgers.
  18. Alright, so even if Steffon Diggs does play, I feel like I should be starting Crabtree instead. Am I crazy?
  19. H'okaaaay...Is it finally time for me to cut Big Ben loose?
  20. So, I go to our league's page to see how things are going, not remembering when the game start. I see that Gronk is out, and I almost have a heart attack. Then I notice that I've still got like 10 minutes before the game starts. So, I scramble to find a good replacement, and settled on Cameron Brate. Between him and Martin, I scored 30 points. Might keep him as a flex option/Gronk insurance.
  21. Well, I'll be damned, I did manage to snag Watson off the waivers...Now the question is: Do I start him over Ben? I mean Watson is hot right now and all, but Ben's really good at home.
  22. Thanks, Sabin! Also, should I wait a week before starting Muscle Hamster, to see how he does, or is it safe to start him straightaway?
  23. Kyle Casey

    Tom Petty

    One of the most underrated songs, not just of Petty's catalog, but ever, in my opinion I wrote "Heartbroken", with this song, on my fb page, and didn't even realize the unintentional play on words. RIP to one of the greats.
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