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Things TNA Has Done That We Like

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My favorite moment of 2012 and as a big TNA fan, maybe my all time favorite moment in TNA. Felt like a real star making moment at the time. Aries rise and the build to this were so great. Oct 2011 - Oct 2012 is my favorite period of TNA, just a really great hot streak with lots of things clicking. Roode's championship reign is another thing done right, probably my favorite heel title run since Evolution HHH and JBL in 03/04.

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Kong vs. Gail Kim


The two match Kim vs. Taryn Terrell series


The original Beautiful People stuff (ignoring the Billy Gunn involvement)


Ummm... I got nothing for the men outside the aforementioned Storm/Harris Last Man Standing

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Double J MMA


Paranoid Eric Young


Appletini Man Christopher Daniels


Austin Aries title chase and victory


I made it to five. At least two more than I expected. Was expecting to need to use Lacey Von Erich to get to five. :)

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Both AMW vs. XXX Cage matches.


The Jarrett/Raven feud until they didn't pay it off with Raven going over.


The Destination X PPV where Aries won the title.


As a Styles Mark, I loved AJ beating Jarrett two months after they ruined the Raven Feud.


I actually thought that TNA produced a lot of fun episodes in '03 for their weekly PPV show.

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Bringing in Rey Bucanero, Ultimo Guerrero, and Milano Collection AT to the US.


Team Puro-Lucha (Seiya Sanada & Tigre Uno)


Not giving up on Bobby Roode or James Storm. Beer Money = Fucking Awesome.


The Beautiful People beating down Knock-outs Horseman style, putting paper bags over ther victim's heads, and being the best heel stable in the world at one point in time before booking fucked it up.

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That little golden period for the Knockouts was pretty great.


The initial heel run of LAX with Konnan was awesome. Holy shit but they had heat. I liked AJ and Daniels together in those days, too. 


I always enjoyed the Machine Guns, especially when they wrestled bigger dudes like Team 3D.


Christian's run at the top was solid, and his ladder match with Kaz is still a stand out to me.

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The original run with Samoa Joe was good...


Yeah, running right to him and Kurt Angle going at each other when Angle debuted. Pretty awesome, right through the face off and up to the point that Double J runs in to steal the belt and a million things happen. 


But if you just stop right after Joe kicks Angle, it's a cool showdown. 

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