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  1. Bills face the overrated Chiefs at home while coming off a bye. If they want to end the drought, they need to make hay the next four weeks, because 1-3 over their last four is probably the best they can hope for.
  2. I know Taker did the dive in the aftermath of the match against HBK at Ground Zero in 9/97.
  3. Not sure if it's the TV or dark main event, but locally they are advertising Ambrose VS Rollins in a Street Fight for RAW.
  4. Damn this show has been on fire this season.
  5. The latest episode of DEAD AGAIN is fucking crazy. That is all.
  6. Just got back from NIGHTCRAWLER. It's not for anyone without patience since it takes it's sweet time building to the big event seen in the trailers. The ending will definitely turn some people off, but Jake G. carries the movie on his back and is so awesome at playing the skeeviest, sleaziest sociopath possible that I still give it a solid two thumbs up. More thoughts may be forthcoming tomorrow.
  7. Carolina Cincinnati Cleveland Arizona Philadelphia Kansas City San Diego Minnesota San Francisco New England Seattle Pittsburgh Indianapolis Tiebreaker #1: More passing yards, P. Manning Tiebreaker #2: New York Jets interceptions thrown + lost fumbles 3 Tiebreaker #3: Winning margin in Oak/Sea 10
  8. RoH announced that they have a deal with a toy company. Can't remember which one.
  9. Having a really good day after somehow getting a good night's sleep. Ate both my meals and walked a bit without any problems. Out of ICU into probably the nicest room in the cardiac unit.
  10. Denver Detroit Seattle Baltimore Miami Kansas City New England Buffalo Tampa Bay Houston Philadelphia Cleveland Indianapolis Green Bay Dallas Tiebreaker #1: Total points in GB/NO 525 Tiebreaker #2: passing yards by Bortles for Jax vs Mia 185 Tiebreaker #3: DeMarco Murray rushing yards: over/under 130 over
  11. Passed my first major test yesterday on the road to recovery. Was being aided by a temporary balloon pump that some of the docs weren't sure I could survive without. It got taken out yesterday, and while I'm not feeling 100%, I'm not getting sick either.
  12. Don't the Bills know what I'm in the hospital for?
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