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  1. Watching the '96 KOTR. Everyone only remembers Austin's speech but there was an awesome, underrated main event with Shawn and Davey. Great pacing - good mixture of technical work and high spots. Everything in the match has a purpose and means something. This feels kind of like what Bret/Shawn at WM should have been structure wise. One big goof where Davey goes to the top rope for no reason and basically trips and falls, and the finish with 2 refs is wonky, but I'd say it's the 3rd best WWF match of 1996 behind Bret/Austin and Shawn/Foley.
  2. Honestly a bit surprised they released this piece of shit. Realize 2K only cares about money but even delaying the release would have at least given the impression of pretending to care.
  3. Looks like a PS2 game. Why didn't they just keep the graphics from last year? Was Yukes that important? Really, really hope this game bombs.
  4. It's amazing how unappealing the current product is. Nothing else to say, really.
  5. Didn't watch, just caught the main event today. Seth Rollins is really bad at selling.
  6. It's not WWE until a pretty girl plays a slut. Thanks, Vince.
  7. So AJ and Seth are in the same storyline? Drew should win the Rumble. It's amusing that Dean actually wrestles wearing a gold chain. I'd like to see a few full matches still wearing the pimp jacket.
  8. Is AJ taking time off? Is he injured? Either of those would really suck. I want him on my tv every Tuesday. We can debate whether or not the title switch should have happened now, but DB is CLEARLY better as a heel, so I like the move. Gonna be uber pissed if Brock injures him though. Assuming he's not injured, AJ has to win the Rumble now, right?
  9. No way I would have Becky lose on Sunday. They probably will, but it's stupid. I'd even accept a screwy finish under these circumstances. Lesnar just bores me at this point. Heyman is still amazing, obviously. Totally down for a Balor/Drew match at TLC.
  10. I would be fine with Drew being the guy to beat Lesnar for the belt, honestly. Put the IC strap on Elias. He's actually pretty hot right now and Seth is stale, plus he's gotta build the program with Dean. Finn needs to be on Smackdown. His talent is going to waste. Could have some good work with Nakamura, Styles, Bryan, etc.
  11. He's a Republican in TN. Pretty sure he could eat a baby and still win.
  12. I almost wish Roman hadn't done the speech last week, just turned in the belt and announced it on twitter or something. You'd know these bastards would do this. Man does Shawn move slow. It's what you would expect, but still. That match is going to be painful.
  13. The turn was done brilliantly. I genuinely feel sorry for Joe Anoa'i. Nothing more to add.
  14. Of course they're protecting Ronda, she's the biggest star in the company with a legit fighting background. She shouldn't ever lose. MAYBE to Asuka or Charlotte at Wrestlemania by shenanigans. Fuck DX. Man, I loved their stuff in 1997. I was a 12-year-old kid doing the crotch chop behind the teacher's back in middle school. But now in 2018? Shawn just has to pull a Michael Jordan and screw up the perfect finish to a career. Have fun, peanut head. Finn Balor and Bayley together - how perfect. Both workers who came in with great potential and hype, only to be poorly booked into permanent mid-card status. I might be the only one who doesn't care about the Shield. Don't care for them as a tag team or singles wrestlers.
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