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  1. The Fashion Police sketch reminded me of that old Eddie Murphy stand-up routine
  2. Awesome main event, loved Miz's mind games to start the match sliding in and out of the ring. I have no idea how Seth avoided Sabu'ing himself on that dive where Finn caught him and piledrove him into the mat. It looked like he may have had a stinger, he was shaking his arms and hands like they went numb and he lost feeling in them. Thank the adrenaline Sheamus & Cesaro are my new favorite ass-kicking tag team. Except they look like they're doing some kind of ANTIFA gimmick now with their jackets. And let Alexa hold the Women's belt one else is on her level right now.
  3. Everyone seems to forget the most obvious talking point about Kalisto....he's garbage in the ring. He has these horribly contrived spots, that don't look good even when he doesn't botch them (which he usually does). He tries to bust out wacky no-handed handsprings (?) and corkscrews, (that he usually botches). He has never even been able to hit his own signature moves cleanly or with any consistency. He flat out sucks, and has since his first days in NXT. I'm surprised he's lasted this long with the company, if it wasn't for them packaging him in a tag team with a solid worker like Sin Cara (Hunico), and carrying him through NXT in the Lucha Dragons gimmick, he'd be long gone by now. The sooner they fire him and replace him with Cien Almas or any other luchador, the better. Hell, repackage Hunico and give him Kalisto's spot, lord knows he deserves it. Where is he anyway, didn't he get injured on TV not long ago?
  4. Laughably fake, Corbin hasn't even main evented a B-show while Strowman is tearing the house down on RAW. That sounds so fake that i'd almost believe WWE leaked that just to fuck with Meltzer, and to find out who their mole is.
  5. For reference this is what's JBL is being accused of regarding Mauro Does anyone have youtube footage of the 3/13 episode of SD Live or Bring It To The Table that was referenced so we can all hear what actually happened? Or just continue talking about how JBL beat up The Blue Meanie and soaped up Edge's ass 10+ years ago... For the record I love Mauro's announcing and his enthusiasm, and hope he's back to normal soon. Even Meltzer states no one knows for sure what caused this bout of depression in Mauro, but most likely there's a lot more stuff going on in his personal life that would lead him into a depression than a couple on-air jabs from JBL about winning an Observer award. Or maybe some people just can't handle all the social media, and are better off unplugging (Both JBL & Mauro).
  6. Yeah, i'm trying to find Dave's story from the observer about Mauro, got a link? I know about all the other JBL locker room bully stuff, everyone knows all that stuff. I just want to know what this NEW MAURO INCIDENT is.
  7. This thread is STILL severely lacking any sort of information or evidence of anything at all, other than complete conjecture about JBL being a bully. Does anyone have any specific information or links about what actually happened with any of this nonsensical story? JBL isn't going anywhere
  8. So JBL is stealing passports and Brian Kendrick's cruiserweight gimmick too? This thread is severely lacking any sort of information or evidence of anything at all, regarding JBL being a bully. Does anyone have any specific information or links about what actually happened with any of this nonsensical story? Anyone got the Observer info on the subject mater
  9. This show had a severe lack of crazy drunk Laurel, we need way more of that. And way less of that pregnant looking chick with the gut. *shudders*
  10. I'm not sure why people expected WWE to run the Broken Hardys angle from the start. There's no reason for them to be Broken....yet. In the WWE Universe they're still picking up where they left off years ago, the same way the fans remember them from the 2000s. But now that they've got the tag belts, they can have the strain of holding the titles break them, or have them lose the belts or run some angles with them that could easily lead to them being broken and have Matt & Jeff feuding again or something like that. They are on a high right now, and as Matt said, it seems to have kept his CONDISHTION in check temporarily, but just let the story play out.
  11. Absolutely rock solid, killer game. Subtle neg with some disqualifying, demonstrated high value, she looked like she wanted to fuck him right on the ramp, then he walks away displaying his abundance. Beautiful stuff, no wonder they're so happy together.
  12. That's gotta be like 50 feet from the ground. Bring out the Shane-O-Mac airbags!
  13. What does EYFBO stand for?
  14. They are battling over THEIR YARD! You can't just concede the YARD that easily.
  15. I'm convinced the whole point of this angle is for a Summerslam marriage