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  1. Survivor Series XXX

    It has been built up since before the last PPV...The Shield have been feuding with The Bar and Miz for months now. That's basically the match they were building for the last PPV that Reigns missed anyway, just add Strowman & Kane + shenanigans. I think they're right to run it now to recapture some eyeballs, especially while MNF ratings are low.
  2. GFW Impact Wrestling Spoilers for 10/19/17 - 11/2/17

    I enjoyed the 10/26 episode, I can dig GFW more as sort of a mixtape of different promotions, kinda cool that they showed matches from 5 different shows. Might have been one of the best shows in the GFW era since the Hardys left. Main complaint would be they chopped up the GHC Edwards/Marufuji match all to hell and really downplayed what looked like an epic match. I would have much rather cut out a Border City match and give the GHC match a 2nd hour slot and 20-25 mins, no one gives a shit about Petey Williams anymore Scott D`Amore. I know the Lucha style works much better with what they're trying to do with a bunch of short 5-10 min matches, so I can kind of understand what they're going for. But seriously, diversify your product with one full puro style title match, if you're going to do it at all do it right. The stuff w Trevor Lee was hilarious, he was great w the looking for the promoter bit. And Dan Lambert really is the biggest mark i've ever seen w all his belts and "I'm a bigger fan than ANYONE!"
  3. GFW Impact Wrestling: Destination X - 8/17/17

    It's an old joke, wouldn't give a cripple crab a crutch. Other than Taryn in lingerie, this show was shit
  4. So, How's It Going?

    This will help calm all the RAGE http://blog.dilbert.com/post/164297628606/how-to-know-youre-in-a-mass-hysteria-bubble How To Know You’re In a Mass Hysteria Bubble
  5. NJPW 2017 G1 Climax 27

    Either Omega or Naito winning would be awesome, and the best story to tell. But my unrealistic fantasy booking is Okada wins and challenges both Naito & Omega. One Night Only Okada Naito Omega Wrestle Kingdom: ONO I hope you're reading this Gedo, because if not, you just made a lot of people's fightin' lists!
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  7. SummerSlam XXX

    I'm thinking Big Show wins, but turns on Enzo also and tag teams with Big Cass. They were in cahoots all along to....really stick it to Enzo? And Big Show hasn't switched from face to heel repeatedly like he usually does, so he's probably due for some more flip-flopping.
  8. NJPW 2017 G1 Climax 27

    That sounds like a fun list-making exercise. Which 10? And no Young Boys either!
  9. NJPW 2017 G1 Climax 27

    I don't understand this whole Yoshi-Hashi gimmick at all. I always laugh when he comes down to the ring and instead of touching hands with the fans he just kind of let's his staff dangle out there for them to touch. Seems like such a heel thing to do, like he's too good to touch fans. I don't know why any fans would be interested in that, I keep waiting for someone to just flip him off instead. And I always laugh when he ends up getting carried to the back and someone else has to carry his monkey staff for him. I think he's walked off and carried his staff himself only once after a G1 match so far this tournament, though I much prefer seeing him being carried off to the back by some young boys.
  10. NJPW 2017 G1 Climax 27

    After that absolutely brutal match with Kenny Omega, it looks like EVIL has sustained TWO black eyes. They may never go away. It's amazing what he overcame to beat the Rainmaker!
  11. NJPW 2017 G1 Climax 27

    LOL, c'mon RAZ! You know you love Omega, wait til he has another 6-star match in the finals next week and you'll all be loving on him again!
  12. NJPW 2017 G1 Climax 27

    Omega vs EVIL was awesome, especially the last few minutes. I thought it was one of the best matches of Block B so far, and definitely the best EVIL match i've seen, my respect for him went way up after that match. It was a statement match, everyone knew this was going to be the match where either Omega wins and heads to the last day for his showdown with Okada, or maybe EVIL gets the big win and takes Omega's spot to setup a match with Naito. To me that was a decisive match for the whole G1, and both guys put it all on the line and were fighting for their tournament lives out there, and it was amazing. This is the life they chose to live, and all you people feigning sympathy for EVIL and saying fuck Omega are hilarious. These guys have volunteered to take ass whippings like this their whole careers, and they love what they do, this is just another day at the office. I certainly don't want to see anyone else Shibata themselves, so I can agree with no crazy headbutts like that, but this match was no more "disgusting" or "shocking" or whatever outrageous adjective you want to use, than practically every single other NJPW & G1 match so far this year. THAT is their Strong Style. If your sensitive sensibilities can't take watching it anymore don't blame Omega, but maybe you should go watch some anime or find a more peaceful hobby where no one ever gets hurt.
  13. Raw Is Kurt's A Dad - 7/17/2017

    Say what you will about Double J, but at least he could do a guitar shot right, not on the side of their head, over the top and straight down man!
  14. Raw is THAT PROMO - 7/10/2017

    He's not a good guy, he's not a bad guy....He's THE Guy!