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  1. Would Jerry Lawler in Memphis count? Sure he's wrestled under many different banners in Memphis, but he has been wrestling there for more than 40 years.
  2. Today is my 31st birthday! I still get that childlike excitement for my birthday, even though I am rapidly approaching middle age. And instead of gifts, I get likes on Facebook. I actually have plans for the first time in years that don't involve work or sitting on my ass.
  3. I saw this on my FB feed...shared it there..gotta share it here too since I only gots like three or four DVDVR people on my friends list.
  4. That moment when you finally have the courage to tell someone special how you really feel, and it doesn't go like you wanted too. Soul crushing guys, completely soul crushing.
  5. https://soundcloud.com/antirecords/deafheaven-brought-to-the-water NEW DEAFHEAVEN! I REPEAT! NEW DEAFHEAVEN!
  6. If they ever redo Max Headroom, the Miz's face in this gif is the perfect template.
  7. I've been watching RAW from the beginning, and I have to say I really miss Vince on commentary. His over the top excitement always feels genuine and full of shit at the same time. I also dug he and Macho ripping on Rob Bartlett after he missed the Raw right after WM9. Those two were really quite good as an announce team.
  8. Grabbed this while watching Raw Replays on the network. Screen froze at the right time.
  9. Besides his awesome mustache these days, that is definitely his shining moment.
  10. I still think this is the best moment of the whole shitty post Attitude ]era of the WWE. JR still ruled when he wanted too.
  11. Holy shit! i was actually at that MCW show. I never knew any footage of it existed, There was also a pretty swank AmDrag/Regal match that I've talked about previously on this board. V Sabu
  12. A brand new High on Fire was released without me even knowing until this morning. I knew I should've liked them on Facebook months ago.
  13. I just want to see certain moves make a return. I don't even know when the last time I saw a side russian leg sweep on WWE TV, and that makes me sad. I also would like to see more babyfaces helping babyfaces after a heel does something super dastardly. I also want to see the main babyface show up during a heel beatdown on a friend like he just got out of the shower as soon as someone told him. One of my favorite pro wrestling memories as a kid was Jerry Lawler showing up with shaving cream and a towel on to save a friend while several heels were kicking his ass. Basically, I want more Memphis staples in my pro wrestling,
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