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    Didn't want to mess with these guys on the streets or the dance floor in the 80s.
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    There is no such thing as a “can’t miss” star in the WWE. They’ve proven repeatedly they can miss any and as many stars as they want to.
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    WWF did that show in the 80’s. It was called “Tuesday Night Titans”.
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    I still think Kevin Nash's X-Division contributions are his greatest gift to wrestling
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    So bound and determined, in fact, that there’s now enough missed stars that someone made a whole other wrestling company out of them.
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    My daughter won a regional essay competition and now she has to give a speech in the state finals. There isn't a bead of sweat on her head, but I am as nervous AF. Pray for me.
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    A look back at spiders trapped in things:
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    I cared so little about this movie that I had a chance to pay to see it and didn't. I just watched it on a plane for free and still feel like I spent too much. God damn. It felt like a bad video game with one fetch quest after another. "Oh no, this thing you were looking for is missing/is not right/is broken/whatever, you need to go find this other thing. Our princess is in another castle. Holy fucking fuck. We need to find the wayfinder But for that we need the dagger We have the dagger but can't read it Let's go someplace to find the guy that can make C3PO read it But first let's go get the dagger back, it was stolen, even though we technically don't need it anymore Now we have it, let's go see that alien midget Now let's read it Now lets go get the Wayfinder Oh noes astral projecting Kylo Ren broke the Wayfinder It's okay I took his ship on a whim and holy fuck the one he had is still in there Oh fuck this movie. Who the hell said it felt like two films they smushed into one? That is bull fucking shit my friends. This is 20 minutes of plot with a 90 minute fetch quest. And there are literally no stakes. Chewie dies! No, he doesn't! 3PO sacrifices his memory! No, he doesn't! Anything that felt real and had no take backsies got taken back seconds later. Leia sacrifices herself to pull a Mr. Fuji distraction spot. Alien criminals, led by Lady Daft Punk, are all set to turn the rebels over for a profit. Rey kicks some ass, and they they're all, "okay, never mind then, I like you." Oh god oh god fuck this. So much garbage! In the previous movie, Rey and Kylo could use the Force to have remote conversations (a friend of mine called it "SpaceTime" and I love that. I just called it Intergalactic Skype). NOW they have mother fucking remote FIGHTS and Ren can literally grab shit. What the ever loving fuck. This movie was hot garbage. And please remember that those space horses, who had that cool reveal, quite obviously died. No way to evacuate intergalactic Clydesdales that quickly. Oh and there's this story about a planet of Sith that presumably a lot of people know about -- BUT HAS NEVER BEEN MENTIONED IN THE SERIES -- but nobody outside of Luke has ever considered trying to find it and maybe blow that fucker up. This movie had more ass-pulls than an evening with Richard Gere. Wow.
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    If you guys have a problem with someone feel free to report it to an admin or utilize the "Ignore" feature. Or show some goddamn restraint and not respond to someone because they want to "see more of the giant robot spider". Or "more dog food". Or because they frustratingly post news links to Japanese language sites in the Puroresu Discussion thread without context - like we should know why it matters.
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    This would lead to a Brandi Rhodes match. Hard pass.
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    Or he may actually like the robot spider. Just because you think its dumb doesn't mean he does or can't enjoy it.
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    The Becky shtick has run its course.
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    I can't be the only person who thought "who the fuck is Riddick Moss?"
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    Rewatched the tag match... Was that the first time in the US somebody got over the one count correctly? Some people don’t realize that when you kick out after one, it’s because the opponent hit a move disrespectfully. In this case the Bucks sarcastically hit the Golden Trigger on Kenny to set him off for a brief moment before Matt & Nick hit him with the superkicks.
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    It's funny that my last memory of him will be all the flubs John Oliver played the night before.
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    Yeah the Exalted One would have to be, I don’t know, Charlie Haas in order to not top that thing being a giant spider the whole time as a reveal.
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    And that's just the stuff that we know about... I can well imagine that New Jack has been up to all sorts of zany coke-fueled antics that we haven't heard about (yet). 1. I don't think it was a switchblade, but rather a nine-inch open blade that he was carrying around in his sleeve during a wrestling match for reasons... 2. I suppose that if you must have a hardcore match with a 70 year-old man, you might as well hit him with a barbed wire-wrapped baseball bat just for the sake of completeness. 3. Story is that Grimes sensibly got cold feet about doing the spot at the last minute so New Jack took matters into his own hands and caused them both to fall awkwardly onto the floor two stories below. 4. The fact that Grimes continued to work a match with New Jack impresses me as among the stupidest acts in the history of pro wrestling and believe me when I say that covers a hell of a lot of ground. We need more stories about how New Jack was paid by Rob Black in piles of cocaine and porn DVDs when working for his porn-fest-outlaw-freakazoid-mudshow or whatever it was he was doing to try and ripoff ECW. Someone just needs to give New Jack an ounce or so of blow and a live mic and let him go for about six hours. Might not make much sense but it would be entertaining as hell. Did they ever do an episode on Southern Cali's Incredibly Strange Wrestling? Imagine if you will a cross between ECW and the Jim Rose Circus Sideshow and you're pretty close to the vibe of Incredibly Strange Wrestling. You just don't have grudge matches such as Cletus the Fetus vs. the Abortionist these days, to say nothing of stipulation matches such winner drinks the pee of his opponent's valet or loser gets tossed into a vat of AIDS-infected needles...
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    I've played that game many, many times. My favorite instance was playing Family Feud. Name something you put in a blender. My answer: a baby
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    "We already had two guys named Jesus, pal. We're gonna call you William Christ."
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    Kidnapping? Probably. Great plot for a 90s action movie starring Harrison Ford? Definitely.
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    I'm kind of surprised he took that long to RKO Beth. I want to RKO her every time I watch NXT.
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    Really good Mance Warner MLW shirt
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    Uhm, more than him were fine with Goldberg winning the belt. Liking that doesn't make him contrarian so not the best example. Not saying you are wrong, but sometimes people just have different tastes.
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    Imagine Charlotte Flair and Tessa Blanchard teaming up to break Brandi Rhodes' arm.
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    Your contrarian troll gimmick is dumb. You wait to see where most of the board is headed and then say "I love this thing everyone dislikes". It's not as bad as your women's photos gimmick but it's almost as bad.
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    To be honest, that was my second draft. First was much more negative, less towards the film and more towards the star. That is a quandary because Tupac didn't have any control over his portrayal in the film. It is obviously biased in his favor. Yes, all docs have a bias but one can argue that by letting Tupac do the talking they are actually absolving him of bad behavior because while he pays lip service to mistakes and immaturity, it eventually boils down to him taking responsibility for 'being at the wrong place at the wrong time'. Like, man, he shouldn't have been sleeping in the same room a rape took place (yeah, ok) and damn, he sure regrets going on Yo! MTV Raps and bragging about him and his entourage beating the shit out of Allen Hughes*. Bullshit. As far as his issues with police, compare him with someone like Ice-T who actually had a record before he had a record and thanks to Cop Killer, was at one time legit considered a threat by law enforcement. Yet, somehow, after his success he managed to avoid constant run-ins with police and, you know, committing major crimes, whereas Tupac just couldn't seem to help himself. Still, as you say, he was a complicated and multi-talented guy and a real artistic loss to the world and there are a ton of lessons to be taken from his story, from a cautionary tale about handling fame to the legit anger towards a corrupt system. *If that 5-part Tupac docuseries ever actually gets produced, it should really be something.
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    Finally saw Knives Out this past weekend. I thoroughly enjoyed it and am ready for more.
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    If you get a photo with Terry Funk and don't make it your profile photo on everything you own you'd be a pretty huge asshole
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    I think of people snorting giant rails of cocaine and then answering questions. Which is actually a better concept than Hot Ones
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    I understand why it's call "The Bump" but every time I hear the name of the show I imagine it's a twee Lifetime talk show where pregnant women talk about pregnancy.
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    The irony of Jeff Hardy being on a show called "The Bump"
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    Decided to never drink soda again.
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    Maki Itoh wants to wrestle in AEW. Bring her over, damnit!
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    Kerry Von Erich taught him that move.
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    For the love of God, we *MUST* have DR vs Venezuela in the WBC. Joey Bats vs Roughneck Rougned, Round 2!
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    If it leads to him putting Stu Grayson and Evil Uno into the Lake of Reincarnation and bringing back the Super Smash Brothers I am all for it.
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    Let's not forget St David's Day in March too (in reference to the St Patrick's Day posts in the gif thread)
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