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    Getting paid to sit at home is my dream job.
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    From Variety’s interview with Werner Herzog:
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    Thinking back to their recap they did mention that during Kip/Penelope's interview they cut to Joey walking up the ramp. It's interesting because they said she dumped Joey for Kip and I guess now they're going to transition into that for a story. I get a bit weird about turning real life stuff like this into a story. But if they're okay with it and can make for compelling TV then I guess I'm on board. Oh, and also forgot to mention that we went to the after party. I hope they have it somewhere a bit closer for next year but it was a fun time regardless. We saw Peter Avalon again who was delighted to hear me bring up his other gimmick in NWA Hollywood (discussed on Jericho's pod) And my wife finally met Sonny and she just lost her damn mind. So I'd say it was worth going to and thankfully we paid half price for VIP tickets due to the code.
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    Whoops, posted in the wrong topic. But you can't go wrong with Sandman boogie!
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    Since I got home we've been on a tear with the school afternoon shows like Darkwing Duck and Gargoyles. This is going to take over our lives.
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    The thud sounds even better when you listen to it with Bose headphones.
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    I find Dave a lot easier to take when you only read him and dont hear him.
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    I loved The Mandalorian pilot. This is more of what I personally wanted out of a new trilogy. I understand in part why we aren't spending a lot of time on side characters and side missions but hot damn that was a great 40 minutes.
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    You’ve seen the shirts haven’t you?
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    If you look at the possible ramifications of the SCU vs Jericho/ Guevara match, either Jericho & Guevara win the tag titles (seems unlikely), or it goes time limit (possible), or one of Kaz and Sky pins either Sammy or Jericho. I'm thinking Scorpio Sky beating Jericho is a very intruiging finish. Considering he wasn't supposed to be in the tag tourney, he was supposed to be the singles guy in SCU, and now he's pinned le Champion, you could go places with that.
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    I mean no offense to Sin Cara, but I’m not saying to myself “Bruh, what do you bench”.
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    A less civilized man would make a joke about her implants, but I'm far too dignified for that.
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    Well then that would be their first time.
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    that's a lot of words to say "no IIconics, so don't bother, Whiouxsie"
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    It's always okay to be upset with incorrect DuckTales.
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    Absurd actually reuses the soundtrack from Pieces. It's actually kind of jarring if you've seen Pieces as many times as I have. The music played in the trailer is the only thing that isn't recycled from Pieces. Actually Pieces was released two years later so I guess it's the one that recycled music from Absurd. It just doesn't seem that way if you've already seen Pieces two dozen times and only recently watched Absurd for the first time. Also their idea of a Super Bowl party doesn't really work. The housekeeper is left alone at the house with the kids while the parents attend a Super Bowl party. I find the lathe drill kill in Absurd to be highly inferior to the one in City of The Living Dead. I guess this was alright. I forgot exactly how the blind girl was so easily able to saw off the big freak's head but it was ridiculous. I've watched Silent Rage a few times in the last month, which also has a Wolverine-like Michael Myers rip-off killer. Silent Rage does have a Rifftrax, even though I still laugh at plenty of shit in it even without the Rifftrax. Chuck Norris's love scenes with the mafioso's daughter from The Wanderers are almost as weird as that goofy Super Bowl spaghetti supper in Absurd. Silent Rage has a cool theme but I must warn you that there are also scenes of Chuck Norris mellowing out in his apartment to imitation Steely Dan muzak. The only change-up is that instead of being pursued by a Loomis figure priest, Ron Silver kind of plays that same basic role as the nut's doctor before he got killed and resurrected, but the other doctor (who basically resurrects him with Weapon X serum) is very protective of his monster. The whole experimental medical facility in Silent Rage is kind of like the hospital in The Beyond, where physicians also help out by performing autopsies. Even though Silver is a psychiatrist, he gets to help operate on his psycho patient after the cops shoot him the first time. The arguments between Silver and the mad doctor over the moral and ethic dilemma of turning a dead loon into an invincible monster are as funny as the arguments in Winterbeast between the lodge owner and head park ranger.
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    Legit, is there a better heel in wrestling right now than Stevens? When it comes to heat and strictly getting boos he's almost Vickie Guerrero-level at this point. Jericho is great too obviously but he's still getting some cheers mixed in.
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    Call it the Michael Ray Richardson All-Stars
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    Insurance red tape has been cut through and things appear resolved. Unless anything else happens, I'm having surgery December 11. Things are quite exciting over here!
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    He may not need the skills and experience of apartment wrestling right now, but it's better to diversify. You never know when those skills might come in handy.
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    Just be happy they didn't slap "Great Gates of Kiev" on him and be done with it...
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    Presumably, he means the Todd Bertuzzi / Steve Moore incident.
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    i will try to be in, but if the deadline passes with no pick from me, then i forgot and you should leave me for dead.
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    Aries is such a great fucking wrestler and such a dick.
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    I caught Brad Anderson's Netflix original joint, Fractured, over the weekend. It's not bad, but it's also not nearly as good as Session 9.
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    I wish someone would stop chopping onions in here.
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    He can put a ring in his backyard and wrestle with Mike Kannelis and the rest of the guys who just signed multi year deals who are bound to repeat this trying to give your notice on Twitter trend.
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    I think my biggest takeaway from Batwoman so far, is that they are willing to do some really dark shit on this show.
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    They acknowledge it on commentary too. "It looks like all he's wearing is pink kneepads." "It looks like he got dressed in the dark, that or he forgot his trunks!"
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    Yeah, but... EVOLVE sucks.
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    I am sure this will end up in many threads but
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    What the fuck, man??! WHY WOULD YOU SAY THAT?!??!
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    I was worried people would think I was some kind of nerd.
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    Have I mentioned how triple threats are mostly garbage?
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    Need more deep dives into the careers of Columbo guest stars.
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    The next ROH live event is 12-13. which means she's making $2,000 to not do a dang thing, technically. If she worked a WWE schedule for $25,000 a year, that'd be a travesty. As it stands, she's overpaid. I'm watching this week's TV now (I guess) and I'm a whopping 51 and have been watching wrestling since I was 6-7. That ref bump in the match highlights between Kelly Klein and Angelina Love was positively the silliest thing I can recall seeing in a wrestling ring. You have to have enough pride as an organization for the ref to stand back up and say "OK, let's try it again." Please don't take this as sexist, honestly, but if those are two of the best you can snag,. would'nt it be better to have no women's wrestling at all? Or have we gotten to the place in pro wrestling where if you have pro wrestling, you have to have women's pro wrestling no matter how awful the women's wrestling is?
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    I debated whether or not to check which level was which, but I figured someone would do it for me.:)
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    This is going to send me to my copy of Dante's "Inferno" to dissect this concept. Not to be a dick, only because I like Dante's "Inferno" and mixed references/metaphors.
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    Excalibur 1-0 in official AEW rankings.
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    Rogers was... It's weird. He's a highschool legend in Saginaw. And though I hated it, he was amazing at MSU. Uncoverable at times. We all know that injuries and addiction derailed him in the NFL before he ever got going. And, on one hand, he's not the first or last great college player to not live up to it in the NFL. But not very many of them had it all happen in the same state. The same fans that loved him in highschool and college root for the Lions. He was the hometown boy made good, and it all went so bad. He wound up broke, and broken, and this just sucks. He's only four months older than I am.
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    Fuck cancer, and liver failure as well.
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