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    Getting paid to sit at home is my dream job.
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    Lana's new gimmick is "woman who is way too proud and aggressive in publicly discussing her gynecological life." "7 weeks ago I had sex with Bobby Lashley for the 1st time. Last week I had my pap smear and it was the first time in six months because of I was recovering from a UTI that caused a lot of thick secretions and discomfort. Luckily Bobby Lashley is very sensitive and we only engaged in light labial petting for the last few weeks as my vulva is very swollen and extra sensitive. But because of that, when I noticed that my menstrual discharge was not bloody but only contained some mucus, I knew that Rusev had impregnated me and that explained why my cervix was so inflamed...I mean more inflamed than usual. The women in my family have always had bulbous cervixes.....anyway..."
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    From Variety’s interview with Werner Herzog:
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    This spot can fuck right off. Charlotte should not be no selling for ANYONE, much less a defending champion.
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    You really would think Kairi would have a smarter grasp of psychology than to wail on something rock hard and sensationless
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    don't give them any other ideas for this angle please
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    I know someone who had that job. I won't say he's a friend, but I know him. He's one of those guys, the more people get to know him, the fewer friends he has. Anyway, at one point he worked for the UK office of a large American firm, but they gradually slowed down and eventually closed the UK side of the operation. But they kept him on salary in case they ever did anything over here, or needed someone to deal with a potential European supplier or customer. Except they had no European suppliers or customers. So his job was to stay at home between 9am and 5pm, answering a phone that never rang and responding to emails he never received. After nearly twenty years of that, they let him go. He had a really hard time getting and keeping new jobs after that though, with his lack of employment skills. Plenty of work experience, no experience of working.
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    I nearly lost it when they were asking if any promotion doing death matches had ever mainstream popularity and I'm screaming at the top of my lungs "Fucking Onita and FMW were filling goddamned baseball stadiums!!!"
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    When people yelled "fuck this shit," did it look like this?
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    I didn’t say non-pornographic.
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    Thinking back to their recap they did mention that during Kip/Penelope's interview they cut to Joey walking up the ramp. It's interesting because they said she dumped Joey for Kip and I guess now they're going to transition into that for a story. I get a bit weird about turning real life stuff like this into a story. But if they're okay with it and can make for compelling TV then I guess I'm on board. Oh, and also forgot to mention that we went to the after party. I hope they have it somewhere a bit closer for next year but it was a fun time regardless. We saw Peter Avalon again who was delighted to hear me bring up his other gimmick in NWA Hollywood (discussed on Jericho's pod) And my wife finally met Sonny and she just lost her damn mind. So I'd say it was worth going to and thankfully we paid half price for VIP tickets due to the code.
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    Is it possible that the way it goes now is 1) use AEW paranoia to negotiate a new contract with a disproportionately generous downside guarantee 2) ask for your release on twitter 3) receive the terrible punishment of being sent home to sit out your contract 4) sit at home getting paid decent money doing nothing 5) hope vince forgets you exist rather than hauling you back in to tank his own product with a thinly-veiled punishment storyline
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    In the proper timeline WALTER would hold one main belt and Cesaro would hold hte other and they would rule the roster with an iron fist.
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    Whoops, posted in the wrong topic. But you can't go wrong with Sandman boogie!
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    Jericho vs Owens didn't need the title, and someone has to go on second. Besides, Brock vs Goldberg was badass.
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    I don't know bout the rest of you motherfuckers, but I am bouncing here and there and everywhere with some high adventure that's beyond compare and shit...
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    Yeah, both clearly were because again, it would be a pool of blood from all of the shards of glass, not to mention pulling both guys out of a real barbed wire spider web thing would be a nightmare. You'd have to cut the wire to get them out.
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    Since I got home we've been on a tear with the school afternoon shows like Darkwing Duck and Gargoyles. This is going to take over our lives.
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    What a confusing era of the WWF.
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    I LOVE that it's sponsored by Career Builder!
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    Charlotte deserves a face full of mist for the spot. That gif is pissing me off. I can't be too mad, though. It's not like I sat through Raw. Then, I'd just be mad at myself.
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    I'm in too much medication, that I'm now wondering why a British guy with 20 yrs of experience not working would want or need the skills or experience of apartment wrestling, nonpornographic or otherwise.
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    I’m not a fan of him leaking US Government information, but I can agree with his choice of wrestler of the year.
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    This weeks BTE takes the least subtle shots at WWE and Seth possible!
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    Luckily it's going to take Vince at least another 10 years before he sees Deadpool.
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    By bringing that up, you're dragging this into the realm of the merits of the "escape to win" cage match concept discussion. And we had that discussion (and the best cage match ever discussion) quite recently. No blue bar match ever measures up to Blanchard vs Magnum in the "Winner marries loser's ex wife and raises their daughter" match, btw.
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    The thud sounds even better when you listen to it with Bose headphones.
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    Stop recording. Your friend needs to go to the hospital.
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    Listening to them is infuriating. AEW isn't building their promotion around this type of match. And I recall WCW wasn't afraid of doing crazy violent gimmick matches fairly regularly throughout the late 80s and early 90s. Not trying to be an asshole but Meltzer can barely string together a coherent thought at this point. What he should do is like get a good night's rest before he does these recaps. Maybe that would help. Not to mention he goes on these weird tangents like when he's upset about Baron Corbin mentioning Reigns' leukemia and he takes umbrage with how other athletes have come back from the same thing in just weeks or never missed a game.
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    Imperium losing was fine. A team from you D-show that includes Alexander Wolfe losing to your hot new tag team and a couple bona fide top guys is perfectly reasonable.
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    C'mon, there's a 5th place SEC team that will need that spot.
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    This is the NCAA. Anything can happen.
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    A less civilized man would make a joke about her implants, but I'm far too dignified for that.
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    What's interesting is all that was covered in that 365 special they did for him. He seemed pretty frustrated thoughout it all and I believe after the WM match they show Vince not liking it. So that was a rough one for him. I think at some point I'd need to think about Kevin's run in WWE so far. He's been there for awhile and while I'm sure he's loving the pay and providing for his family I wonder if he feels limited by what they put him in. I do miss that edge that he had in ROH and elsewhere and wonder why they can't just tap into that somehow even as a face.
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    that's a lot of words to say "no IIconics, so don't bother, Whiouxsie"
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    Teddy's run-in with the Harts to fight Contra to start Fusion was one of the least enthusiastic run-ins you'll see. I just don't give a fuck about Injustice as an act, so of course they'll keep getting TV time.
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    I'm guessing Rowan is carrying around a ferret he's going to throw into the tub when his opponent is trying to take a bath.
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    Raw v NXT NXT v SDL SDL v RAW Survivors into a Battle Royal. Winner gets a title shot as his show's champion. Huh, now there's some actual stakes/incentive to win (or even survive) other than "GO GO RED SHIRTS!"
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