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    This is me going way too school teacher on everyone but feel like saying it. Sorry in advance. I read Pure Dynamite and everyone else should even though it makes you feel pretty shitty a lot of the time. Good wrestling stories too but that's not what I pulled out of it. It kind of shows how just being miserable as a personality trait just fucking destroys you. We all get kind of shitty sometimes but you gotta get yourself out of it before it defines you. Almost every post here is about how shitty a person Tom was. Don't let that be all everyone says about you. Get help, do what you gotta do, but don't remain miserable and shut out everyone who cares.
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    I don't know if it is because wrestling companies can't do basic story telling now. But watching 94/95 WCW and I am really enjoying it. Stories that make sense within their own world, clearly defined characters and decent action. I suppose the Dungeon Of Doom is silly, but compared to Lucha Underground and other indies, it is UWFI. Going out and aggressively signing talent like Malenko, Benoit and Eddy along with the luchadors was a great move. Kevin Sullivan knew what the the company needed and how to satisfy various egos. That WCW went to hell after getting rid of him in creative says a lot. I think he could have righted things in 2000, since he was not trying to fix things over night.
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    I am so into the Iconics shtick. I love everything they do. They are such fucking assholes, and I love watching them get beat up after running their mouths. I hope they never turn. I want them to be total shitheads forever.
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    I read Pure Dynamite about nine years ago. I've known people worse than Dynamite with none of the pluses. To his credit he owned up to bad things he did, probably too much. Without the anger and pain, we would not know who he is and maybe he would be happy. Or maybe he would still be miserable. But that is life isn't it, we live with the choices we make. Whatever the case, Dynamite paid for every bad thing he did. But good or bad we end up in the grave. As a talent you can't really deny him. Every undersized wrestler owes him a debt. He had a good mind for wrestling. Unlike a lot of talent, he did not only care about carbon copies of himself. He could see the value in every type of wrestler. I'm disappointed the turn this thread took. I don't think we needed a crash course in the bad things he did.
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    Mad Queen Nikki Cross could be fun. Where is Sanity?
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    Screw the New Year's Day bowls, if I'm a player I want to go to the fucking Bahamas Bowl.
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    I have been laughing about that tweet for like 48 hours thanks to Gage's wife beater tan lines
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    Hawaii would be nice as well. . . .
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    Daniel Bryan, radical ecologist, is one of those jokes that lands best because it lands really, really close for me. Graves needs to start quoting Earth Crisis.
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    It's easy to look and back and say that Dynamite should've toned it down in the ring. But in most fields of sports and entertainment, being afraid to go too far often means you won't go far enough. I mean, let's be honest. How many people would pay to see a guy who's 5'8 do nothing but stomps and headlocks? It would seem that the only reliable means of getting over without taking significant risks in the ring are to possess freakish size/strength or a physique that's impossible to maintain year-round through natural means. And going either of those routes will most likely lead to your body turning on you eventually. Bottom line, if you want to make it in wrestling, you're going to have to pay the piper one way or another. Hiroshi Tanahashi said it best: people won't buy into wrestlers who want to have a long and healthy life.
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    Also, Daniel's super-underrated fuck you to the "What" chants: Sith Daniel Bryan rules.
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    Dynamite is kind of pro wrestling in the form of a person, isn’t he? All the good and bad that that entails in human form.
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    Really enjoyed Dakota vs Shayna. Dakota sold me on the fact that she'd had enough of Shayna's shit and wasn't dealing with it anymore.
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    Smash Brothers is about as fun of a game as you'll ever play, but it's appeal is kind of inexplicable. It is a 4-player fighting game where you try to knock your opponents off the edge of the stage. It is super simple, so a complete novice feels like they can compete, but the gameplay is so tight and responsive that you can get really good at it. Four friends, a couple of drinks, and Smash Brothers is guaranteed hours of fun.
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    Probably because I'm a person with many, many interests I find the single-minded overachiever to be a fascinating subject, my favorite baseball players include well-known pricks like Ty Cobb, Rogers Hornsby, and Steve Carlton. Three more unpleasant people you'd have a hard time finding; you'd also have a hard time finding three people better at what they chose to do. Wrestling, yeah, DK, Misawa, and Jumbo are my Holy Trinity. One died in the ring and one busted himself up so badly that he was in a wheelchair while I was out playing softball. (Yeah, I'm a year older than DK, but I didn't turn my bones into jelly trying entertain a bunch of marks.) Had DK not been so driven, (and I first got to see him live in Portland), wrestling would still be just lumbering oafs doing punch-punch, kick-kick, go for the absurd finish.
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    Hey, I don't know about you guys, but I can't review a post-92 Misawa match without using the word "excess" 6 times.
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    See I was just thinking Mel was misquoting Eminem
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    School is going well and I still have no idea what I am going to do with it. Mickey Mantle once said if he knew he would live so long, he would have taken care of himself. When I was nineteen I thought I had no future. No matter what I was just trying to run the clock out. I took care of my family and friends, but I did not care if I died. Even my writing was/is a hobby to give me a creative output. Some numb nut on here thought I was doing it to make money. Yeah I am living large on that thirty eight cents I got last month. But now I have a support system and people who think I am worth something. So I am trying to plan a future late in the game. I have created a savings account and have a plan to put a decent amount of money away. I now have good credit, so I might be able to buy a house. I can have something tangible to leave my family one day.
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    Punishnent Martinez rules. That is one of the best ridiculous wrestling names ever. “Hey! I’m Punishment, it’s nice to meet you.” His theme music sounds like a Suicide b-Side. I also went to a random Puerto Rican hardcore show when I was in college and Punishment looked like all those dudes. All in on a maniacal post-punk fan of Puerto Rican heritage with striking abilities.
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    You're going to get honesty one way or another when people pass away, Vic, it's just the nature of how these things are. If people weren't honest about how they felt about him, this thread would be pretty empty and full of meaningless platitudes. No one wants to actively bash the dead, but if that's how they view the person, they have every right to express it in a public forum if they so choose. That's how I feel anyway. Take the good with the bad if there's a lot of it.
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    If you're watching ROH every week, you're basically a masochist.
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    I'm horrified imagining a fed that's all Elite. Haven't we suffered enough?
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    Same here. Not only retired, but retired to go into a field trying to save others.
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    "Pour Some Progress On Me" is just trying way too hard.
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    Some quality heeling by Bryan after they went off the air.
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    "And what's the deal with the fuckin' 205 live crew? Why are these fuckin' morons killing themselves for nuthin'? I respect the hell outta Buddy Murphy, Drew Gulak... these guys... but someone needs to sit down with fuckin' Mustafa Ali and tell him to calm the fuck down because only 7 of the 17 people watchin' the show give a fuck!"
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    If ROH wants to promote from within, Shane Taylor would be a good candidate for a bigger push.
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    FWIW, I was very happy with Paxton trade.
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    That Dakota/Shayna match was a keeper. Dakota is an awesome babyface. Shayna is the best. She does such a great job as someone who acts like this dominant monster but always finds a way to escape with a victory. Her henchwomen rule, too. They make such great jerk jock snob faces.
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    I'm gonna be disappointed if y'all tell me those were from Eminem lyrics. I was really picturing them as a middle aged couple that things wearing cheesy matching sweaters is endearing. I've heard one Eminem song in my lifetime. Two if Forgot about Dre counts. I have heard melraz do a pretty good Nate Dogg, though. Reba's lookin rough. Looks like she's down to about 90 pounds, despite eating about 10000 calories of meat per day. Getting her head bashed into the side of a post last night probably didn't help. I've worked out a pretty good system of shooting alligators in the head along with whatever else is wandering the swamps. Made more than $200 yesterday just doing that. Alligators are easy one shot kills with the bolt action rifle, and you'll usually get at least a good pelt out of it, and a bunch of meat and teeth. Got $10 from a perfect deer carcass, along with about $3 from the pelt, which didn't hurt. Kinda felt bad about shooting endangered species, but I did it anyway. Bagged a couple condors and a whooping crane. melraz's horses suck worse than mine. At least mine sticks around. His horse runs off, and won't come back, if you even think about shooting a gun. And his scrawny nag won't let you sell the pelts on its back. The nag is still faster than my shitty horse, though. Found out you can steal boats, at least the little ones. Also found out that if you shoot the lantern on a rowboat out while you're sitting in it, you tend to catch on fire. The high pitched screaming was hilarious. Didn't kill me. Being hog tied and thrown off a boat did, though. Quickly. Melraz got a treasure map looting a random dead skinner. Got like a hundred dollars and some gold out of it. Fucker.
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    Isn’t a wrestling venue yet, but MLW will be taping their upcoming Miami shows this month there. I can’t wait to see what this will look like on TV.
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    See this pisses me off. Do you feel the same about Mitsuharu Misawa? I doubt it
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    What I would say is that he contributed enough to wrestling, we can find positive things he did without being negative. I can't even properly describe why this bothers me like it does. He created all of his adult miseries and left himself a lonely miserable man. Maybe I find that sadder. I hope he is at some sort of peace now.
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    Isn't Ohtani Gage's favorite wrestler of all time? Gage v Ohtani could be fun in a weird way. I have never seen any indication from Gage that he could hang with Ohtani as far as wrestling holds go, but I would watch a bombfest between them for sure. EDIT - Gage confirms his love of Ohtani on Twitter:
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    As thrilled as I am to see him leave the NL West, seeing him in STL doesn't really make me jump for joy. I would have loved to have seen him land in the AL. Now with Goldy gone, that Greinke deal has to be coming next, right? He has a some outrageous no-trade covering I think 15 teams in the league, but I still figure they offload him and that giant contract.
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    Maybe you have. Being the Elite is the best thing on Monday nights next to Seinfeld, and ROH on Fite TV.
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    I always thought Albert was a good worker, who would have been a star if he started in the business any time but the time he started. If you were to switch Albert with King Kong Bundy in Bobby Heenan's family, with the piercings and all, is there a scarier person on the planet in 1986?
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    I'd be down for that, but that would be saying a lot about her position in the MCU considering the IW poster was the most jammed packed poster ever. More realistically, that Avengers 4 poster is going to look like a page out of Where's Waldo book.
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    The best part about this for Bryan is that he probably pitched this character/gimmick in part so he can dress how he wants.
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    That Luka stepback last night. WHEW! https://streamable.com/uo5ar Bill Simmons has been hyping up a potential Dallas trade where they unload Wes Matthews expiring contract to add another piece. I love that idea. They don't have their pick for next year so why not get Luka in the playoffs so he can get some reps. Dallas has played a really easy schedule so far, but they do have some quality wins this year. Last night might be their best win yet. Playoffs are definitely in the picture. I'm sure Random Act is hyped at this point.
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    That Road Dogg writes a decent show, eh?
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