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    I hope we’re all agreed that Karts Rowdy is the best SWA name available.
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    Piper said the same thing on Austin's podcast a few years ago and his storytelling was so incredibly wrong, it's hard to take anything he says seriously. As someone else pointed out, Hogan wasn't even in WWF when the match happened. According to Piper, Snuka beat the shit out of Muraco, climbed to the top of the cage, hit the splash...and Muraco kicked out!!! And that killed Snuka especially since Muraco eventually won. When in reality, Muraco beat the shit out of Snuka, Snuka bled all over the place, made the comeback, then headbutted Muraco so hard, Muraco flew over to the door and escaped. Snuka dragged him back in, killed him, THEN hit the top of the cage splash and all but left him for dead as the crowd lost their shit. That's literally THE Jimmy Snuka moment in WWF. That match is easy to find. Never understood why guys make up details about things you can find on YouTube within seconds.
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    You can't tell me that doesn't scream "Don't Worry, Be Happy..."
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    Knowing Larry, he works at the PC, but he's wandering around and stalling for time before he starts.
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    That’s AJ Styles’ hair photoshopped onto Joe’s head AJ’s wife is named Wendy
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    Bam Bam was equally convincing as a heel and face. Bam Bam was never going to be the face of the company, but at the time of the '87 Survivor Series, I'd say he was the #3 face behind Hogan and Savage. His work against Bundy, the Gang, and Andre is one of the greatest babyface comebacks that just falls short. I would put that up against any other that anyone could think of. It's ashame he got fucked over by the kliq in his 2nd run, but you can also say that about PCO, Shane Douglas, and Adam Bomb.
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    "..Mr. McMahon, sir, we could turn Wade Barrett face and the fans would love it!" Vince: "How does that help Roman?"
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    In honor of the G.O.A.T. Boris Diaw retiring from basketball please drink an extremely small cup of extremely strong coffee. If there's one dude that will certainly enjoy his retirement, you know it's Boris.
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    So....umm.... they ran LUKE HARPER VS RICOCHET TONIGHT!
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    Middle of the pack brawler??? He was an awesome brawler and his promos in GCW were insane. My pick would have to be Edge. Cool(to some) look and personality, but I can’t think of any singles match of his that has ever impressed me.
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    Actually it almost definitely was because I remember they were full color so it couldn't have been any of the apter mags and I'm pretty sure they were gone from ECW by the time their magazine was out.
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    My guess is probably WoW (World of Wrestling) magazine.
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    ""Predator" begins like "Rambo" and ends like "Alien," and in today's Hollywood, that's creativity. Most movies are inspired by only one previous blockbuster."
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    And there just went $35.
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    That is very true but looking at that all I can think of is "God not more Kevin Hart... not HERE..."
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    Because reasons, a bunch of animators got together and completely re-drew the classic WB short The Dover Boys at Pimento University. Original: Remake: "A runabout! I'LL STEAL IT~! NO ONE WILL EVER KNOW~!"
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    You can use this as a resource https://www.digitaltrends.com/movies/how-to-watch-nfl-games-online/ Obviously friend's house/bar is always an option too
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    All three fighters made weight for the main event: Woodley, Till, and backup Kamaru Usman.
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    Bill Dundee vs. Eric Embry from USWA. Timestamped.
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    Why is Donald Duck in your avatar so angry?
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    It's hard to see that written about someone with such a distinctive look and style as Bammer. Bret said in his book that he had a bad attitude backstage and that led to him getting dumped initially, dunno if that was before the LT match or not. But really, a big man with a tattooed head that could do cartwheels and moonsault, that is not the definition of mediocre to me. And I'm sorry but if Vader wasn't around Bam might've had his spot in New Japan instead of being the tag partner (yeah, I know about Warrior; hopefully someone would have given Inoki one of his own slaps before that happened). Now I understand why Sid is contested in this thread. Bigelow was as 100% "This Is A Fucking Pro-Wrestler" as Sid is, even if Sid couldn't work.
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    What's up with the Buffalo crowd there? If Harper had came out I would have lost my mind, they acted like someone farted.
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    Diego Maradona is going to Mexico to manage Dorados de Sinaloa of the Ascenso (second division).
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    The Windham rotunda sounds like that one part of the overpriced metropolitan hotel where brides get their wedding pictures taken before their first marriage (to the guy who happens to not be their baby's father, but he's been in their lives since they were two so he's practically raised them).
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    One of the funniest reviews I've seen in the local paper has our faithful reviewer Chuck Koplinski giving The Happytime Murders zero stars and saying (love this one) it is an "exercise in spite"
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    Great story from the 1800's: King Kelly was playing the outfield in the 9th inning with his team up a run with 2 outs and daylight becoming scarce. A guy hit a long fly ball that was headed over the fence. Kelly leaped up, made a catching motion, tucked his arm into his body, walked to the clubhouse like the game was over and the ump called the batter out. When a teammate back in the clubhouse asked to see the ball he replied "Oh, it went way over the fence.".
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    the amazing MSG attack led into Survivor Series (Team Kofi v Team Orton), where the pop for Kofi winning was HUGE, that was a perfect 1-2 punch of eliminations to win it, felt star making for sure. After that, they traded screwy wins on RAW leading up to TLC, where Orton just beat him clean straight up. They had another match on RAW that Orton won again, THEN they had the three way linked above. I believe the story at the time of the finish was, Ted knocking Kofi off the corner was supposed to set up Orton to punt Kofi, but Kofi started to get up so Orton shoved him back down then Kofi was getting up again so Orton got pissed and went RKO instead. I don't know if that's what ended things since Orton was already beating him in back to back matches before that and he was still somewhat in the mix like being in the Chamber match, but it's a shame it didn't go further. After that he was in MITB at Mania, sent to Smackdown and back to the IC title. Awesome feud/matches with McIntyre and then began the endless series of matches with Ziggler for the next several years.
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    @Goodear I think the belts started as gifts from Cody when the Bucks were transitioning to heavyweight. He of course gave himself one too, to mark them as a group and to exclude Omega. Cody’s just stuck with it.
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    You always double down on "fuck Randy Orton" and 11. Btw, the old lady is John Favreau's grandmother, Joan Favreau.
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    I loved the first episode and hate that I have to wait until next week to watch another one. Here are my thoughts... Tegan Nox and Zatara solid, but I don't think their styles meshed very well. This was clearly a Tegan Nox showcase, and she performed well. Her offense looked good, she sold the knee well, and came across like a future star. Rhea Ripley vs. MJ Jenkins was fun as hell mostly because of Ripley, but MJ Jenkins was able to project some personality which made this a step up from the previous match for me. I'd probably say I thought Tegan Nox had a better performance in her showcase than Ripley, but not by much. I also have developed a fairly large crush on both Nox and Ripley and will be rooting for them for the rest of the tournament. Lacey Lane vs. Vanessa Craven was OK, but Lane is a little too green for this stage for my taste. She has HUGE potential, but I would have rather Craven gone over here. Lane is someone who is going to get her chance, she could have ate the pin here. Meiko Satomura vs. Killer Kelly was by far my favorite match of the night. Killer Kelly was obviously here to put over the veteran, but she really made the best of the situation. From the moment she came to the ring, she looked like she was trying to make us all believers...and she succeeded at least for me. Satomura is silky smooth in the ring, and her offense is vicious looking. My favorite moment was when Meiko hit a move and went for a cover, and the look on Satomura's face said, "I love this fucking job."
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    Stolen from reddit... Mick's floating head, worse than Bruce Lee in Game of Death HHH's butterfingers thumb slip, no time for a retake
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    Wait a second, winning in a 90,000 seat stadium is not considered a big stage?
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    All of the matches were fun to watch. I like that the first round has a 15 minute time limit so that the matches are really driven to be intense quickly. Good first episode. So far all of the wrestlers look like they belong in the tournament which hasn't been true for last years or the CWC I hope that keeps up. I left wanting to see more of all the women. My only complaint was that matches lacked a bit of suspense because these matches had obvious winners except for maybe Lane/Kraven but I didn't expect them to job the hometown girl right away her loss will mean more if she got atleast one win. The down side is that Lane was probably the lowest of the 8 women shown tonight but she's signed, has a good built in story and a unique look. I thought Ripley was good last year and she has gotten better. I hope the NXT UK show starts airing so I can watch her (and Killer Kelly & Nox) more often. Kelly being in tears and showing respect to Meiko after the match was probably the highlight. That emotion for sharing the ring with Satomura should really help show people unfamiliar with Meiko what she means to women's wrestling.
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    I used to think my club being named after soda was the worst name possible, but then I see all these awful pretentious Euro style names in MLS and suddenly New York Red Bulls doesn't seem nearly as bad.
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    Meet my new favorite player, Sean Doolittle: I know he's been out since July, but goddamn, I hope he comes back soon, and I hope he gives up a bomb to a dude that is willing to play along and get real fucking weird with it.
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    Frankie Kazarian is the most average wrestler alive. I don't think anyone has said anything positive or negative about him in 20 years of working professionally.
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    In the past you've had fighters in the same weight class if shit happens in the main event but paid? It's UFC's backup but I read Woodley wouldn't fight a sub.
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    Finally, we can reference a new show. ]
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    Sheamus rolled Kofi up, he didn't hit any Brogue Kick in the end. Thanks for this awesome thread!
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    Problem solved. Several of us sat down and talked to her and cleared the air. She kinda dislikes me, but not in a "you're making me uncomfortable. Call HR" way. Just a clash of personalities. Zeidler had me feeling paranoid for a bit there.
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    I watched Jason Goes to Hell and Jason X the other day for the first time in like 20 years. They’re both crazy stupid fun, especially Goes to Hell. It got me thinking that you can pretty neatly split the Friday the 13th movies that actually have Jason as the antagonist into three trilogies: 2,3,4 (Hillbilly Psycho Camp Slasher trilogy); 6,7,8 (Unexplained Supernaturally Undead Bog Monster Trilogy); Jason Goes to Hell, Jason X, Freddy vs Jason (New Line’s Self Aware Batshit Crazy Fan Fiction trilogy.) Reappraising them recently moved Friday the 13th up ahead of Nightmare on Elm Street as my favorite horror franchise.
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    TMZ is reporting that Mac Miller has died of an overdose at age 26. I'm not familiar with his work but that is too young for anyone to go. Addiction is a motherfucker.
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