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    Is he icing his nuts because they're so damn heavy to carry around?
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    Yeah but he named one of his most used spots after his love for skinning defenseless cats. That's still pretty messed up.
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    Sounds like that really rubbed him the wrong way.
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    Working. (A smidge anti climactic after all The hullabaloo)
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    Melraz finding this thread is gonna be the highlight of this season Of course he shows up right when Acuna blows out his knee so I am blaming him for that
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    Those cats were never defenseless, he was fighting for his life against them and their onslaught of lasers.
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    I've been going through Chris Jericho's second book recently and got a kick out of how much of a dick Vince McMahon is to Jericho for no real reason at all -When Jericho was honoured with the Order of the Buffalo Hunt by the Manitoba government -an award for his charity work and success that had been given to the Pope amongst others- Jericho asked Vince if he wanted to mention it on Raw to which Vince responded "That's a stupid name. It sounds like something Fred Flintstone would get." -When Jericho invited Vince to his wedding, Vince said "Winnipeg? Why would I want to go to Winnipeg?!"
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    I trusted Satanico once, it seems to have turned out alright. If you need me, I have to go beat some technicos with a club.
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    That seems a little dark but I'm open to it.
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    So who did Leary steal these lyrics from?
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    Now we'll never know what he thought about the Von Erichs' drug use.
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    Big Brother but with Dan Harmon, Chevy Chase, Jeffrey Tambor, Jessica Walter, David O. Russell, Lily Tomlin, and fuck I don't know drunk Ric Flair cyborg.
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    Here's the first post from the first thread of this season: ... Yup. Games start on Thursday.
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    As soon as Chris Paul's hamstring died, I knew this was inevitable. I sighed. I whined. I dreaded it. I even turned the game off after the first couple of minutes in the fourth to run from it. I hate you, Thanos.
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    Neither is Ronda's. That segment was really, really awkward. Mia can't act like a heel to save her life, and Ronda just sat there and made confused faces. Titus had the line of the night with "There no brisket, no macaroni and cheese, and worst of all, no seasoning!"
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    Meanwhile for Game 3 the Capitals are planning on a T shirt gun, a free Chick Fil A sandwich, and a special introduction from Chuck Todd.
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    Playing left defense... Brrrrrrret Clark! If there's any fucking justice, Caps in 3.
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    I wish we had 2018 CMLL skits like this.
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    Among other things, cute emoji. I could go into it more, but I don't think you can handle non binary answers.
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    He better hope Charlotte Flair stays out of Metro City
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    Crockett's slogan in the mid-80's should have been "We're outta time. We got to go, fans." Also, according to my reseatch, Tully Blachard retained the TV title 1,183 times because time expired just as the referee was starting to make the three count.
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    The first 15 minutes is just two friends talking (plus cameo Cesaro acting like a goof) so you can enjoy that and not watch the workout stuff. I like how Bryan and Regal's diets made them impossible to ride with
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    Got my 109th Platinum trophy with Deformers for PS4. The servers for the game are shutting down in August and the game is terrible. It's from Ready At Dawn (The Order 1886 people) and was sold by Gamestop, who gave it to you for free for being a PowerUp Reward member. Do not get this game. Let my Platinum be a monument to your sins.
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    I am pretty sure if the Celtics had a couple years more experience they wouldn't lose this game or series. But even then Lebron would have made it 6 or 7 pretty much all by himself But I am sure we will just hear all day tomorrow "Jordan would have beat them in 4 games". Probably so but who fucking cares. Unless we start given different Hall of Fame stuff based on rankings it doesn't matter whether he #1 or #2
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    King Maxel makes his WWE in ring debut.
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    I am not certain Otis is taller than Hornswoggle
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    When Vince croaks, there's no better song to set a video package to for him than this:
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    Were they playing WHAM over the PA?
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    More pot is probably the answer I need. Dick Blood and Barbie Blank could have also made for a great 70's pre-AIDS awareness porn couple.
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    Agreed. I love today's spectacular non finishes.
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    Here's Gangrel, Marty Jannetty and a statue of the baby Jesus
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    Sorry too busy writing a piece for deadspin about how Golden State needs to blow it up after that Game 4 performance.
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    Nothing but blowouts: bad for interesting basketball, bad for beauty salon strategies. This is feeling a lot like the 2012 conference finals to me. Boston takes the next one, then the next two games are just going to suck. I hope either Houston or GS sends Boston a thank-you gift for gassing Cleveland. Even if it continues being all-blowouts and goes 7, this might still be the most interesting series of the entire playoffs, which speaks to how awful they've been.
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    Hiromu vs Despy is a must-watch and MOTY candidate for NJPW this year. Great hatefest.
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    I really wish we could have had a Braun Stroman cameo on Married..with Children.
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    Had a pint with my Dad at a new cinema before Deadpool 2!
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    I knew I liked you for some reason.
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    Being 100% honest, I didn't mean to send the first party invite to you. I was trying to join your game specifically to stab, and then joke around.
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    Now you have me wanting something I never knew I wanted - and something we can never have. I wonder what his approach would have been. We'll never know, but I'm guessing he would've lightheartedly poked fun at himself. "Yeah, I was a fookin' dumbass, mate, but having milk injected in me arse was one way to lighten the mood. The hours were long and the miles were many. You had to have fun to pass the time. Too many people forgot how to do that. My cousin Tommy (Dynamite) had a constant stick up his arse, and don't even get me started on Bret."
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    I don't know when the dots got really crappy, but I certainly support this development. I'm rusty as hell, but it doesn't seem to matter. Had a couple fun little sequences. First one was finding two dots on the beach. I decided to save the white dot from the pink dot by killing both of em. White dot went passive immediately. Pink dot ate a bunch of sniper rounds, and didn't seem to enjoy his experience at all. His two teammates never tried to save him. White dot came up behind me in passive, got off his 4-wheeler, and just stood there. I was thinking surely he ain't gonna try this. Of course he did. I started my Mary Lou as soon as he came out of passive, and he was dead before he got a gun out. Then he went back to passive and I went back to sniping the pink dot. Second was when I was about to drop off. I was parked in the middle of a main road, and some white dot came up and rammed me. i don't think he expected the result to be as explosive as it turned out to be. He got a bounty on the respawn, and I found him in a car with another dot. They got blown up again near the downtown pay and spray. The bounty dot got grumpy and set a bounty on me. To his credit, he made it 9K. Then he died a bunch. Poor guy was not getting good spawns. He made it up to the top of the pay and spray roof. I got in that little garage north of the pay and spray. Some CEO rolled up and got shot outta his car right at the entrance. Bounty guy shot me up as I was putting a proxy on the CEO's car, but he ate another Mary Lou. Another white dot rolled up and I killed him a few times. CEO got back in his car, which didn't work out for him. Cops finally got me, and I spawned out on a sidewalk. Some cop randomly swerved onto the sidewalk and ran me over. CEO put an RPG into us, finally grabbing the bounty. Bounty guy came back and tried again a few minutes later, while I was on the roof of the mall. He parked right below me and ate an RPG, then got sniped on the respawn. Poor guy spent forever getting up to a different roof, then got sniped as soon as he got there. Then he left in disgrace. I finished up with maybe 75 kills, and less than 5 deaths. Can't imagine how bad it would've been if I could actually shoot.
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    I was in a room by myself last night when a Level 26 joined. I noticed he was near Zancudo, but paid him no mind. I started paying more mind when he came after me in a jet. I found a great bit of shelter and waited for him to crash. He obliged. The hunt was on. He wasn't half bad. I had him 5-2 when I scoped him from across the viaduct and he must've figured "hell with this" and he left.
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    Oh yeah, and they fixed it so if you’re in a gunfight and the other person kills themselves, it counts as a kill for you. So, suck it, you suicide queens.
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    I thought the races were fine. Some a little too stunty, but some seem plain.. I have that problem where I can't join a pack for a race (shows a room dump), so I'm lucky to have 2-3 to race with. Lemme tell ya, I'm a complete hypocrite cussing players for using new toys when I can wear out someone even remotely sub-par with that heat-detecting heavy sniper. I had some Level 40 dude over my knee just punishing him.
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    No honey, you can actually use math. How many successful wrestling companies are there now vs thirty (well thirty five) years ago. Now whether whats left is as good is subjective. But from a financial view, wrestling is worse off. Even if you count WWE, they make money but have a smaller fan base.
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    Ishimori dropped his first fall to FLIP LOL. TIGER MASK IS TOTALLY GONNA WIN THIS Y'ALL.
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