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    Is he icing his nuts because they're so damn heavy to carry around?
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    Yeah but he named one of his most used spots after his love for skinning defenseless cats. That's still pretty messed up.
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    “Double mayo, double onion...motherfucker!”
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    If anyone wants ever wants to chat with me about panic/anxiety toss me a PM. I dealt with that shit for 4 years, still do on occasion but it is a lot better than it was so trust me it gets better. I was near rock bottom with it at one point and I've come along way. It gets better.
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    Sounds like that really rubbed him the wrong way.
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    Keith Olbermann is also the single most talented sports broadcaster of all time. That will get you as many second chances as you will take.
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    Bloody funny Avengers: Infinity War ending:
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    Working. (A smidge anti climactic after all The hullabaloo)
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    Have your tried turning it off and on again?
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    Melraz finding this thread is gonna be the highlight of this season Of course he shows up right when Acuna blows out his knee so I am blaming him for that
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    Those cats were never defenseless, he was fighting for his life against them and their onslaught of lasers.
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    I've been going through Chris Jericho's second book recently and got a kick out of how much of a dick Vince McMahon is to Jericho for no real reason at all -When Jericho was honoured with the Order of the Buffalo Hunt by the Manitoba government -an award for his charity work and success that had been given to the Pope amongst others- Jericho asked Vince if he wanted to mention it on Raw to which Vince responded "That's a stupid name. It sounds like something Fred Flintstone would get." -When Jericho invited Vince to his wedding, Vince said "Winnipeg? Why would I want to go to Winnipeg?!"
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    From @midorino_ossan on twitter
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    So in trying to make Nia a she-hoss they're taking a page from Big Show's book and having her constantly go from heel to face?
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    I trusted Satanico once, it seems to have turned out alright. If you need me, I have to go beat some technicos with a club.
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    Think you need to update your avatar to something more cheerful. Congrats Sam!!!
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    No its great and the driving force behind the art of pro wrestling. The common mistake people make is this idea that a heel would not want to be cheered. The Horsemen had fans at Center Stage and they never went out of their way to insult them. Instead they would use them to get more heat "Its nice to see a few fans with some class." There is no reason Alexa can't be nice to a kid in her off time and still be a heel. There are lots of real world heels who occasionally do nice things.
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    That seems a little dark but I'm open to it.
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    And @Dolfan in NYC should have shown mel the college football thread that way he can antagonize @Robert C in two threads
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    Congrats, @Sky Blue Sam!
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    Props to rotherham and Coventry.
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    I don't pretend to be a Star Wars aficionado or anything and have no idea if the Would That it Were So Simple guy is good, bad or indifferent but would a large part of the issue be that Star Wars fans don't want to see anyone but Harrison Ford as Solo?
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    That was incredible. I have no dog in this fight and I found myself pulling for Lebron because I want to see the greatest postseason performance in NBA history continue.
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    I wish Bollywood was a thing earlier, so we ended up with Bolleawood Hogan.
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    So who did Leary steal these lyrics from?
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    To be fair, it does sound like something Fred Flintstone would get.
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    Now we'll never know what he thought about the Von Erichs' drug use.
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    Give this man a job at Marvel Studios stat. (Cosmic Marvel from Annihilation through The Thanos Imperative is probably my favorite Marvel anything ever)
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    Big Brother but with Dan Harmon, Chevy Chase, Jeffrey Tambor, Jessica Walter, David O. Russell, Lily Tomlin, and fuck I don't know drunk Ric Flair cyborg.
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    Neither is Ronda's. That segment was really, really awkward. Mia can't act like a heel to save her life, and Ronda just sat there and made confused faces. Titus had the line of the night with "There no brisket, no macaroni and cheese, and worst of all, no seasoning!"
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    Among other things, cute emoji. I could go into it more, but I don't think you can handle non binary answers.
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    In the past week, Russell Martin has started games at catcher, shortstop, and left field.
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    I should be back on soon. Life has been kicking my ass in a good way. New duties at work, selling a house in a day, buying a new one, closing on both and moving in a three day period, etc. Then I have been doing the usual organizing and all that crap. To say I'm worn down is an understatement. Robert, I'll be sure and send you an updated picture of some shoes under the new couch. All I've had time to do game-wise is play some Mirror's Edge that I got from games with gold for free. It's addicting, despite being Miss That Ledge By Inches And Have To Watch The Same Cutscene Over And Over Until You're Ready To Stab A Kitten: The Game.
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    He better hope Charlotte Flair stays out of Metro City
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    Yeah. It is without question an absolute disaster for a Star Wars film, but the question for the competition is...how many films on this list top $80 mil opening weekend? If this included international, we'd all be screwed right now though.
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    Got my 109th Platinum trophy with Deformers for PS4. The servers for the game are shutting down in August and the game is terrible. It's from Ready At Dawn (The Order 1886 people) and was sold by Gamestop, who gave it to you for free for being a PowerUp Reward member. Do not get this game. Let my Platinum be a monument to your sins.
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    It's going to come across as bitter but nonetheless Ramos' 49th minute elbow in the face of Karius was bang out of order, and may have lead to the mistakes. That level of cynicism really makes me not want to follow the game.
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    Was coming to post that. He's my hero. And in English (nsfw for swears):
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    I really wish we could have had a Braun Stroman cameo on Married..with Children.
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    He probably just never got the right opportunity to stab you in the neck with a sharpened mango. I think I've only been on once since the Mayor started his sabbatical. Work and life been kickin my ass.
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