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  1. I honestly don't know what's going to happen, I mean, football is just a bunch of dudes trying to get a football over a line and is only a game and as beautiful and amazing it is, it is just a game which, in the grand scheme of things, means nothing. But if we have to talk about it, Liverpool are pretty much the champions, they were never in a trillion years going to throw it away and, yet, they can't simply award Liverpool the league and, I'm not just saying that as a United fan, because it would always be the asterisk against it, Liverpool won the league but they didn't win the league and you don't win the league until you've won the league and on and on. But it's only football. And yet we need football. But we don't need it because it's only football and, yeah.
  2. I would be classified as a key worker for the NHS; I'm still in work and haven't been sent home yet. This is unquestionably serious and the mob in government has spent years making cutbacks to the NHS so the workers in it are underpaid, undervalued and overworked so now, when something like this happens which could never have been predicted, the shit hits the fan and it shows how underappreciated all these workers are and, yet, from my dealings with them, the vast majority I've dealt with down the years are basically saints. But when this is all hopefully over, the cynic in me would suggest, they'll still be underpaid, undervalued and overworked.
  3. Long time reader, very part time contributor to DVDVR but I just had to say, this might well be my all time favourite thread on here.
  4. Joe Gilgun will never ever not be Woody to me. In the same way that Idris Elba could do a bunch more films and 83 more Luthers but he'd always be Stringer Bell to me. I watched the first 4 episodes of Brassic though, a lot of the Sky One productions are usually hyped and then end up shite but this one is really quite good. It's a show which isn't quite what you think it is based on the trailers.
  5. I'm a couple of days late but one of the things which stood out about the shitty Bury/Bolton situations was noted shitbird Jim White on Sky Sports News standing in front of a countdown to their possible demise as he was positively orgasmic over bringing us the shite news of two noted historic football clubs possibly going out of business and a bunch of dudes losing their jobs. It was short sighted at best and downright cuntish at worst. I hate stories like that, they're more than just football clubs, they're intrinsically linked to the local community and that.
  6. Flair's number one with a bullet. Other nine are comprised roughly of Austin, Rock, Eddy, Hansen, Terry Funk, Kawada, Sting, Vader, Bockwinkel. I was 12/13 when Austin became the most over dude I'd ever seen in wrestling (not old enough to see that Hogan fucker on top, sorry) and, at that age, how could he not be my guy? That being said, I was also 12/13 when DX got big and they were fucking shite even at that age. I recently re-watched a bunch of 1998 Raws, most of it is the fucking shits but the Austin/Vince stuff still holds up for the most part but DX was as pish as it was when I was 13. Terry Funk is pretty much the greatest professional wrestler who ever lived but Flair's still my number one for reasons. Of the whole Kawada/Kobashi/Misawa/Taue etc. shebang, Kawada was always my fucking dude. The rest are the rest.
  7. My wife (I say, my wife, I do, of course mean my wife and I as I unconvincingly ask if we can listen to Sabbath or some shit instead) has been listening to the shit out of Taylor's new album. It's possibly a little bloated, she could have knocked 3 or 4 of the weaker songs off it and they wouldn't be missed but, that being said, when it hits, it's fucking first class poptastic pop. I mean, has even the queen of the earworms produced anything as poppy as Paper Rings since she released Shake It Off?
  8. Oh, it's definitely a thing. I'm from Derry, I was at a wedding not too long ago, we did Rock the Boat. As silly as it sounds, it still amazes me that people across the Atlantic are enjoying a show about my wee hometown (possibly some are enjoying it with the use of subtitles?) but, then, it amazed most of us here that the show ever got made in the first place. Shows only get made about Belfast or Dublin, they don''t get made about Derry. The only shit I can ever remember filmed in this town were the Bloody Sunday films. I'll still be a slight stickler about the accents though because I am that pernickety. I recently re-watched the 1st episode and the only legit Derry accents in the whole thing are Erin, Michelle and the girl at the back of the bus who tells them to fuck off. But, that's okay, the pool of Derry actors would be quite small and I understand they had to go elsewhere and the Derry accent is probably super hard to do and anyone outside of here probably wouldn't even notice anyway so I'm just being a bellend.
  9. It's been posted on here before but now seems as good a time as any to post the hilarious clip where Jim Norton, in the space of about 37 seconds, completely changes Patrice O'Neal's opinion on Face/Off. Patrice O'Neal's laugh gets me every time. But, yeah, the creepy face brushing thing, the doves, the magnetic boots, I'M NOT CASTOR TROY, I wanna take his face...off, the different body shapes...it's all discussed: DUDE, I THINK THAT MOVIE DID STINK!
  10. So, ah, yeah, there's a show in this neck of the woods called Love Island in which Instagram guys and gals and social media influencers (literal job title. Whatever the fuck it is) go to an island and ITV manipulate them to have sex on TV or fight or both and it's all very scummy and, yet, it's super popular and a gazillion people watch it and every woman in my workplace discuss each episode in depth every single day. Anyway, I forget what my point is...oh yeah, they played a song by Freya Ridings on one of the episodes a couple of years back and she kinda became semi well known overnight because of it. Below is her new song. She's pretty and it's kinda a really good pop song and her dad is the voice of Daddy Pig in Peppa Pig (yes, really) and she's pretty and, yeah, settle down and all that.
  11. By no means was it perfect but I still loved it; a legit great sendoff for one of my favourite shows of all time. The opening 5 minutes or so I was all I'M MARKING OUT BRO and I was legit super buzzed hearing the theme again. It was nice to see Ian McShane once again do something other than sleepwalk through some shitty action film too. Just served to remind everyone how good that ensemble cast is. I haven't watched the original series in maybe 5 years but the writing of the series was so strong you could immediately jump into this and immediately know all the characters and their backstories; it was like it had never been away. I couldn't have fucking asked for more, cocksuckers.
  12. I was 14 years old in 1999, it was the greatest moment in all my 14 years on this planet. Actually, no, it's the greatest moment in all my 34 years on this planet. I mean, did my wife score the winner in the European Cup Final? Not that I'm aware. Football. Bloody hell. The United/Bayern charity match today was complete nostalgia overload. I don't know if Roy Keane wasn't there because of the rift with Fergie but it's a shame he wasn't, he was the best player in a great United team. A few Big Dutchman observations though: a. Jaap still terrifies me. b. Someone forgot to tell him it was a friendly for charity. c. He's 46 years old and he'd walk into the current United team. d. That isn't saying much considering my old nan would get in ahead of Ashley Young and Phil Jones and my nan's just had her hip done and a stair lift installed. Allow us the undoubtedly overbearing nostalgia for today at least. After that ending to this season, as United fans, it's all we have left.
  13. So, who survives for another episode at least? Lives: Dany, Jon Snow, Jaime, Arya, Sansa, Hound, Tyrion, Bran Dies: Literally everyone else. Specifically Grey Worm and Brienne because, as mentioned in this thread, one dude did the whole 'when this is over' shit which means he's fucked and the other dude had their happiest moment on a show where no-one gets happy moments.
  14. 100% agreed. I loved the absolute shit out of last season but this one could most definitely be better if it keeps going the way it's going. Bill Hader is knocking it out of the fucking park and Hank (aka THE KING OF SUCK BALLS MOUNTAIN) continues to be one of the funniest characters on TV. I laughed for about 14 hours straight at the '50/50' rooftop scene from the last episode ('what do you want me to do, go to John Wick assassin hotel with help wanted sign?'). Between it, Killing Eve, Veep and Game of Thrones, weekend TV is the dog's proverbials right now.
  15. I will refrain from being creepy. I will, however, say she is the queen of the earworms.
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