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  1. A weekend of records, only yesterday Roy Hodgson became the oldest manager to ever manage a Premier League team and now Kepa has become the youngest. United/Liverpool was pish but a draw will do after 17 injuries, a midfield of McTominay and Pereira, Rashford on one foot and Lukaku looking more blown up than the Ultimate Warrior doing a run in.
  2. It is that whole black and white and no grey in between Twitter argument that rages about Messi or Ronaldo (I mean, one guy can't take a shit without supporters of him saying it was the greatest shit ever created and the shit created by the other guy isn't as good as the other shit). I mean, fuck, I'm a Man United fan and Ronaldo was unbelievably good in his last few years at United and then went to Real and somehow got even better every year so you have a case there where a dude is one of the greatest players in the history of arguably the top two biggest football teams in history and, yet...I'd still pick Messi. There you have a guy who is one of the greatest goalscorers there ever was which alone would warrant a place in the all time greats but then he's also a team player and a natural born genius and on and on and on it goes. That being said, we all live in an era where two of the greatest of all time both played at the same time.
  3. It is almost, well, it's Messi, of course he just scored his fiftieth hat trick. Imagine waking up every day though knowing you're the greatest there's ever been at what you do. Lionel Messi goes to work every day knowing he's the greatest professional football player that ever walked the face of the Earth. He probably wouldn't brag about that though, he'd rather pass it to someone else and let them brag about something.
  4. I know, for whatever reason, it's not everyone's cup of tea but the 2nd series of The Wire is one of my favourite series of all time and Chris Bauer as Frank Sobokta is pretty much my favourite one series run of any character ever.
  5. In interviews and whatnot, Stephen Merchant has always come across as the funnier of the two. I've watched the first 4 episodes of The Umbrella Academy, I think it possibly tries a little bit too hard at times to be quirky and cool but there's enough there to make me keep watching still. I like the little smug time travelling kid at least. That being said, Russian Doll should almost certainly be watched by human beings out there. I kinda dig Natasha Lyonne anyway even without her whole dog molesting threatening ways and whatnot.
  6. Hey, guys, remember that time when Vanessa Carlton made A Thousand Miles? Remember when she just happened to make the greatest pop song ever made? No? Well, here's a reminder: And that's me downplaying Taylor Swift considering Taylor Swift has made the greatest pop songs of all time...which is almost certainly an exaggeration. That being said, to suggest A Thousand Miles is the greatest pop song ever made is certainly true considering it is the greatest pop song ever made. Anyway, I'm rambling.
  7. Hey, guys, remember when Jose Mourinho wanted to get rid of Anthony Martial and replace him with a 30 year old Willian or Perisic? Remember when he spent the whole summer trying to get Fellaini to sign a new contract so he could lump it up to him with 5 minutes to go as Manchester United fucking football club essentially became Wimbledon? Remember the dark cloud that enveloped the whole fucking club. Good times, weren't they? From where they were when he took over, if Man United finish in the top 4 this season I honestly don't know how you don't give Ole the job. I understand the reservations about him but, man, he couldn't possibly be any worse than there's been the last few years. I mean, I know a lot of the goodwill comes from him being one of the most popular players in United's history. Ole scored the winner late on in the FA Cup against Liverpool in a match I was at. I was 14 years old when he scored the winner in the European Cup final and, up until that moment, it was the greatest day of my life. If he took the United job and got relegated to non-league football, I'd still love him.
  8. So, now that the dust has settled, with regards to this Royal Rumble show, the most important questions I have to ask that I seriously need answered are...did that whole hat thing with Maria and Alicia Fox actually happen? Did I imagine it? Was it a fever dream I had? I'm afraid if I go back and watch it again and it didn't actually happen I might start questioning the nature of my existence. But, then, people in this thread mentioned it so it did happen, right? Okay, there's that and there's the fact that Rhea Ripley is fucking starry mcstarrington.
  9. Dammit, Rick, it's an upper body business.
  10. I forgot because I'm a glory hunter.
  11. Obviously, they rode their luck against Spurs, no one would deny that but it's only Cardiff...it's only Huddersfield...it's only Bournemouth...it's only Newcastle...it's only Reading...it's only Spurs...it's only...it's only...it's only. I said it before, I've never wanted anyone to succeed as much as I do Ole. I want him to become manager, register himself as a player, win the quadruple next year and bring himself off the bench in injury time in the European Cup final to score the winner even though he's 45 years old because he's Ole and he could slap my mother in the face with a large salmon and I'd still love him. Anyway, who knows if he's the long term man for the job but, man, in an ideal world, he would be.
  12. I think this perfectly sums it up. I was 9 the year Derry Girls is set and I had a great childhood here but growing up in this wee country you had all this horrible shit happening in the background, whether it was the Greysteel shootings or the Shankill bombing and, unfortunately, far too many more to mention but people just kinda got on with it because what else could you do? The parts in it when the parents are complaining about the bomb scare were perfect and really resonated with Derry people. It wasn't this mass hysteria or panic that a fucking bomb might actually go off, it was moaning because the traffic might be a nightmare in town. I don't know if you've watched all the episodes yet but the very last scene is perfect and pretty much encapsulates life here back then. It's poignant and sad and hopeful all at the same time. I think, partly because of the bad shit that's happened in this country, there's a real sense of humour and take the piss attitude about the people here, particularly in Derry where everyone thinks they're a comedian but I wasn't sure how the humour in Derry Girls would translate to people not from here. Anyway, I don't want to bog the thread down with Derry talk, I just love that this wee show about my town is on Netflix and is being loved. I haven't seen Freaks and Geeks, I always heard really good things about it but never got round to watching it but I'll check it out.
  13. Mourinho can stick his three fingers up his hole.
  14. MVG. The whole F'n show. He hasn't won it yet obviously but he's the greatest player there ever was. Phil Taylor won tournaments in an era when the standard wasn't as high as it is today. That being said, Michael Smith is no mug.
  15. I'll get it out of the way and say I'm not the biggest fan of Get Out (donthatemedonthatemedonthateme) but Us looks fucking great. In the history of horror, no good ever came of a character saying 'where's -insert family member's name here-?'
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